We’re looking for two good men to help expand our coverage:

1. Fitness columnist

We’re first looking for a guy who can share actionable tips on weightlifting and nutrition. While I greatly appreciate the advice that Mike Chang’s sponsored posts have given us, and think that most men won’t need more than a dusting of Kratom in their morning coffee to operate at peak performance, there are many other fitness topics that could be helpful to ROK readers.

2. List specialist

ROK offers heavy, sometimes depressing articles that highlight the problems facing modern society. To balance out that intensity, we’d like a contributor to post one image-heavy list a week. Here are some examples:


While many of you do not prefer lists, most of our readers found ROK because of a list that was widely shared. Long essays usually do a poor job of attracting new readers.

Hired writers are asked to submit an article each week that is at least 700 words. If you are interested, contact ROK’s editor, Winston Smith, with details of your background and any writing samples. If he believes you are a good match, you’ll be asked to submit two test articles to observe how the readership responds to your work. If those work out, we’ll bring you aboard to the team. You will compensated if hired (Winston will give you details).

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