There are only two obvious ways to lose money: charity and stupidity. Leftism works by appealing to charity of stupidity-prone drones. From feminization of the general populace to European Union endorsement of Syrian invaders, Western governments have successfully metamorphosed from charitable to cuckold. The European youth need some deep introspection to solve this infiltration and betrayal, as do us Americans.

The American public has been sold out by its politicians, wealthy elite, and professional victims. But before we solve any social and cultural issues, we must first solve the American economy. After all, how can we revert to genuine charity when nobody has any money? Here are the five steps to reinvigorating the American economy:

1. Reduce “Made in China” imports and strive for a trade surplus


Factory manager holding monthly Walmart orders. For Chairman Mao!

There is common paranoia that our new Chinese overlords are inevitable. We run trade deficits with China so habitually that American defeatists just cry their way to Walmart. Of course, people always think the grass is greener in foreign pastures. The truth is that China is anticipating its own Baby Boomer pension collapse. During Mao’s “Great Leap Forward”, Chinese birth rates soared to meet his agricultural and manufacturing ambitions. He wanted each Chinese household to farm and smelt iron.

Mao’s economic policy failed, and China eventually enacted single child policies to relieve future pension burdens. It was too late. These Chinese Baby Boomers are now supported by China’s export-based trade surpluses. The Chinese are racing against nature’s hourglass, similar to our impending Social Security crisis. In order to avoid collapse, the Chinese economy depends on producing Gap khakis and Walmart toys, while rushing to switch to developed services such as finance and technology.

How does this relate to America? Our consumption of cheap textiles, toys and televisions is feeding their Maoist Baby Boomers. While nations like China operate on currency depreciation and mercantilist behavior, Western nations foolishly prop onto the moral pedestal of “free trade.” Western nations used mercantilism from the 1500’s until abandoning it after WWI.

Once we pull the carpet from under the Chinese and balance our trade ledgers, their welfare and pension bubble will pop. Once America revitalizes its manufacturing bases, the Chinese bubble of cheap export goods will burst. China will meet the same fate as late Rome.

How can we achieve this? The American government must offer tax incentives to corporations who shore employment to American workers. Forced employer-provided services, such as Obamacare, must be suspended. Finally, we must collect punishing tariffs on Chinese imports until they properly revalue their currency. It is time to play rough once again.

2. Reallocate foreign policy funds to subsidize nuclear power and renewable energy sources


Greatest place to build a nuclear power plant? The nation where four tectonic plates meet, of course!

Humanitarian aid and offering asylum are noble efforts, but should have no priority in times of economic turmoil. The most useful is energy, the fuel and lubricant of every economy. Israel loves boasting about their strength and independence, right? So American dollars are just scraps to them. If they are truly great allies of the American people, won’t they forgive that we can’t spare any missiles this fiscal year?

Liberals wet themselves over everything European, right? Well, the French get over 80% of their electricity from nuclear fission. Are Americans paranoid about nuclear power because of the Chernobyl and Fukushima disasters? Firstly, engineered products of Communist regimes were always of infamously low-quality. Chernobyl was the result of “socialize losses, privatize profits.”

After all, why should an industrial firm under Communism innovate or guarantee product quality, when state owned enterprising dictates that failure is rewarded with research subsidies? Fukushima was in Japan, a nation atop multiple tectonic fault-lines, so an earthquake-induced disaster was inevitable.

The French have a perfect track record with nuclear power plants. Nuclear power plants should utilized within inland states free of frequent natural disasters. The coastal and riverside states should receive research and construction subsidies for hydroelectric and tidal energy plants.

3. Strictly enforce immigration policies


She’s here for some English learning. If you don’t support it, you’re a misogynist.

All illegal immigrants share two characteristics. Firstly, they have propensity to break the law, as their presence is already evidence of laws already violated. How can I depend on a neighbor to be well-behaved, when they broke the rules to become my neighbor? Secondly, their presence skews economic and logistical calculations. Although they are not legal citizens, their presence interferes with census data, district allotment, and native wages. I won’t even start on the high rate at which they receive welfare.


Now contrast this with the characteristics of a foreign student graduating from an American university. A graduating student obviously bothered to learn the English language. This graduating student has shown an ability to pay (or will pay) tens of thousands of dollars of tuition, as well as ensure enough earning potential to not receive welfare.

However, we are rolling foreign students through our prestigious universities before forcing them back to their home countries. This process of “brain drain” is moronic and suicidal. Why do we expel the intelligent, stable, and studious members, while ignoring potential criminals entering our borders? We should therefore offer work visas or citizenship to foreign exchange students graduating from American universities.

4. Encourage electronics recycling within the United States

While we are distracted by subjective issues such as “equality” and “patriarchy,” there is an investment that garners no attention—American supply of precious metals. Precious metals, such as gold, copper, and lithium are found in everything. American manufacturing is based on highly sophisticated goods, such as Boeing aircraft.

As we demand smarter smartphones and missiles that fly further, demand for computer chips will skyrocket. However, for a pretty view and cheaper disposal costs, American electronics are dumped into Asian and African landfills. This is an issue where only pictures can show the magnitude:

E Waster

There’s more copper in that bowl than all the pennies in the USA.

iPhone Afterlife

The iPhone afterlife. Your next iPhone will cost much more.

E Waste 2

This bounty should have been ours. We are playing them dollars and precious metals, to charge us more dollars later.

Those foreign recycling firms scavenge and recycle these precious metals and resell them to American manufacturers at a decent markup. As these landfill nations emerge, they will either a) hoard these precious metals for domestic technology firms, or b) hoard these precious metals and charge American firms monopoly prices. If you think a replacement battery for your laptop is expensive now, how much will it cost if China’s landfills held 70% of the world’s lithium reserves?

5. Abolish affirmative action quotas based on ethnicity and gender

Fem AA

A woman trying to be even less productive.

The original purpose of affirmative action was in education for African Americans, rightfully justified by atrocities committed by a subset of Southern agriculturalists. It eventually included women and Latin Americans. Nowadays it has become the Olympiad of Victim-hood.

Let’s examine Rachel Dolezal. She was the white woman who tanned and changed her hairstyle for positions in Howard University and NAACP:

  1. Leftists say race is a human construct and not real. All races are therefore equal. 
  2. Rachel Dolezal wasn’t allowed be Black. Leftists insist on separating Black and white. 
  3. “Separate, but equal” is also known as segregation.

So affirmative action is segregation.

Affirmative action disincentivizes both the “privileged” and “victim.” The “privileged” won’t be productive because of the threat of being displaced or plundered. The “victim” will receive the spoils of plunder or displacement regardless of productivity. The country thus loses two shares of productivity, all for some fairy-tale rendition of fairness, equality and sparkling unicorns. The American government needs to gradually abolish affirmative action policies, and start heading for meritorious rewards.


All these steps encourage self-dependence, abandoning unnecessary burdens, and accumulating resources for the future. We need a long-term energy source, a domestic manufacturing base and precious raw material. We cannot afford foreign aid, providing economic asylum or pandering to victim-hood.

I’m not saying to abandon charity or sympathy for the unfortunate, simply that it is dangerous for a government to contort economic outcomes for its own ideal of charity. It is time for America to stop feeding from the cauldron of guilt stirred by the Leftists. It is time for America to rise again.

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