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Yes oil has crashed. Badly. But there are still young guys right now who are making bank, traveling for large parts of the year, and spending their time off whatever way they want. The easy hiring times are over for now, but it is definitely still possible for you to get a job in the oil industry within the next year.


The advantages

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  • Nearly all-male environment

No more bullshit office politics and drama. Real male camaraderie and friendship that will last a lifetime.

  • Very physical work

Great for guys who like working with their hands, keeping physical, and experiencing the satisfaction of a job well done. One year on an oil rig and you will be a jacked beast.

  • Solid male friends

The oil industry is great for finding like-minded guys who love to travel, think differently about life, and focus on getting rich.

  • Excellent money

If you can stay focused and work your way up fast you can be making between $100,000-$250,000 a year within 3-5 years. I personally know several guys who are making this kind of money right now, are still in there twenties and get to travel for large chunks of the year.

The Dangers


  • Job Security

Oil prices have always gone up and down. Your job isn’t the most secure, hence the huge salaries, but oil as a fuel source is here to stay. Learn to ride the slow years and you will be fine.

  • Long rotations

Expect to work up to several weeks straight at a time. The longest job I have had was 28 days straight. The upside – one job like that is enough for a whole summer of traveling.

  • Danger pay

This job isn’t for the timid. Oil rigs are dangerous, oil crews are rough and the environment is harsh. From working alongside ex-cons to a night shift in freezing -40 winds, you see it all in the oil patch.

So how do you go about getting work in the oil industry this winter? This is the method that hundreds of guys have used successfully over the last few years…

1. Move

Figure out exactly where you’d like to work. For Canada it’s Alberta, still the world’s second largest oil reserve. If you live in the U.S., then Texas or North Dakota are the two most promising destinations. Entry-level jobs want guys who are already living locally – you will have to move before you apply.

2. Basic Qualifications

Having the right certifications before you start applying is crucial. These usually include a local driving license and some basic rig courses. Don’t fall for any “training course” – all specific training is done after you are hired. Instead look for only the basic courses needed. For Canada this is First Aid and H2S Alive.


3. Physical And Mental Preparation

This isn’t an ideal job for a guy who hasn’t been hitting the gym on the regular and can’t deal with being outside their comfort zone. Typically oil companies look for things like:

  • You’re in decent physical shape and can lift at least 50-80 lbs multiples times throughout the day.
  • 18 years old or over.
  • You are willing to work extremely long hours. It is not uncommon for entry-level employees to work 12-14 hours for 14 days straight.
  • You are medically fit to operate machinery. No traces of drugs or drink in your system
  • You own (or can purchase) some of the necessary protective gear such as boots, gloves, and glasses. For remote locations that also might mean owning a truck. Sometimes oil companies will provide free gear.
  • You are willing to move around a lot for work. Most rig locations are remote and usually not close to towns. You have to be able to deal with isolation and tough work conditions.
  • You are prepared for unstable employment. Many entry-level jobs fluctuate. You may have months of non-stop work followed by a month of being unemployed.

4. Some Experience And Savings

Many oil rig workers have secondary jobs in town while they are waiting for oil jobs. Jobs in construction, mechanics, bartending, driving, or general labour keeps you focused, builds a network, and stops you from running through your savings. Finding a second job allows you to prepare for oil work while also meeting a few girls before you start.

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5. Build A Network

Once you move, and even before, start building your network. Get to know guys and girls in town who have oil field contacts. Be social to everyone you meet and try to make as many connections as possible. Many oil jobs are gotten through word of mouth. The have a huge network of men in the oil patch that are willing to help like-minded guys.

6. Know The Industry

Read some books, watch online videos and read oil forums. Having a basic knowledge of the industry is a huge advantage in job interviews. Again the has expansive threads on what to expect and how to find work. Most job interviews will test for some knowledge and to see if you are actually interested in the industry.

7. Suitable Resume And Cover Letter

List all the prior experience you have where the skills translate to an oil rig. Jobs such as labourer, mechanic, construction or farm work are perfect. Your resume should be one page and only focus on things relevant to oil. Mention the qualifications and skills you have that would translate to a great oil worker. Staple a photocopy sheet to your resume that includes your driving license and all your oil certifications.

8. Apply For Jobs

Try to apply for as many jobs as possible. Competition with entry-level work is high. Spend a day every week canvassing oil companies in person for jobs. Applying in person is the most effective and efficient. Don’t be scared of rejection and keep going until you have the job you want.

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The author writes under the username Atlantic on the Rooshvforums. Along with others, he has helped hundreds of men find work in the Oil Industry in recent years.

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