Back in May, Roosh and Quintus held their third live Culture War Chat. Among the topics of discussion were girls, game, feminism, and Roosh’s ambush appearance on Dr. Oz.

But something Roosh briefly opined on at about  the 25:00 minute mark really got me thinking:

…I thought that the end goal for men was basically this just to chase a lot of girls…but suddenly almost, like in the last couple years I’ve been unable to keep it up…

….I’m coming to the conclusion that chasing girls, a lifestyle that many guys who read me do, is a stage…

…I honestly thought I would be sixty years old in the shopping mall asking girls where the pet shop is. I’m not even thirty-six and I can’t even tolerate a night club…

Those statements really struck a chord with me because I know at some point in my life I won’t be able to pull high SMV chicks no matter what my game level is.

Sure, there are men like Hugh Hefner who, despite being as old as dirt, fucks the tightest, youngest blondes on the planet. But we all know his fortune and his industry will give him unlimited access to high quality ass until he kicks the bucket.

But what about the every day players out here who don’t have seven-figure bank accounts or celebrity status? Every man on Earth has sexual desires until the day he dies. Age and testosterone levels (natural or synthetic) play a role in the degree and intensity of those desires but they are there nonetheless.

So what do we do when we hit the wall?

A very small number of us…

…will have amassed enough wealth to live better than most of the Western population. No, I’m not talking about the top 1% who buy islands and gold plated cars. I’m talking about men who can afford to retire early and live very comfortably for the rest of their lives.

For these men, sleeping with young beautiful women will be a regular activity well into their fifties and maybe even longer. Their ability to travel and enjoy the finer things in life with their top notch homes and luxury automobile(s) serving as the backdrop to their comfortable lifestyles is a very enticing prospect for a twenty-something looking to get a taste of the good life for a while.

Every so often one might even find a hot young filly willing to cash out early and tie the knot. It’s not a regular occurrence but it happens.

Eventually even these men will become too old to attract high quality ass, but their sexual shelf lives are much longer than your average red pill male.

A few more of us…

…will become expats and move abroad. Regions like South America and Eastern Europe are attractive destinations for Western men who want to sample a higher quality fare in terms of thin, feminine women.


Occasional ROK contributor James Maverick holds a special place in his for Brazilian women because of their raw beauty, femininity, and vivacious bedroom manner.

But Mav would be the first to tell you that there’s nothing special about him at all. Only that he simply decided he would no longer tolerate American women and Western culture and did something about it.

Though most of us won’t acquire the financial means to live the lives of our wealthy counterparts, all of us has what it takes to move to, live in, and thrive in another country. We’re men after all.

There will certainly be more neomasculine men who become expatriates than those who can retire before 50 but the vast majority of us will….

…end up with a post wall slut

Sad but true. Men here know and understand that a man doesn’t need today’s woman nearly as much as our predecessors used to if at all. Pussy’s stock (NASDAQ: PSSY) is at an all time low. As a result, men don’t have to invest much to realize an ROI—sex.

But the fact of the matter is that we are all hard wired to desire not only sex from females, but companionship. Sleeping with random women for years on end gets old.

I’ll be the first to admit that even though I’m fortunate enough to have fucked more girls than the average male, random romps in the sack with this chick or that without any real connection gets a little stale after a while.

The older a man gets, the less important pussy becomes to him. Subsequently the desire for a relationship of consequence becomes more important to him as far as companionship with the opposite sex goes.

And because females who grew up in his generation were heavily influenced by feminism at a young age and encouraged to sleep with dozens of men, he’ll likely end up spending his golden years with former party slut.

Take Away

Keep in mind that the one and only qualifier here is neomasculinity. That is, the men who fall into each of the above categories have a strong working knowledge of a woman’s true nature and simply do not put them on a pedestal. This means that women always take a back seat to other shit he’s got going on in his life.

But like I stated before, all men are designed to desire female companionship. Even when we’re old and gray our lives feel more complete with a female by our sides whether we admit it or not.

So unless you strike it rich, learn a new language and move abroad, or both, odds are you’ll eventually end up with a woman who’s notch count exceeds triple figures if you remain stateside.

Here’s the good news: It doesn’t have to be that way. So what are you gonna do about it?

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