For the next seven days, we are conducting a reader survey to get your views on ROK and the direction you would like it to take in the future. This is the first reader survey we’ve ever conducted in three years of operation.

ROK is at a crossroads between publishing articles about individual self-improvement (game, fitness) and ones concerning society as a whole (politics, SJW’ism, religion, government). We are trying to strike a balance between both areas so we’re soliciting feedback to see what you think of our attempts so far.


I’m open to comments from readers since ROK has already climbed the tallest mountain peaks. It has become the biggest site in the manosphere after triggering hundreds of thousands of feminists over the past couple of years. Where should ROK deliver the next death blow?

Click here to take the survey. This is an opportunity for you to input your DNA into the future of ROK. Your feedback is appreciated.

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