A common belief in the manosphere—and one I’ve stated myself—is that a man’s value can peak up to his early 40’s, allowing him to get a far higher quality or quantity of women than in his early 20’s. This is due to the argument that women prefer a more mature man with resources and refined charisma than a bumbling young guy lacking in confidence. A closer examination of this theory, however, shows that many other variables are at play for determining a man’s real-life results, and that the common man may be better served securing long-term partners before waiting for his supposed “peak” to arrive, especially if he doesn’t practice game.

On the surface, it’s hard to argue against the idea that a man will get the best women at an age he’s likely to possess more qualities that women want. That sweet spot will likely be in his mid 30’s, where he has a high level of resources, game, and social status but still maintains a hopefully youthful aesthetic that doesn’t turn off the most beautiful women in their early 20’s or even late teens. The problem is that this has so many conditions and exceptions that it’s not at all useful for men who don’t actively practice game that is mainly based on cold approaching.

The “men peak in their mid 30’s” theory applies if:

  • A man regularly approaches at least 25 young women each month or is an extrovert with access to high-value social circles.
  • He lives in a city where 18-25 year old girls prefer mature man with resources (e.g. Southeast Asia, Colombia, Ukraine).
  • He was a late bloomer and possessed practically no game ability in high school or college.
  • He lies about his age to women in the 18-25 age range since many of them don’t want a man 15+ years older.

You will get the best women of your life in your 30’s if you started learning game in your early 20’s from scratch and continue to approach actively up to 40 years of age. This constitutes less than 1% of Western men, and it doesn’t even apply to me.

The most beautiful girl I ever had sex with was in Brazil back in 2008. I was a 29-year-old grungy backpacker staying in a hostel with an unkempt ponytail, but it was extremely helpful that I went out at least four times a week to approach women. My most prolific year was 2011, when I was 32 and in Poland, going out most nights of the week to approach women with beauty standards that are lower than what I prefer today.

I’ve since peaked. I’m getting pretty girls but not obviously hotter than the one in 2008 and nowhere near more quantity than in 2011. This is in spite of the fact that my resources and game is multiple times higher. The reason for this is simple: I’m no longer approaching a lot of girls. It turns out that access to women, regardless of your existing value, is the main determinant of the results you’ll end up getting. I was meeting ten times more women each week a few years ago than now, and even if I had less game skill, resources, or even a private bed back then, I still got both higher quality and quantity.

I know what you are thinking: “But if you approach the same number of girls today as you did in 2008, you’d get hotter.” That could be true, but there are two major constraints:

1. Most young girls don’t prefer men in their mid 30’s and beyond. Maybe in the historical past a young girl wanted a far older man, but such a girl today prefers one that is not too far from her in age. I’ve had to change many of my game routines to prevent my age from coming out before strong attraction is established.

2. You will not be able to maintain a consistently high level of game effort. I physically and mentally can’t approach a high number of girls anymore. My energy is lower and my tolerance for the modern woman is also lower even though I’m still rather horny. I used to do ten or more approaches a night out, but now I can barely do three, and that’s if I manage to go out at all. I’m unable to put in the 2-4 hours daily of work that would really maximize my current value, which suggests that the most amount of game work you’re willing to do likely peaks with your energy, horniness, and female tolerance, not your value or game skill. Most guys I know maximize their game effort in their mid to late 20’s and start dropping off in their 30’s.


A man’s paper value will be highest after 30, but this doesn’t exist in isolation from the effort he’s able to apply, the access to young girls he’s able to meet, and the fact that those young girls don’t usually prefer men over 35 as their first choice. Ironically, I find that a man’s paper value actually goes up when he stops focusing on getting laid, because women are inhibitors to a man’s ambition and serve as a massive opportunity cost in realizing his true potential, but then his game results will sharply decrease, suggesting an inverse correlation between personal value and sex results.

There are two different tracks a man usually follows. If he’s a natural, and knew of game at a young age from an older male role model, his peak will be in college (early 20’s), where he has the right game to sleep with the highest number of girls in their prime. The second track is for the man who had to manually learn game in college or after. His peak in terms of quality and quantity will likely come about five years after he started studying game, when he has the most efficient combination of raw game knowledge and horny energy. For this second group of men, their peak will be in their late 20’s or early 30’s. If you’re using game to get laid, your peak will directly coincide with the number of approaches you’re doing each week starting with the time your game is at a moderate level, not how much status you have or your theoretical knowledge of game.

There are ways that you can prolong or extend your game peak, such as moving to countries where age gaps don’t bother women, injecting yourself with testosterone so you remain motivated to approach high numbers of women, lying to women about your age, and constructing Excel spreadsheets full of sex goals that motivate you when biology no longer does, but these are external inducements that only show how flawed the “men peak in their mid 30’s” narrative is. Unless a man is paying for sex outright through prostitution or Russian-style “sponsorship,” his ability to get 18-25 year olds will begin dropping gradually after 35, while his ability to get promiscuous mature women who had their spins on the carousel will skyrocket.

The true peak for modern men is therefore dependent on having solid game ability and access to girls during the time he’s most girl-crazy. For most guys this will happen before 30, and almost never for men beyond 35. I just turned 36 and I’m so far from my peak that I am having trouble approaching even 10% of the girls I was doing just four years ago. It’s getting easier for me to attract women between 25-30, but it is not easier for me to get girls in the 20-25 range than a couple years ago (it’s about the same). In terms of the most desirable women of society, it will very soon become harder for me every year to attract the women I want.

We now live in a time where girls in their prime don’t care about a man’s resources. That trend is spreading to more traditional parts of the world, which means women will start to place more value in exciting metrosexual clowns than mature men with ample means. I still have to work just as hard as before to get them because the things we see as having value are not seen as valuable to young women. We’re becoming established and wise while they increasingly prefer shiny, dancing cocks that make them feel drama, tension, and fun.

I’m satisfied at what I’m getting now based on the little amount of work I’m putting in, but in terms of peak, that has passed for me, and attracting 21-year-olds will not get easier with each new year, no matter how much I grow as a man.

This article was originally published on RooshV.com.

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