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What’s Next?

I’ve released only two books with new material in the past three years. I’m feeling the pendulum swing back to book writing so I have two projects planned:

1. Memoir of what happened in Canada. This summer was the most interesting of my life. I would like to tell the complete story in a book and also immortalize my whupping of Canadian feminists. The draft is already done. Estimated arrival: summer 2016.


2. My last game book. I want to write one final book of game that details all that I’ve learned since writing Bang (2007) and Day Bang (2011). I’ll continue to give game advice here and there, but nowhere near the level of the past. Estimated arrival: early 2017.

My misadventure in media publishing taught me that I’m more of a writer and connector than a businessman. Most men get value from my ideas, advice, and ability to organize high-value men in moderated communities. This tells me to focus on books, blogging, ROK, and RVF while minimizing trivial distractions. The only issue is that writing books when I only had one blog to update is far easier than writing books when you have multiple platforms to maintain with the enemy at your front door. I remember leaving my corporate job because I didn’t want to work too much, but now I’m working more than I ever have. Thankfully it’s work that I enjoy and care about.

I’ll have more to say shortly about where I see the future of the world heading (spoiler: it’s bleak). In the meantime we’ll resume tomorrow with three blog articles a week. Thank you for continuing to support my work.

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