We’re all justifiably sick of feminism, but at some point men need to either put up or shut up. It is true the average man must be careful in how he fights back due to the harsh legal realities of living in a world that promotes Girl Power, but where being a “misogynist” (the male equivalent of a feminist) can get you publicly tarred and feathered or even fired from your job.

However, if all men followed these simple guidelines, we’d be happier, healthier, and the quality of women and relationships would dramatically improve.

1. Quit Social Media And Online Dating

nerd selfie

Need any more evidence that testosterone levels are plummeting?

We must play the relationship game on our terms, not theirs. Smartphones have their place, but spending all day on them gazing at social media and taking selfies is about as unmanly as you can get. Unless you are making money or following breaking news, social media is for chicks. There are a million more productive ways to spend your time, so get off the damn thing.

Women are gluttons for attention and compliments and the smartphone brings out the absolute worst in their personalities. Every time you praise women on social media, you are inflating their egos and making them even more unbearable than they already are. It’s time we bring back the stigma of online dating: it is only for losers. Plus, meeting women in person will develop your character and social skills, so even if you are rejected you will be better placed to face future challenges in virtually every aspect of your life.

2. Don’t Vote For Political Parties That Support Feminism


A fundamental goal of communism was destroying the family unit and replacing it with the State. If you vote for left-wing parties, you are supporting high-taxing, high-spending organizations that want to replace the traditional family unit with Big Government and will repeatedly bend over for feminism and political correctness. Things like quotas, victimhood, gay marriage, and man hate speech become part of the daily vernacular, and you will see insanity such as hundreds of millions of dollars being borrowed to pay for feminist “foreign aid” programs.

To keep the baying mobs of feminists happy, leftist politicians won’t merely be content with maintaining the status quo on blatantly misandrist divorce, alimony, and child custody laws. They’ll extend it to include things like Australia’s “mistress laws,” where sluts are given financial incentives to become homewreckers.

Sure, right-wing parties are far from perfect, but they are nearly always the lesser of two evils. In Australia we have “Emily’s List,” the official feminist arm of the Labor Party, steadfastly committed to taking money away from productive sectors of the economy to prop up women and get them financially and emotionally invested in the government. This voting support bloc has become so large it is almost impossible for a sitting government to unwind unaffordable extravagances and not get voted out. Next stop? Greece.

3. Hire Men Only

Two businessmen shaking hands, side view

Give a fellow man the break the feminists in the HR Department won’t

The modern man is up against quotas and feminist-stocked HR departments, which will push for undeserving women to get jobs at his expense. Something needs to be done to address this injustice, so help your fellow men out and hire them instead.

There are also entirely practical reasons. For example, if you are a business owner, why would you fork out for expensive maternity leave when you can pay a man to be there instead?  Not only that, your workplace will be happier and more efficient as you can openly and honestly discuss issues without everybody constantly being on edge about upsetting people’s feelings or a trumped up sexual harassment charge.

In my experience, the presence of women makes for a toxic workplace somewhat resembling high school, cannibalized by cliques, gossip, jealousy, undermining, sucking up and passive aggressive behaviour. Despite protests of rampant sexism in the workplace, women tend to treat each other far worse than what they receive from male bosses and colleagues.

Millennial women in particular seem to see nothing inherently anti-feminist in sleeping their way to the top. On more than one occasion I have seen an airhead rapidly rise through the ranks to a position beyond her ability purely because she polished the right knob. This causes widespread resentment, but even if the boss grows tired of being serviced he can’t get rid of the greasy pole climber as they have become a “protected species”—firing them would risk a sexual harassment accusation.

These are all problems best avoided, but never openly state that you don’t hire women because in doing so you will almost certainly be breaking the law.

4. Don’t Bail Out Women For Their Irresponsible Spending


This is exactly the kind of behavior that puts women into debt

Most women are terrible at managing money. In part this can be explained by evolution. Historically, women relied on men to take care of them, and feminism definitely doesn’t promote foresight and self-responsibility. You would be absolutely shocked at how many single women in their 30s have very few assets of real value and are up to their eyeballs in debt, even supposedly smart, savvy career gals on high incomes.

If they get a pay rise or promotion, they don’t pay down their home loan or credit card debt, they increase their spending on shoes, handbags, dresses, makeup, luxury apartment rentals, partying, expensive wine, and restaurants. For all their bravado about being “strong and independent,” women never truly appreciate the value of money, and assume some chump will save them when they finally decide to settle down.

Don’t be that chump. Making a long-term commitment to these women is fraught with danger. Ironically, far from being grateful for salvaging them off the scrapheap, these are the women most likely to be horrible wives, cheat on you, and divorce rape you.

