Emasculation mixed with extreme masochism is the best way to describe those men who opt for Democratic candidates in local, state, gubernatorial, congressional, and presidential elections. By basically every measure, Democrats regard the most trivial issues for women (such as Twitter “abuse”, manspreading, and mansplaining) as more important than the most significant issues for men (male suicide, homelessness, overrepresentation as victims of violence and many others).

In objective terms, voting Democrats only benefits those men who can publicly capitalize on defining themselves as a liberal, including authors, public commentators, Hollywood celebrities and others who need clear and incontrovertible self-promotion. And this itself depends on substituting one’s own self-interest for the health of the American nation.

This all said, cuckservatives exist in growing numbers. They and even proper conservatives are not blameless, far from it, for standing by and giving declared leftists significant room to eviscerate society. The engine rooms for stigmatizing men, however, are Democratic electoral and legislative offices, Democratic rallies and all manner of other breeding grounds for the Democrats’ pathological hatred of masculinity.

Lobbied by SJWs, whose demonstrations attract a minuscule number of people, the DNC and its representatives continue to make decisions that unabashedly demonize 50% of the population, most notably heterosexuals of Caucasian descent.

1. Democrats blame men for the state of American finances but court female and minority votes with welfare programs and privileges

There’s no point taking a current photograph of the National Debt Clock. It’s always rendered outdated less than a second later.

America is broke. End of story. With debt at over 100% relative to GDP, all that happens every time Congress avoids a debt crisis is that the proverbial can is kicked down the road. Democrats conveniently blame men, the male leadership class or (male) Wall Street bankers, forgetting that the biggest accelerant of the gargantuan US national debt has been the debilitating welfare programs initiated by liberals. The zealous faithful following the DNC Donkey have mollycoddled for years entire demographic groups with the promise of an ever flowing welfare tap.

The problem is not just that the Democrats have sucked in millions over decades to try and pursue their catastrophic policies. They have also tragically primed many in multiple generations to seek the instant gratification of welfare and spending via massive public deficits. Democrats win elections on the basis of training their targets to never care about the United States in 20 years’ time. Much or most of the population is unwilling to forgo rewards now to escape disaster or ruin in the future. The teat must keep on flowing, they scream, and much like Pavlov’s Dog, they salivate when Democrats ring the welfare bell.

While women of all races can play the (single) motherhood, domestic violence, and workplace discrimination cards to claw many more advantages, men of color are institutionalized into thinking that the old white capitalist and patriarchal society is against them and only the government, not their own drive and skills, can save them from abject poverty. The juxtaposition of “we believe in you, black men of America” and “but you need our support all the time” has the effect of the latter dominating and then totally eclipsing the former. Democrats need victims and they must continually create them or maintain them.

2. Democrats treat every white male as a beneficiary of immense privilege and a potential violent oppressor

Or so SJWs say…

Ignoring the vast socio-economic disparities between different Caucasians in America, Democrats play the perennial race card of white privilege, particularly for white men. Many white people, especially young students, even get a kick out of constantly emphasizing how they are unfairly privileged. This may bode well for people happy to participate in the further regression of society (or those pursuing lucrative political or SJW careers) but it speaks volumes about a growing bigotry against individuals just because they have a certain skin hue and biological sex.


If Democrats feel this way about what is a majority of men, it says enough already about why only emasculated men vote for them. According to this narrative, girls like Malia and Sasha Obama are bigger victims and non-beneficiaries of privilege than a Scots-Irish-descended trailer-park dweller in the Florida Panhandle. In less dramatic comparisons, the daughters of the American middle-class receive a cut-out pass to label themselves as eternal victims while the sons of white blue collar workers who didn’t finish high school supposedly gained a winning lottery ticket at birth.

Hitherto untouchable white SJW feminists are already finding themselves on the receiving end of the “Shut up, I’m a woman who’s a person of color” slingshot. To cover their bases and maintain SJW unity after an overextension that is now biting them in the ass, expect that white and other feminists will shake off many of their previous inhibitions about drawing in larger numbers of non-white male targets. And this means you if you or your recent ancestors were named Jose, DeMarcus, Ming or something similar.

3. Democrats support finding a man guilty of rape by SJW academics without a trial

It is shocking to think that Democrats like Senator Kirsten Gillibrand have sons. They support the ability of universities to publicly find someone to be a rapist without a trial and have them kicked out of college, ruining their lives.

Was your neighbor accused of dodging his taxes last year? He had to face a court. Was his wife accused of shoplifting? She had to face a court. In countless American universities, however, self-congratulating academics and other officials have handed down rape “conviction” after rape “conviction,” fully supported by a vast majority of Democratic representatives in almost every state legislature and certainly in the US Congress. This legal anomaly, coincidentally, only affects men, at a time when responses to surveys are perceived as findings of fact about rape.

Despite men not being sent to jail over college “convictions,” the consequences for those caught in the web of Orwellian pseudo-jurisprudence are bleak. “Guilty” defendants are thrown out of their degrees and expelled for perpetuity, exposed to a lifetime of professional blacklisting, and constantly in fear about the next exclamation of “Rapist!” Time and time again, this reality is brushed aside by the Democratic Party.

The people who fill so-called college rape tribunals come from the same crowd of folks pumping out patently false theories that all women are oppressed by all men, that society itself oppresses all women and that all men are beneficiaries of rampant male privilege, from the Walmart cashier earning eight dollars an hour to the billionaire tycoon raised in poverty.

It is terribly unsurprising that Democrats would support this mob, as every faulty university craze from the wage gap myth to the idea of systemic police brutality against African-Americans is picked up by the DNC and used as a template for crafting their purported policies.

The modern Democratic Party is an existential threat to men and the United States

…or just avoid voting for them…

In their endless quest for an era of total dominance over the Republicans, Democrats have ignored any concept of national interest in favor of politics itself. Aside from a gated elite, men and male interests are regarding as pawns to be used in keeping their power.

When the race card is exhausted, guaranteeing the votes of black and Latino men and women, the DNC and its agents move to the gender card, knowing that their minority male voters and self-loathing white male voters have already been inculcated sufficiently and will not shift.

One of the easiest ways to practice using your masculinity is to not support the party constantly trying to emasculate you.

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