We’ve witnessed how the gay agenda was successfully pushed over the past 10 years by the Left. The gay lifestyle has been mainstreamed and popularized in the media. Gay marriage is now legal in every state by decree of the Supreme Court of the United States. The Left has been roundly successful pushing the gay agenda, so much so that I would wager you would be hard-pressed to find a woman under the age of 40 against gay marriage.

More recently, we’ve seen Bruce Jenner lionized as a hero for deciding to become Caitlyn. The Left is now closing the noose on the transgender issue and is mopping up resistance, excoriating those who refuse to recognize Bruce Jenner as female and refer to him as Caitlyn. So what comes next? What will be the Next Great American Perversion?


I used to believe that legalizing gay marriage would lead to legalizing polygamy. Many people in opposition to gay marriage used this slippery slope argument. On its face, it makes sense. It is a logically structured argument: if requiring marriage to be between members of the opposite sex is an arbitrary convention, specifying the acceptable number in the arrangement must also be arbitrary.

If defining marriage as between one man and one woman is discriminatory on the grounds that is specifies the gender of the parties involved, then it must also be discriminatory for specifying the number of parties involved. And if we are not allowed to question whether two men or two women can really love each other, then how can society decide that a man is incapable of loving more than one woman at a time?

Moreover, just as gay marriage advocates like to claim that homosexuals have always been with us and that they are just now free to step out of the closet, so too has polygamy been part of civilization since antiquity. It certainly predates monogamy. Gay advocates also like to cite the cruelties visited upon them at the hands of society (the Stonewall Riots in response to police harassment and Alan Turing’s suicide after being forced by the British government to undergo hormone therapy as “treatment” for being a homosexual come to mind) as reason for the importance of contemporary acceptance and tolerance.

The Mormons, on account of their practice of polygamy, were treated far worse than homosexuals. The Mormons lost their spiritual leader, Joseph Smith, to mob violence. They were literally banished from society: they were shunned and driven out. That is why they had to embark on a sojourn all the way to the Utah desert. The Mormons have a long list of legitimate historical grievances against American society.

mormon polygs1

But while legalizing polygamy might be logical, it will not happen. Why? Because polygamy is the personification of patriarchy. It is patriarchy on steroids. Polygamy involves a man who is so successful that he can sexually, emotionally, and materially provide for multiple wives. Polygamy allows a man to adopt the ultimate reproductive approach, combining the best elements of r- and K- mating strategies. He has the multiple partners and number of offspring consistent with an r-mating strategy, but has the resources and involvement (instilling his values, ensuring a religious upbringing, home schooling) to lavish on his offspring consistent with a K-mating strategy.

Moreover, look at how the polygamist lifestyle is portrayed in the media. Whenever a woman commits adultery, it’s always her husband’s fault: he worked too much, he didn’t stay in shape for her, he didn’t make her feel special, he wasn’t attentive enough to her needs. The media would have us believe that a husband is unable to sexually, emotionally, and materially satisfy even one wife. So how could he possibly provide for multiple wives?


The Lifetime Movie Network recently debuted a new series, “Escaping Polygamy.” Additionally, witness the general derision and scorn heaped upon the Duggars and the men of Duck Dynasty, who — while not polygamist (or even Mormon) — embody the core attributes of polygamy: a strong family patriarch, a large, self-sufficient family, and women (wife, older daughters, etc.) whose primary focus is on child bearing and rearing. The unequivocal message is that no woman would voluntarily enter into a polygamous relationship, and that if a woman does happen to find herself in one, she was coerced, is being held against her will, and desperately wants to escape.

So what is next?

So if polygamy isn’t the Next Great American Perversion, what is? There have been a few cracks in the firmament and a few rays of light have leaked through, giving us a glimpse into what the Left has in store for society. In the past few months, the Left has been testing the waters, gauging societal response to two new and exciting perversions: cuckolding and pedophilia.

On July 16, 2015, New York Magazine published Michael Sonmore’s article, “What Open Marriage Taught One Man About Feminism,” in which the author recounts how he is openly accepting and supportive of his wife taking other lovers while also insinuating that he is a better man for it and that if other men are not similarly accommodating of their wives, they are not as enlightened.

Then, on September 21, 2015, Salon published Todd Nickerson’s article, “I’m A Pedophile, But Not A Monster,” in which the self-confessed pedophilic author recalls – in a disturbingly fond and vivid manner – his molestation as a child at the hands of a trusted adult. He goes on to paint pedophilia as just another sexual orientation or preference.

My inclination is to bet on the Next Great American Perversion being cuckolding. I can see this perversion gaining traction, promulgated under the guise of female liberation. It fits the current cultural narrative perfectly: it empowers women while simultaneously emasculating men. Female sexuality is already celebrated, à la “The Vagina Monologues.” Women are already encouraged to sexually experiment in their 20’s to “determine who they really are and what they like.”

cuck 2

With females outnumbering men at university and out-earning them (through affirmative action and preferential hiring, retention, and advancement policies) in the workplace, more and more women will be the primary breadwinner. This will lead to more men becoming “house husbands,” staying at home with the children while Mommy goes off to her high power corporate job. Such a situation will naturally and inevitably lead to the wife becoming disillusioned with her husband and losing respect for him. And once respect is lost, so too is sexual attraction.

Some readers may raise the question why the next perversion will not be something more equitable like swinging (partner swapping). Why not? The same reason why it is already infinitely easier for single women to find partners for casual sex. Any single woman, whenever she wishes to, can have casual sex by going down the street to the local night club or by logging into a dating app like Tinder. The same can’t be said for the average single man.

And this dynamic does not improve with marriage. If anything, it worsens, as many men will find their social network greatly reduced in size upon marriage, while the woman maintains and even manages to expand hers. This means it will be the female who will be in a position to seek out and take lovers and it will be the already economically marginalized and emasculated male who will feel compelled to give his support.

While it is impossible to predict what the Next Great American Perversion will ultimately be, we can be certain that the Intelligentsia will not stop at gay marriage and transgenderism. There is never any rest for the wicked.

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