Look at pretty much any working woman and you will see an important companion, one that never leaves her: the coffee cup. It may be a loyal companion, but with each drop it makes her more unstable.

From a very early age, girls are becoming addicted to coffee. As the coffee drinking becomes more frequent and more sugary, it affects women in a way that coffee does not affect men. All these girls you see waiting in line will end up a wretched mess before they hit forty.

A while ago, I dated a girl who drank several cups of coffee each day. I noticed bizarre behavior and aggravated health problems, so I forbade her to touch coffee again. She recognized that she had a problem, but ended up sneaking in coffee runs anyway. Here are five problems I noticed with that experience and others:

1. Women Can’t Function Without The Drug

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Between iPhones and coffee, the modern woman has completely forgotten how to do get anything done on her own. Years of Frappuccinos leave her dependent on a coffee (and sugar) pick-up just to wake up in the morning.

Caffeine is a problem for people who have high levels of anxiety—women. The caffeine in coffee releases serotonin and other hormones in the brain in the short term. But chronic intake of caffeine decreases serotonin levels in the body and inhibits hormonal functions.

The pick-up hormones give a woman’s body an undeserved reward. She is being emotionally rewarded with her coffee. The high alertness, increased heart rate, and increase blood sugar make her life feel more exciting than it really is. It gives “mood states where people feel the need for coffee to keep themselves functioning properly.”

2. Coffee Leads To Serious Diseases

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Coffee inhibits iron absorption, which women are often deficient in. It increases chronic stress and decreases the hormone that the body uses to defend against the effects of aging and the manufacture of estrogen and testosterone.

This prematurely ages women. It also screws with estrogen levels. Just one cup a day causes estrogen dominance in women, which leads to obesity, menstrual irregularity, and serious diseases in the future.

3. Behavior Problems

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It is important to practice moderation in all things. Heavy coffee drinkers exhibit behaviors of anxiety disorder and psychosis. “In turn, the coffee drinker becomes erratic, nervous, and irritable.”

From what I have seen, coffee addicts tend to be women. Women are constantly surrounded by magazines and tumblr photos that urge them to drink coffee. Magazines actually tell them coffee addictions are good for them.

Excessive coffee is also ingrained in women’s social culture. Coffee in the morning, Starbucks trip with the girls during lunch, and a coffee run after work. In the 17th century, women petitioned against coffee for men. But today, it is women who have a problem.

The effects of coffee on a woman’s behavior becomes more obvious over time. Women have greater sensitivity to caffeine, take longer to detoxify, and accelerate their countdown to menopause. Caffeine simply wastes their bodies, and the earlier they start drinking, the worse it gets.

One vice leads to another, and coffee-addicted woman turn to other drugs and behave like a prostitute. Smoking aggravates the effects of coffee. The pronounced hormonal problems makes her feel not like herself, suffering from depression and a lack of self-control and direction.

4. It Can Cause Weight Gain

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Coffee increases estrogen metabolism in women at the sacrifice of other vital metabolisms such as carbohydrates and fat. The body consequently stops burning the fat.

But it is the incredibly sugary additives in coffee drinks such as those at Starbucks that really leads to obesity. Starbucks lures children with “Bananas & Crème Frappuccinos” with banana puree and whipped cream, and many women continue to drink such sugary drinks into adulthood.

Chronic coffee drinking also increases insulin resistance, which makes such drinks a “potential recipe for metabolic disaster.”

5. Poor Sexual Performance

Caffeine made female test animals more interested in sexual behavior. But those test animals had never drunk caffeine ever before. Caffeine is only useful for women who are not habitual drinkers. In fact, the hormonal deficiencies in women caused by coffee destroys her sexual motivation. Regular coffee drinking makes women cold and unpassionate lovers.

Coffee may be useful for men to boost testosterone levels and enhance their workout if used carefully. But for women, coffee should be used very sparingly. Society’s coffee trend is becoming a health epidemic and will lead to prematurely wasted women.

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