An organization at the University of Florida wants all medical students to receive required training on how to talk sensitively to transgender and “non-binary” patients. The UF HealthQueer Alliance is giving a series of workshops about homosexual, bisexual and trans-identified people. These workshops instruct the students on proper gender “pronouns” and how “sex, gender, and sexual orientation different.”

Mission: To Make LGBT-Training Required

The organization is working with the associate dean of the medical school to create courses which it hopes will be “implemented into the required curriculum,” reports WUFT News. Why should this training be required? Well, their president, Ansley Schulte, tells WUFT that she wants to prevent doctors from giving “faulty information, like telling lesbian patients they are at a high risk for HIV/AIDS. ‘Which is like, not true at all,’ she said.”

Actually, Ansley, homosexual women are at risk of having HIV. The risk is not as high as male homosexuals, but they certainly need to know the danger. Maybe you need to, like, do a little more research yourself.

Even though “non-binary” groups make a very small segment of the population, the purpose of this movement is not to strengthen branches in the profession–specialty fields. All doctors need to receive the training.

“There is no specific discipline for LGBT care at UF, but Schulte said that isn’t the point. The point is that all health care providers should be aware of how to deal with LGBT patients, not just a select few.”

Medical school is rigorous, packed with vast quantities of vital information that medical professionals absolutely need to know. They only have so long to learn and train. “Medicine is a vast field,” says Carleen Eaton, “so the ability to prioritize information is one skill that’s important to develop during med school.” Every minute that gets spent learning SJW pronouns and definitions of gender is an important piece of health information that potentially gets tossed aside. Are transgender pronouns more important than life-saving medical procedures?


Sensitivity Training

What crucial instruction have medical students been missing all this time? Well, apparently the checkboxes on the paperwork are a big problem. Male or female? That is so intolerant. Doctors need to be more “safe and nonjudgmental.” A “nonbinary trans person” tells WUFT that the “exclusionary paperwork and binary checkboxes” make them feel “uncomfortable”:

“It’s a self-protection thing,” Jones said. “I’ll check female because I know that when people look at me that’s what they assume. And I don’t want to write anything in case I get someone who’s like, ‘ew’.””

So apparently medical students need training on inclusive checkboxes for their paperwork, and learn how to convince patients that they don’t think “ew” about them.


We also need to redefine the word “equal,” apparently. At the end of October, the group will provide an “equal access” clinic, which will only be available for “trans” patients. No straight people allowed. To them, that is “equitable” and “culturally sensitive.” These oppressed people need a safe space, after all.

This sounds like sensitivity training. LGBT courses for medical students will probably turn out to be social justice indoctrination, the kind of propaganda against traditional families that we see in many universities, government agencies, and the military. It is hard to take these people seriously when they cry about exclusionary checkboxes and demand special attention.

Do LGBT Deserve Quality Healthcare?


Yes, of course they do. We need specialists who are properly trained for this small group of people. These doctors also need to be upfront about the dangers of their deviant behavior and give them the help they need.

Why do over 40% of transgenders attempt suicide? The HealthQueer Alliance’s workshop points out that the LGTB group “continues to be disproportionately at risk for negative health outcomes, including HIV infection, suicide, substance abuse, and depression.”

Why? Is it because more of them use harmful drugs, because their sexual activity is dangerous, or because they have higher rates of mental disorders? No, the leftist narrative is that they are driven to it by harassment. The workshop claims: “Largely, this is a product of the barriers this community must surmount in order to obtain medical care.”

I have a friend who taught a medical course for a college. He told me he had to tip-toe around the subject of human sexuality because he was worried about being punished for telling the physical damage and dangers of homosexual activity. Doctors are often punished if they tell the truth about homosexuality, such as one medical expert in Boston who faced a hearing for citing government data on homosexual dangers.

In 1973, the APA decided that homosexuality was no longer a mental illness. This began a slow escalation of acceptance for destructive behavior.

This is an important issue for all of us. Some day you will probably be in a hospital and need treatment for a life-threatening illness. Do you want a doctor who trained hard for your procedure, or a doctor who spent his time learning transgender pronouns and proper non-offensive checkboxes for paperwork?

Throughout history, each time social justice lifted its ugly head, death and suffering followed. This is partly due to the erosion of necessary services such as healthcare, which is brought about by political correctness and normalization of destructive behavior.

This HealthQueer group is on the University of Florida’s medical school list of organizations. It is a worrying trend that will ultimately sacrifice healthcare for “healthqueer.”

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