So you’re tired of living in a welfare state. Tired of the government telling you what to think, what to do and how to use your money, all in the name of “democracy” and “equality.”

Well, there’s a way to destroy the welfare state while at the same time posing as a proponent of it. You just have to be very pro-immigration, and make as many of your fellow citizens think the same way. (Make sure to brand all dissent as hateful, racist, neo-Nazi fascism.)

You then let the poorest people on the planet enter your country and give them everything they need using taxpayer money. Soon enough, the system will collapse. The question isn’t if it happens, but when.

Big government

The way a welfare state works is that you create a big government to take care of the citizens within the state. To finance it all you increase the tax rates until people barely have any money left for their own use.

This is only possible if you can convince all the strong, working citizens that they should take responsibility for all the weak ones, who can’t or won’t provide for themselves.

If you can accept that the government use force to take money from people who earned it fair and square, the welfare state does sound like a nice idea. A place where no one ever takes any real risks, because one’s livelihood is always secured by the state.


The welfare state is really a kind of experiment so far, since it’s only been tested for the last hundred years or so. But the welfare state is more fragile than it might appear. It’s kept intact by the strong, but what happens when they’re outnumbered by the weak?

Logically it’s easy to see how there might come a point when the working population is too small to support the overwhelming number of people in need. But before that point, increasing taxation on income will eventually lead to the strongest citizens rebelling or, perhaps more likely, emigrating.

The welfare state will collapse on account of the weakness that it intrinsically encourages. It gives people incentives to wait around for their welfare check to arrive instead of working. This kind of society is neither fit for masculine nor moral individuals, only sheepish losers.

Sweden toward collapse

The Swedish system has worked quite well so far. The country’s economy has remained relatively solid throughout the financial crisis. Swedes have a good work ethic, and the high level of trust between people and the government makes this society stable.

But all of that means nothing if hundreds of thousands of poor and poorly educated immigrants are allowed to come and stay. In the short term, it will be expensive and difficult to provide for them. In the long term, one can only imagine how it will play out.

An increase in the share of immigrants means an increase in the share of weak people. We already know that refugees have a hard time finding jobs in Sweden, even after they’ve been here for many years. Every other person currently unemployed is an immigrant.


The Swedish welfare state simply cannot survive if this unprecedented rate of immigration is allowed to continue. 160,000 asylum seekers are expected to arrive this year alone. Around 10,000 of them are now coming every week. (Most of them are from Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq, societies far different from Sweden.)


Government finally reacting

The migration system is heading for a complete collapse, and the only ones still denying it are the “anti-racist” degenerates on the far-left.

Local governments all over the country are calling for the ministers in Stockholm to act. The Migration Agency is struggling to find accommodations for the immigrants, now resorting to putting them in tents. The situation is so desperate and extreme, that Sweden is asking for financial aid from the EU.

Meanwhile, a study has shown that the famous Swedish generosity is dwindling. 41 percent of Swedes now want fewer refugees to receive residence permits, an increase from 29 percent in just two months.

The Swedish Police Authority warns that public order and the country’s inner security is under threat.


Border controls have now been established.

Rank-and-file leftists might be stupid, but the left-wing government is smart enough to realize that this development isn’t sustainable. This Thursday it decided to establish temporary border controls, with the approval of most parties.

For ten days, travelers won’t be allowed to enter the country without a passport or residence permit. But refugees can still apply for asylum at the border.

The Minister of Finance also announced this week that an extra 11 billion SEK will be added to this years budget, to cope with the crisis. The government is trying to clean up its own mess, but everyone knows that their policies are to blame for this crisis escalating to uncontrollable proportions.

The politicians in charge should apologize for their incompetence and resign. But let’s not set our hopes too high. It’s more likely that the welfare state will collapse before they admit to any wrongdoings.

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