In the past week, actor and “comedian” Seth Rogen has been under fire for his anti-white, anti-Christian views. The hashtags #BoycottTheNightBefore and #CuckRogen have been trending on Twitter for the past couple of days, spearheaded in part by writer and First Amendment attorney Mike Cernovich. Twitter users have been airing their grievances against Rogen and calling for a boycott of his upcoming film The Night Before, a comedy about three friends who decide to throw a wild Christmas Eve party:

The popularity of #BoycottTheNightBefore and #CuckRogen displays how much power the alternative right and neomasculinity has in shaping the public discourse. As recently as last year, leftist domination of Twitter and the other barometers of social influence was all but complete, with frequent witch-hunts and mob attacks against anyone who dissented from the social justice line. Ever since GamerGate cleared the way for anti-leftist discourse to grow in popularity, the alt-right has found a voice in the public sphere.

But more importantly, #CuckRogen and #BoycottTheNightBefore may spell the end of Seth Rogen’s marriage and career. For the past decade, Rogen has been riding high, buoyed by his association with Judd Apatow and the string of successful comedies he put out in the mid-2000’s such as The 40-Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up and Superbad. However, his antagonistic attitude towards his predominantly white fans as well as his collapsing relationship with his wife have tarnished his public image, possibly beyond repair.

How Mike Cernovich Cucked Seth Rogen

Rogen’s woes began two months ago, when he suddenly and inexplicably took a potshot at whites:

Mike Cernovich responded with some jabs, and bizarrely enough, Rogen responded, despite the vast gulf in their popularity levels:


Cernovich then baited Rogen into admitting that he was having problems with his wife, Lauren Miller Rogen:





While it was astounding enough that someone in this part of the Internet managed to bait a major film star into an argument on Twitter, what happened next was nothing short of stunning. A couple weeks after Rogen and Cernovich’s exchange, Rogen’s wife replied to Cernovich with this:


While Lauren Miller Rogen has since deleted her Tweet, it’s been preserved for posterity all over the Internet.

Cernovich seized on her comment, writing a post at his blog titled “Why Does Seth Rogen’s Wife Want to Have Sex with Me?” Cernovich pointed out that despite his fame and money, Rogen is still an emotionally stunted, obese loser who thinks smoking pot is edgy:

Seth’s physical condition is common of men who have a self-loathing mindset. If you hate yourself for being white, black, gay, or a man or woman: How can you value yourself enough to lift weights and eat a healthy diet?

National media picked up on Cernovich’s post and Lauren Miller Rogen’s Tweet, sending enough traffic to Danger & Play to overload the site’s servers. Cernovich then created the #CuckRogen hashtag on Twitter to further inflame the issue:

Seth Rogen will never be able to live this incident down. As Cernovich wrote in a follow-up piece:

Seth Rogen is now known as Cuck Rogen. Whenever he attempts to release a new film, the cucking will follow him. The story went viral and the meme is forever.

Say Good Night, Seth!

#CuckRogen and #BoycottTheNightBefore aren’t the only problems that Seth Rogen has had to contend with recently. Conservatives on Twitter successfully pulled off a boycott of Rogen’s last movie, the biopic Steve Jobs, last month after he went on a tirade against Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson. Rogen was apparently incensed at Carson’s comments that Jews could have resisted the Nazis in the 1930’s and 1940’s were it not for gun control:

As Breitbart’s John Nolte reported, Steve Jobs was a massive box office bomb, grossing only $7 million in its theatrical run despite costing between $30-60 million to make.

With one film of his already bombing due to his anti-white, anti-Christian comments and his public reputation in tatters after being cucked by Mike Cernovich, Seth Rogen’s career is in serious danger. Having alienated the bulk of his fans and publicly emasculated, it’s going to be difficult—if not impossible—for Rogen to recover from these humiliations. If he can’t rebuild his image, Rogen will find himself shut out of an industry that’s recognized him as box office poison.

Goodbye Seth, and don’t let the door hit you in the vagina on the way out.

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