The left goes on and on about Sweden being a racist country, without any proof at all. In fact, any evidence you can find points to the exact opposite.

But now a murderer has gone nuts with a sword at a school, killing two and wounding another two. The police say they are convinced that he had far-right sentiments. The leftists did not wait long to use the tragedy to further their political narrative.

The killer wielded a sword

Sweden has had it’s first “school shooting” in recent years. Although there must be a more appropriate term for what happened, since the only shoots fired came from the policemen’s guns.

On the morning of October 22, a Thursday, children at the primary school Kronan in the town of Trollhättan were sitting in class as usual. But things were about to take a very dark turn when the man now identified as 21-year-old Anton Lundin-Pettersson entered the premises.

In a photo taken by a student inside the school, he can be seen wearing a helmet, face mask, long coat and boots, all in black. In his right hand he carries a sword.

A teacher asked the 21-year-old to leave, but was then stabbed along with three others. Two of the victims later died, one 17-year-old student and one 20-year-old teaching assistant.

The police received a call shortly after 10 a.m. When officers arrived at the scene they fired two shots at the assailant, who died from his wounds at a hospital later that day.


The killer, Anton Lundin-Pettersson.

Not long after the dust had settled, the police could confirm that the attack was likely a hate crime. “We are convinced that the perpetrator was driven by racist motives,” a spokesperson for the police said.

The killer purportedly chose his victims on the basis of their skin color. He has been described as an introverted man who didn’t talk much, with an interest in Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany. On Facebook he supported a petition to stop immigration.

A suicide note indicates that the attack had been planned ahead, and it confirms the suspicion that it was a hate crime. The way the killer dressed and how he “marched” through the school was also reminiscent of the Nazis, according to the police.

Confirmation for leftists

Sweden now has its own Anders Behring Breivik, leftists now say, comparing Anton Lundin-Pettersson to the Norwegian far-right terrorist. And one wonders how they really feel about it.

While the attack in Trollhättan is a great tragedy to the victims and their relatives, the left can use it as a case in point that Sweden is a racist country.

To prove their point, they are surely in great need of good arguments. The World Values Survey shows that Sweden is one of the least racist countries in the world. Sweden is also the OECD’s highest per capita recipient of asylum seekers.

But facts have never mattered that much to leftists. They will further their ideology, whatever the cost may be. Now they will use this tragedy for their own political ends.


Leftist media coverage

In the days since the attack, the message in the media has been that non-white, immigrant looking people should be very, very afraid. One mentally ill guy goes crazy with a sword, and these “journalists” start acting like there’s a genocide of brown people going on.

One of them wants us to “admit” that racism is a great societal problem. The event in Trollhättan reminds him of the Holocaust, how people were selected on the basis of race, to be sent to Auschwitz. He’s probably expecting gas chambers to be put in use in Sweden any day now.

Another one blames white Swedes for not taking the problem of racism seriously enough, and thereby spreading terror among dark skinned people.

The white elite in Sweden must start talking about how vulnerable our dark skinned citizens are right now. How afraid. They fear that their homes will be set on fire, that their children will be murdered.


Police and a crowd gathered in front of the school after the attack.

There’s never been a better time to make Swedes feel white guilt. And now they know, if they don’t comply to the narrative of a racist society, they frighten brown people.

Yet another one lay blame on the anti-immigration party, the Sweden Democrats. She goes on to describe a country permeated by racism, with a permanent “racist vein running through our society.”

The racism […] which overflows the web and break rooms, seems to be a Swedish constant, always ready to grow stronger when opportunity is given.

Everything is racist

It really depends on how you define racism. In every serious study one can find, Sweden shows itself to be a very tolerant country.

But to a leftist, white people can barely lift a finger without showing their true racist nature. According to that standard, any society with a majority of whites will be deemed a racist society, while the crimes and indiscretions of their non-native neighbors are downplayed or ignored entirely.

To the left, the attack in Trollhättan is proof of everything they believed in so far without any proof. Now they are more convinced than ever that they are right.

But their alarmist outcries might backfire on them. If they can convince everyone that Sweden is on the brink of a new Holocaust, how many immigrants will want to come here, and how many will dare to stay?

Jews are already fleeing the country for fear of the Israel haters coming to Sweden from the Middle East. While a lot of immigrants are arriving these days, how long will they remain here if they feel unwelcomed?

Will the far-right and the left in some inadvertent way cooperate to make Sweden a homogeneous society again? Only time will tell.

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