On Tuesday, October 19th, Cam Heyward, a player for the Pittsburgh Steelers, will be appealing a fine he received for violating the league’s uniform policy. Heyward wore the words “Iron Head” on his face (with eye black) to honor his deceased father, Craig “Iron Head” Heyward. His father was a former NFL player who died in 2006 of a brain tumor.


Tries to call attention to his father’s death from cancer…gets a fine.

The NFL has strict rules regarding player uniforms, and players routinely face a fine if they violate these rules.

However, Heyward’s fine comes in the midst of the NFL’s breast cancer awareness month. Fans of the NFL have been bombarded with nonstop displays of pink: pink pieces of uniforms, pink ribbons painted on the field, pink goal posts, pink banners, and so on. During this time, players have been free to make a litany of changes to their uniforms: pink shoes, pink gloves, pink wristbands, etc.


To the NFL, the only cancer deaths that matter are women’s.

Naturally, if the NFL is trying to draw attention to breast cancer, then they will be concerned with all forms of cancer! They will be sympathetic to the men who die of cancer, as well as the women! Right? Er…wrong.

Given the fines being levied against Cam Heyward, this is clearly not the case.

So then, why would the NFL honor breast cancer, yet refuse to honor other forms of cancer? And why would the NFL go so far as fining players for honoring a former player that died of cancer?

Cam Heyward Speaks out

Heyward, in his naivety, thought that the NFL would want to honor his dead father:

“A lot of people are struggling with cancer and that’s what my message was,” Heyward said Monday afternoon. “It’s not just about me and my love for my father. There are a lot of people out there struggling. In a month when breast cancer is honored I think every type of cancer should be honored as well.”

Heyward faces more fines if he continues to wear the message. By the time all is said and done, Heyward could collect up to $100,000 in fines. Heyward has tried to be diplomatic about the situation, using logic to plead his case:

“I’m not trying to step on anyone’s toes or upset the league office, but I want to continue to do it at least for this month,” Heyward said. “I would love to be able to [do it] this month and make an awareness for all types of cancer. I’m very sincere when I say I’m not trying to be someone who is a rebel against the cause or someone who is against everybody. I care about this league, but I also care about people who are struggling. I understand the struggles they go through. My dad went through that struggle, and I saw it every day.”


Heyward has shown great restraint. As the preceding quote shows, he does not just want to honor his father; he wants to honor all people who suffer from this horrible infirmity.


This is one of those stories that speak for itself, if you have eaten the red pill. The NFL is another arm of society that has been overtaken by feminism and the social justice warrior brigade: another domino that has fallen in their quest for social supremacy. The once noble game is now serving the agenda of Team Feminism, where the lives of women matter more than those of men.

The fact that these incidents are occurring in the NFL is significant. In a country that has virtually lost its testicles, the NFL has remained one of the last bastions of American, Alpha male behavior: a place where socially-engineered androgyny has not gained a foothold. This fact infuriates Team Feminism.

Remember that feminism relies on fictional representations of superior, female strength (i.e. Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games, Charlie’s Angels, etc). The NFL is weekly proof that men are, in fact, stronger than women. No million dollar Hollywood budget can change this reality, and the NFL is a weekly reminder of this genetic difference. This infuriates the feminist brigade, who have made it their lifelong goal to highlight male weakness.

Consequently, the feminists have set their sights on the NFL–they will not rest until the manhood has been ripped from the game, and hurled to the street like John Wayne Bobbit’s severed penis.

Summary And Recommendation


I will white knight for the NFL – I give you my pledge.

The point of all this is simple: The spotlight must always be placed on woman’s victimhood. If this spotlight is removed—even for a second—then men will stop working for the feminist cause. Acknowledging a man’s death from cancer—even one—is a threat to the feminist attempt at a month long grievance campaign.

The NFL, and particularly commissioner Roger Goodell, have turned into the ultimate white knight in this regard. They have allowed women to turn the NFL into an SJW platform, moving from one tabloid topic to the next. Goddell is like a beta male provider, rushing to meet a woman’s ever-escalating demands regardless of how insane they are. Roger Goodell and his associates are ruining a great American sport.

Sadly, I am recommending a boycott of the NFL. This is particularly difficult for me. I am a lifelong fan, and I was an all-league player in high school. I have watched football for close to forty years, and it is my favorite sport. It runs in my blood.

However, I have to acknowledge that my support of the NFL at the moment is a form of tacit approval. By tuning in every Sunday, I am giving the NFL permission to be overtaken by the feminist brigade. I am saying that it is ok for them to disrespect the millions of men who have died of cancer. I am saying that female lives matter more than male.

Well, let me say what the feminist proponents love to claim—equality matters.

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