Swedish dads should not be celebrated on Father’s day, one feminist says. While the mothers are raising the children and doing all the work at home, dads lean back and never do any parenting themselves.

This attack on the patriarchy is being praised by feminists. But even if they’re right—that fathers leave a lot of the parenting to the mothers—is it really such a bad thing?

Bad dads

In Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Estonia, Father’s day is celebrated on the second Sunday of November. Now it’s that time of the year again—ties are selling better than ever, and feminists are not happy.

It’s quite understandable. Feminists spend all their waking hours hating men and spewing vitriol about how evil they are. And now comes a day dedicated to honoring men exclusively. One can only imagine the outrage they feel inside.

One feminist, or “equality activist” as Manuela Fredriksson likes to call herself, wrote a widely circulated column about it with the title, “The dads don’t need a father’s day congratulation.”

To make her case that fathers don’t deserve to be celebrated, she lists nine points which all say basically two things: In general, dads work while moms stay at home with the kids, and kids prefer to be comforted by their mom when they’re sad. Two things which actually show that fathers are doing their job right.


Men are workers

Studies done by union organizations show that men work a lot more during the toddler years than the women they live with do. […] Stop having children you’re not gonna be parents to. You suck.

It is true that men like to work. They are driven to compete, succeed, and improve themselves. As a consequence, they make money to be able to feed their family. This lets the mother be there for her children all the time, giving them a stable home environment.

Manuela Fredriksson says that fathers who go to work are bad “role models.” The truth is that working dads are exactly the kind of men that young boys need to look up to. Having that can keep them away from the thuggish culture that seems so attractive to adolescents lacking guidance.


Furthermore, having a job doesn’t mean that fathers are never at home. They can spend time with their kids in the morning, evening, and weekends. The little ones won’t have time to miss their dads before they come home again after their shift.

Men are tough

In a Swedish study, made with 6.000 children in the ages 8-14, 40.9 percent said that they most of all want to talk with mom when they are sad. […] Swedish children would prefer not being comforted over going to this dad we will celebrate on Father’s day.

This is probably partly due to the mother being present more often than the father. But there’s also another reason behind the mother being the main comforter.

In a tough world, kids, and especially boys, need to learn early on that life is not all happiness and sunshine. While the mom is the one who picks up and holds the crying child, the dad sets an example of not always showing one’s feelings openly, thereby displaying weakness.

With a mother and a father, the children have both a sensitive female role model and a tough male role model. These are the natural, traditional gender roles that feminists despise. But they themselves are horrific examples of what humanity turns into when it tries to fight nature.

Leftists smother individuality


This feminist column is an example of the fundamental problem with leftists: They don’t think people can or should be able to decide for themselves how to live their lives. This is evident in both what they say (or scream in your ear), and the collectivist politics they promote.

Making everything forcibly equal might work for some. There are many men out there who would happily be pussy whipped by Manuela Fredriksson on a daily basis (answering a comment on Facebook, she wrote, “No one whips the patriarchy as hard as I do.”)

In the end, it should be up to the parents to decide how to organize their household, and they will all make different decisions. But leftists are not content until everyone lives the exact same lives. They must suppress individuality for their utopian pipe dream to be realized.

It’s kind of sad that they don’t have anything better to do.

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