Corinne Fisher and Krystyna (what, mom didn’t like vowels?) Hutchinson are two unfunny New York feminists who host a podcast entitled “Guys We Fucked: The Anti-Slut-Shaming Podcast.” I became aware of this because their show briefly eclipsed Joe Rogan and appeared in the top 10 list on iTunes recently.


Don’t they just look hilarious?

They’re spreading the word that women should be able to fuck WHOEVER they want WHENEVER they want and not be ashamed or called sluts or whores.

According to SoundCloud, there are over half a million regular listeners. While it sits in the “comedy” section, I found nothing humorous about these two.  Situations like this call for different tactics—normally I would just ignore or mock a couple of unfunny, crude, and disgusting feminists. After all, the world is full of bad music, comedy, culture, etc. but the disturbing thing with this duo is they have a large following and a dangerous message that can cause real harm to those who hear it.

While it has been said before that women are not funny, cannot tell a story, and are not fun, I still found it difficult to listen to one of their podcasts. They open by insulting their listeners with profanity: “Hey, fuckers! Welcome to another episode of guys we fucked (guyyyys we fuuuuuckedddd)”.  Girls using profanity is a big turnoff to begin with, but comedians who resort to profanity because they lack original ideas are especially lazy and boring.

A sampling of episodes follows: You jerked off to lightning? Do you want your dick owned? Don’t poppers make your butthole loose? Would you fuck a girl in a wheelchair? Would you fuck yourself? You know we both wanna fuck you? Too late for plan B, too early for an abortion, Who wants to get cum in their eyes? Period sex: Thoughts?.  Every episode seems themed on crassness, sluttiness, and a lack of self respect.

Nevertheless, for research’s sake, I did attempt to listen to the podcast, but could not make it past the 10 minute mark.  Much of the following relies on articles and interviews the two have given.


Fisher and Hutchinson, host to lots of bacteria, and a podcast

Corinne Fisher describes herself as “Jewish from New Jersey, likes makeup and chubby-ish men, has issues with the concept of monogamy and only has sex with people she considers to be her friends.” Hutchinson loves watching porn, especially with her live-in boyfriend, and moved to NYC from Pennsylvania. She briefly “worked as an actress” and now does standup comedy, along with her podcast, with Fisher.

The podcast is less than two years old, and was originally started as a program to interview needy attention seeking sex partners they hooked up with, but has expanded to include interviews with other feminists and reality celebrities, like the cast of Jersey Shore, dominatrixes, and questions for listeners, who they refer to as “fuckers.”

Reading the above description makes me chuckle that anyone ever thought Howard Stern was offensive or crude.

The origin



Basically, I was going through a mental breakdown because I got dumped in a Panera Bread by the guy I thought I was going to be with for the rest of my life. I would go and cry at Krystyna’s house every day, and my hair was falling out, I lost 20 pounds in a month… we had been working together for a long time…anti-slut shaming, to reach a broader audience more than just our narcissistic intentions.

Prior to their podcast, the couple had a “comedy” duo called Sorry About Last Night. Here’s a clip of the two performing 4 years ago.  (For those wise enough to skip it, in summary, there is nothing funny or cute about these girls. They may get some attention because they are still pre-wall with semi-attractive faces, but how this performance encouraged them to continue comedy is a complete mystery).


View of feminisim

“Feminism is really just owning your shit and feeling good about your decisions and just being equal with men”

If ONLY feminism was about women being held responsible for their own actions! We won’t even address the silliness that men and women are the same, for space reasons.

If you’re thinking, wow, sounds like these women must have some serious personal problems if they need meaningless sex with multiple partners, excessive profanity, and an obsession with sex to cover up their weaknesses and shortcomings, well, you would be right. Fisher ran into the ex-boyfriend from Panera Bread, “who all this nonsense started because of — and I really didn’t want to talk about it because I knew I was going to be sobbing. I did talk about it and I did sob, which annoyed me because I hate doing that, but it turned out to be great.”

So deep down after all the cock she takes, slowly destroying her soul one night at a time, is a longing for the one alpha she had but lost years ago. I’d wager there are some daddy issues involved as well.

On pickup artists

The pickup-artist culture is just stupid. You don’t need to pretend you’re a douchebag or be a douchebag to pick up women, and the quality of women you’re picking up might not match with the quality of women you actually want. Pickup-artist bullshit is all a front.

Translation: We are so easy, you don’t even need game to score with us. And game allows men to find higher quality women, which is bad.

Theme of the show

Do what you want with your body and if other people can’t deal with your choices then fuck ‘em

Translation: Be a narcissist! If it feels good, do it. Then proclaim it loudly and shove other people’s faces in it too. If others try to present values or some rules for living other than barbaric sexual freedom, yell and silence them, because they are stupid.

Their priority in life

Our careers. They’re getting better because of the podcast, which is really exciting.

‘Nuff said.


On throwing all social rules out the window

“There are many times in life to be shy, but my vagina is not shy,” Fisher says in the episode. “So this guy, his idea of dirty talk was to ask when was the last time I had sex with someone and I said yesterday, because it was after midnight and—it had actually been that morning—and he was not taking that well. So mid-sex, he stopped having sex with me because I have too much sex.”

Translation: A guy who was thrilled to be getting easy, free pussy from a girl he just met was so overcome by the disgust at the level of sluttiness she revealed to him, that he interrupted his pleasure mid-hookup. So, fuck that guy, right?

I can agree with this movement. If more women were honest and open about their sluttiness, more guys who don’t want to waste time with whores could move on before wasting any time with such garbage. There’s a reason why girls typically lie about their number of sexual partners. It disgusts us.

Breaking news: Guys are turned off by female promiscuity, for many reasons.

As Patrice O’Neal so correctly stated, women suck at telling stories. These girls are no different. Below is a clip of Krystyna telling a horribly boring and stupid story about her frustration when a guy she met did *NOT* want to fuck her on the first night.

The Danger

Young women are extremely mentally pliable, and when exposed to messages such as “have sex with as many guys as possible, there’s nothing wrong with it!” which is scientifically untrue and damaging, many will take this horrible advice. These hosts, despite not being funny at all, have amassed a large audience, and received coverage from the HuffPo, Salon, and Elle magazine, among others, and will be viewed as role models for some.

They were able to move to the Big Apple and live life on their own terms, and now they’ve made it! Only the sad thing is, these women are a few short years from hitting the wall, and are already finding out that men are not interested in a used up woman who doesn’t care when and how often she is penetrated.

You can’t change biology and men are naturally repelled by slutty women, for anything other than a quick hookup. Their situation is disgusting enough on its own, but the fact that they have preserved almost two seasons and counting (or around 100 sexual partners) permanently on the internet, for their next boyfriend to listen to at his leisure when contemplating a LTR with one of these cum dumpsters, is a quite dismal future indeed. Beware, any who follow their advice.

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