Back in September 2015, it was revealed that the two men who owned the Waking Life coffee shop in Asheville, NC were also running a blog that documented their sexual exploits with various women. They were immediately branded as being misogynists. Local feminists arranged a boycott and picketed the business. How the owners reacted and the subsequent fallout shows us the frightening parallels between methods of social justice warriors (SJW) and Marxist techniques.

The “Game” Blog


Jared Rutledge and Jacob Owens

Jared Rutledge and Jacob Owens, the owners of the coffee shop, ran a blog and a Twitter account called Holistic Game. A quick review of the blog archive shows that it provided advice on how to pick up women—pretty standard fare on any manosphere website. But it was apparently one post that was entitled “A Breakdown of All My Lays” that sparked the boycott and protests.

In the “All My Lays” blog post, one of the men recounts all of his sexual encounter after he had broken up with his long term girlfriend. Here are some of the entries:

11. K. – Business – 6/7/7 – Played
Late thirties MILF that I fucked in her basement while her kids were asleep. Slamming body for her age, and I’d never fucked a woman that old. We didn’t hang out again – I think she was only really interested in something serious. Her exes were abusive and I think she wanted beta comfort and stability. I still see her around – she’s single and seems to be doing well.

30. K. – Tinder – 5/5/4 – Bail
Chubby mid-twenties blonde in town for one night, so we hooked up in her hotel room. Chubby girls are easy. No clue what she’s up to but I’d rather not see her again.

34. N. – Tinder – 6/8/2 – Rejection
Skinny, trashy single mother in her mid-twenties. I fucked her ass, she shit on my bed, we went our separate ways and she never texted me back. I think she’s riding the carousel of bad boys until she can find a dad for her kids.

46. C. (Mexico) – Tinder – 7/7/7 – Bail
Early twenties brunette. Curves and huge tits with pierced nipples, fucked her twice. She was moving to Mexico within a couple weeks, so I didn’t take it seriously. The second time we fucked she told me that she felt guilty about sex and didn’t really like being promiscuous, which was really offputting. She also told me she couldn’t have sex sober. I didn’t text her again and I assume she’s drinking her problems away south of the border.

There are a couple of points here: First, all of the sex was consensual. Nobody is claiming that this man forced himself on any of these women. Second, he doesn’t give out any names so he is not deliberately embarrassing these women publicly. The thing that seems to offended the feminists was the fact that the author had the audacity to document his conquests.

The Apology


In reaction to the protests, the owners of Waking Life went into groveling mode. They issued a cloying apology on their website:

To Our Asheville Community:

We know many of you are very angry right now. That anger is justified. There is nothing to balm the wound for now, and we recognize that. We validate and affirm your frustration and disappointment. We’ve issued separate individual apologies, and those stand more than ever.

We’ve said terrible and demeaning things – things that belie unhealthy thought patterns that do not contribute to a stable and equal society. Things our mothers and sisters had to hear. We cannot and will not excuse these things. We grieve for the systematic and ongoing actions we’ve taken. We apologize to the women in our lives and the greater community for the harm we’ve caused, and the potential danger we’ve put them in with our attitudes and beliefs.

Rutledge and Owens announced that they were closing their shop for several days to allow themselves some time for silent reflection. Note their use of psychological mumbo jumbo words and phrases such as “introspection,” “accountable,”  and “commit to that process” that are loved by the left.

We’re going to close for the next couple days so we can have some room for introspection. We want to allow ourselves to be accountable to our friends, family, employees, clergy, and counselors for our actions, and give ourselves room to be silent and reflect. These attitudes were not grown in a day, and they will not be destroyed in a day. We want to humbly commit to that process. We’re not good people, but we want to be.

They even commit to providing the rest of the year’s profits to a rape crisis charity called “Our Voice,” even though their sexual encounters had nothing to do with rape.

The apology amounts to a complete capitulation to the SJW. Rutledge and Owens totally disown all of their red pill philosophy. They put up zero resistance to the SJW. This is ironic because they formally were quite bold at criticizing other people in the manosphere. For instance, in this Twitter post they called Roosh unmanly:

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 12.15.02 PM


The Shutdown Of Waking Life


Hey, check out the plate in the middle.

Predictably, the cringing obsequiousness did not appease the SJW. Waking Life had to be closed in response to the furor. But rather than going down fighting, Rutledge and Owens prostrated themselves even lower to the SJW in their farewell posting, in which they again disown the manosphere and blame it for validating their “regrettable behavior.”

