For those who are not keeping up with the full range of leftist lies, the It Gets Better Project exists to promote homosexual and other deviant sexual behavior. It focuses on spinning the outright lie to children that some kind of rosy future awaits if they decide to reject a clean, healthy, and functional, girl-chasing sex life in favor of other sexual paths.

In their own words “The It Gets Better Project’s mission is to communicate to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth around the world that it gets better, and to create and inspire the changes needed to make it better for them.”

A quick look at the site may leave some boys or men thinking that a journey of exploring degenerate sex as recreation and an identity is a good decision for them. Just in case anyone is still fooled by this kind of thing, here are eight things that characterize what passes for a life among homosexual men. Just so no one is left in suspense, it is not a pretty picture.

It’s not entirely clear to what extent these unpleasant outcomes are caused by the homosexual lifestyle, and to what extent they are characteristics of people who adopt it. However, it might be wise to advise young men against running that particular experiment on themselves instead of promoting it.


HIV statistics for homosexual men are frightening and should be enough to make anyone pause for thought. There is a reason that the disease was initially named GRID, or gay-related immune deficiency.

In 2013 the CDC reports nearly 38,000 adolescent and adult men newly infected with HIV in the United States. Fully 81% of infections were the result of male to male sexual contact. Another 3% were male homosexual drug users where the method of transmission is not known between the two.

In 2013 nearly 20% of homosexual and bisexual men, in the United States, tested positive for HIV. Many of the men tested will be infected later in life and infected men are more likely to have already died. Consequently, the probability of a man who lives a regular homosexual lifestyle, in the United States, becoming infected in his lifetime must be much higher, perhaps up to 40%.

2. A lonely life


A lifetime is a long time for a man who is no use to anyone

One of the great joys of life is having family and children. A homosexual man has little chance of building a happy, cohesive, and enduring family unit because children are at the core of that unit. Perhaps some satisfaction can be found in simulating the motions of starting a family in the early years of adulthood. After that it becomes increasingly difficult and unlikely. That’s going to make for a very long, boring and lonely second half of life for the vast majority of homosexual men.

3. Drug use


The CDC website says “Studies have shown that, when compared with the general population, gay and bisexual men, lesbian, and transgender individuals are more likely to:

  • Use alcohol and drugs
  • Have higher rates of substance abuse
  • Are less likely to abstain from alcohol and drug use
  • Are more likely to continue heavy drinking into later life”

The Independent says that illegal drug use is seven times higher among homosexual men in England and Wales.

4. Mental illness


Feeling gay or feeling depressed? Quite likely both

According to The Guardian, homosexual men are four times more likely to suffer from depression. Other mental health problems and general measures of mental health show a similar picture. As a group men who have sex with men have poor mental health.


5. Suicide

According to Wikipedia homosexual and bisexual males have a rate of suicide between 1.5 and 14.6 times that of normal men. It’s a much studied area and the range of values calculated is high, but no figure in that range is good news for men who perform homosexual acts. Indeed, according to a survey by Pink News “24% of gay men admitted to trying to kill themselves, while 54% admitted to having suicidal thoughts.

6. Pedophilia

Pedo Bear

Statistics on pedophilia indicate that attacks are disproportionately homosexual in nature. In Australia approximately 95% of such crimes against children are perpetrated by men. Meanwhile girls are victims approximately twice as often as boys. Clearly the proportion of male offenders victimizing boys must be in the range of a third of cases, homosexual acts are clearly heavily overrepresented among pedophile acts.

7. Other health problems

One consequence of homosexual acts among men is what used to be called gay bowel syndrome. Don’t research this one too much if you want to enjoy your lunch.

8. Extinction


Homosexuality is the end of the line, your line

Everyone seems to agree that it is sad for some particular panda or other zoo animal that he just can’t seem to get the right idea about how to successfully produce a baby animal and carry on his line or even his species.

Any man who performs a homosexual act has dramatically increased his probability of personal extinction. His future lies with that of the dodo. How sad.

Making choices

I want to confess here and now that Hesse Kassel loves cakes, chocolate, and sweets of all kinds. There is really never a time when I would not prefer cake over bread and chocolate over broccoli. For obvious reasons I mostly don’t choose to eat sweets though. Instead I try, and largely succeed, in making better long run food choices. Going against my immediate, short term desires is not an impossible quest, nor is it somehow inauthentic. It is simply that when I add up the long term costs and benefits I can see which are the wiser choices.

Inevitably the old line that homosexual men don’t have any choice about their behavior will come up. Perhaps this article already caused it to pop into your mind as a sort of mental defense reflex. This claim is one of the true, clear and successful examples of the big lie in action. There is little evidence for the claim and it has gained credence simply by endless repetition.

Meanwhile there is obvious and clear evidence to the contrary. Men are widely known to switch between healthy and homosexual practices, then back again when they pass in and out of prisons and other male-only environments where healthy sexual opportunities are limited. Survey data indicate that perhaps a third to half of men who report an identity that includes homosexuality say they are bisexual. At the least any man in that position could simply choose to enjoy girls and not touch men.

In the end men can make choices about who they penetrate just as much as they can make choices about what they eat. It’s not easy if an inclination to make a bad choice is there, but then few good things in life come easy.

The consequences of choosing a homosexual lifestyle are clear and very bad.

It does not get better.

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