5. Don’t Bring Your A-Game For Sex With Feminists



Roosh has advocated a hard line position of not having sex with feminists, but if you go down this path you are taking easy lays out of the equation: feminists wear being a slut as a badge of honour. However, with the market already flooded with these types of low quality girls, we should not encourage their degenerate behaviour. Due to the ongoing thirsty dude epidemic, your generic feminist can easily get quantity, but that doesn’t mean you should reward her with quality.

You should be selfish in bed so they don’t enjoy having sex with you too much and are left unsatisfied. Definitely don’t go down on a feminist, for example. Instead, you should be cold, methodical, unromantic, nut as soon as you want and leave immediately after. Certainly don’t let them stay the night at your place.

Feminists are easy for a reason: they are deeply flawed individuals. Like most things in life, what comes easily is rarely rewarding. You should therefore view feminists as “slump busters,” something you partake in reluctantly whilst biding your time for something better.

6. Ignore Mainstream Media Feminist Commentary


Most feminists are white, middle class women who have grown up in comfortable surroundings and never experienced any real hardship in their lives, so as professional victims they can’t be taken seriously. They definitely do not have your interests at heart, and worst of all, they don’t even mean what they say.

For example, they’ll tell you they love feminist men but they are only kidding themselves. These wimps are the only men they can get which is why they must pretend that dating them is a “choice.” Even more galling are the multimillionaire feminists like Sherryl Sandberg who act like they are heroes, while a man slaving away for 50K per year is somehow more privileged than they are. With this in mind, you can safely disregard 99.9% of what they say.

7. Say No To Mediocre White Girls


Modern Western Women: all class!

We can’t all jet off to Eastern Europe, South America or Asia to find our dream woman, but an alternative is targeting women of relatively recent immigrant background to our home counties. These women are no silver bullet, but they are still much more likely to be attractive and have decent values.

As the proud owner of a lovely buxom girlfriend of Eastern European origin who detests feminism and puts family first, I can assure you going back to a “strong, independent woman” would feel like dumpster diving.

8. Show Displeasure When A Girl Mutilates Her Looks


You’d have to be mentally ill to look to livestock for fashion inspiration

How unattractive a feminist is tends to correlate with how extreme their misandry is. A key part of this toxic ideology has always been demonizing female beauty and trying to create guilt in men for finding some women more attractive than others, and feminists are clearly thrilled at the current trend of young women mutilating their appearance with ugly piercings, tattoos, blue hair and so on.

For us men that means less desirable women, so how can we fight back? Personally, my approach varies from indirect to in-your-face. I say things to girls like “It’s a shame she got those piercings. She looked so much hotter without them!” Sometimes I just look disgusted, or put on a micro frown or confused look and ask “Oh. Why did you get that?”, insinuating that they are crazy. If I see the dreaded bull-ring, surely the most unattractive fashion trend for millennial women to date, and I am feeling particularly facetious I let out a deep bellow to signal my disapproval.

9. Reward The Few Good Women


There is no doubt women of quality, honour, and virtue are becoming highly endangered in the West, but this only reiterates why men cannot afford to mistreat the precious few decent ones remaining. If you treat one of these diamonds in the rough poorly you are a piece of shit, and worst of all, potentially driving them into the ranks of the feminists.

Therefore, it is your duty to positively reinforce their desirability so they don’t become part of the pro-slut cultural tsunami. Don’t pump them up on how “hot” they look, they hear that all the time anyway. Instead tell them how much you love it when they make you a nice meal or wear a tasteful feminine dress. Say that you are attracted to her womanly charms and family values, and how much you prefer this to the average uncouth female who acts like a man and has had more pricks in her than a second-hand dartboard. Tell her that not checking her Facebook every 30 seconds make her stand out from all the other girls. Even if you are ending a relationship with them, make sure you do so respectfully.

10. Be A Real Man


In the end, it all boils down to this. You can complain all you like about the “modern, empowered woman,” but if you aren’t a masculine man, you don’t deserve a feminine woman. You should constantly strive to improve yourself, be strong, command respect and be able to handle yourself in a crisis.

A key component of this is how proficient you are with practical skills. Can you do handyman work? Lift heavy things? Change a tire? If not, start learning. The way society has changed for the worse makes me wonder if feminism is just one giant shit test for men. The worst thing is they are winning. The fact that testosterone levels have plummeted during this timeframe is not a coincidence. Everywhere you look there is irrefutable evidence men have lost their balls.

They can deny it all they want, but the reality is women crave a strong man who will stand up to their bullshit. Never forget that if you are a weak mangina you truly deserve nothing more than the most masculine, unpleasant feminist out there.

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