Two and a half weeks ago, blogs, podcasts, and tweets which we ignorantly assumed would be kept anonymous were linked to us. We had made an effort to stay anonymous because at times we used demeaning, harsh, and violent words that expressed hatred and fear towards women. This anonymity allowed our words to knowingly bypass the checks and balances of the community in which we live, and avoid the reactions of real people. The red pill community provided us with validation and adoration as we engaged in this regrettable behavior.

They even submitted themselves to the two minutes of public hate. It sounds like a modern day version of the pillory.

In the aftermath of us being identified… We felt lost, ashamed, and confused. A few key community members and friends showed up and gave us the opportunity to face the anger and pain we’d caused. To lean into it… We realized that we’d quantified and objectified living, breathing people. People who deserved much better. We’d used cruel words to belittle them and relieve our own insecurities and fears. We’d shared private memories that should have remained secret and sweet… We have discovered that some of it wasn’t about us, but was about a society-wide problem for which we’ve become the focal point.

They promised to continue to receive counseling to aid the “process” becoming model feminists and to become evangelists to the “red pill community.”

We’ve begun the long process towards being better men, for ourselves and for others. We both are actively involved in counseling, and continue to be open to friends and family who speak into our lives. The firsthand knowledge of the pain and destruction our words have caused has allowed us to cast aside beliefs we previously held. We have a lot of introspection yet to do, and we’re committed to doing it. We will continue to make ourselves available and support the community as we are asked. We will gladly take part in the ongoing dialogue if and when we are invited to do so. We can speak from our experience regarding the hurt we’ve caused, and more importantly, from where this hurt came. We are currently addressing the red pill community in order to illuminate the damage this philosophy can cause

Thanks for holding us accountable for our behavior…

Thanks for rerouting our lives from the way of power to the way of grace…

Thanks for giving us room to grow and change.

Thanks for helping us be aware.

Thanks for inspiring us to be better people.

Thanks for dashing our cynicism and humbling us.

Thanks for your big heart and showing up. Be well, y’all.

SJW and Marxists work in the same fashion


Roosh V forum member The Lizard of Oz noticed that the Rutledge and Owens confession is exactly the same as type of confession that Communists used to punish people who had committed “crimes” against the Party:

It’s worth noting that the mea culpa letter that these dudes wrote strikes the exact, identical tone of countless such letters of “self-criticism” and apology for “straying from the true path” written is societies like the former USSR, China, Vietnam, Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge, etc etc. It is really the exact same thing.

The forced apology is indeed a well-known Marxist technique of brainwashing. Professor Robert J. Lifton, author of a seminal book on Marxist thought control methods wrote that demanding an apology ”is consistent with the whole thought-reform ethos, which focuses on confession, self-criticism and apology.”

And just like the present case where the offenders were forced by the SJW to issue multiple individual and joint apologies, Marxists used the exact same technique. The first apology was never enough. Instead, the “criminal” was forced to apologize again and again, with each apology being more groveling than the one that preceded it.

If there is one difference between the SJW and the Marxists, it is that after the accused had been thoroughly humiliated, Communists sometimes freed him and he was readmitted to society. The SJW, on the other hand, are never that merciful or high-minded. SJWs are never satisfied until their victims are completely ruined.

The fact that SJW techniques are the same as those used by Marxists should not surprise any of us given that SJWs are cultural Marxists. They may not call themselves Communists or Marxists, but Marxism is the intellectual root of the modern left.

Lessons from the Waking Life fiasco

The first lesson is that feminists are puritan hypocrites. Feminists encourage young women to engage in promiscuous sex as something that is empowering. But the logical outcome of women becoming promiscuous is that men are going to take advantage of the situation. However, when feminists see the natural results of their teaching, they recoil in horror.

However, instead of addressing the real problem, which is the relaxing of morality that resulted from the Sexual Revolution, feminists attack the men who write about their experiences.

The second lesson, at least for me, is that women are not happy with the brave new world that feminism and other leftists have built. It is clear from the “All My Lays” post that what most women really want is not to be sluts, but to be in a committed relationship. The slut world that feminism has built makes that very difficult. It has caused nothing but unhappiness, broken lives, and fatherless children.

The final lesson is that if you are ever attacked by SJWs or leftists, you should adopt the rule “Never Explain, Never Apologize,” because no matter what you do, it will never be sufficient to appease them. The coffee shop owners apologized repeatedly and bent over backwards to show that they were truly contrite. It wasn’t enough. They had to be utterly destroyed for inadvertently revealing the sickness of modern culture.

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