In the progressive sphere, there is a notion that a man cannot write about anything other than his own kind. That goes double for a white man author. How dare he fill his imaginary worlds with diverse characters…sometimes not even humanoid characters? He is not a lizard person…how can he truly know what a lizard woman thinks of the goings on of lizard kind?

You can see this type of mindset in Marvel Comics stunt casting of Ta-Nehisi Coates doing a twelve issue run on the Black Panther series. Surely many of Mr. Coates’ readers are also comic book fans? With his co-writers exaltation that the first issue “Won’t be a Superhero script” then what is this: cynical cash grab or tokenism?

Marvel Comics isn’t a stranger to this pandering, cash grab, stunt casting nonsense. In recent memory, they’ve made a female Thor to entice all those female social justice comic book readers out there that are under served by all these “dudebro” laden comics. Other comic book companies have fared no better.

No stranger to its share of problems with minority characters is The Walking Dead. Both the comic and television series, created by white man Robert Kirkman, has long come under attack for having poorly written female and minority characters. However, it’s not because of Kirkman’s limitations as a writer or creator, of course. It’s because he is a white man that this series is so unwatchable and devoid of any value to pop culture.

Exactly what this calls for…more women!

The SJW cure-all for this? Adding minority voices to everything from writer rooms to director chairs, and everything in between—regardless of talent or ability! Everything is elevated when you put someone besides a (white) man in charge. Except that’s not the case, and if anything else only goes to further dilute the product by unnecessary addition.

Why is this rubric only used on men? Why is no one going after Shonda Rimes and her parade of poorly characterized hunky steely gazed white dudes on her various programs? How about Lee Daniels’ Empire and its cliché riddled narrative nonsense? Hell, any creator that perpetuates and continues to fill our media with tired clichés and tropes, providing nothing of substance all in the name of the almighty dollar and diversity quotas.

"It was a dark and rapey night..."

“It was a dark and rapey night…”

A lot of this regressive ideology seems to be coming out of click bait sweatshops like The Mary Sue and the myriad of other concern troll sites that need to gin up some sort of “feminist outrage” in order to keep the views coming. It’s one thing to be take a piece of media to task for a being a little limiting in its characterizations or narratives. It’s quite another to demand that men step back from creating because of the preposterous belief that they can only write about violence, rape, farts, poop, and nothing else.


All this pandering to a tiny minority of progressives has lead to a constant stream of non-issues bubbling up out of the cesspit of social justice websites. The very nature of a click bait sweatshop is that authors must write up a lot of articles every single day, so they have to file many nonsense articles that are little more than “Tsk Tsk…shame on you!” baloney. You have to wonder if these people even believe what they write.

"And then he told her to get back in the kitchen...and make him a sandwich..."

“And then he told her to get back in the kitchen…and make him a sandwich…”

However, the notion that men perpetually think about rape and violence and therefore that is all they can truly create is also caustic. There have been plenty of male authors that have written great female characters. One example is Henry James, another white man who was nominated multiple times for the Nobel Prize in Literature and authored The Portrait of a Lady, a literary classic with a woman as a protagonist.

Creators cannot create interesting worlds in a vacuum devoid of differing characters and conflicting ideas. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it certainly can’t be too interesting.

"...then Tur Paug the Barbarian thrust his mighty broadsword in to the sunless sky..."

“…then Tur Paug the Barbarian thrust his mighty broadsword into the sunless sky…”

For people espousing “progressive” ideas, how is limiting one gender in favor of the other going to progress anything? More galling is the audaciousness of telling an artist what they can and cannot do. That flies in the very face of what Art…with a capital “A”…is…subjective. Does a man have any idea what a woman truly feels? By creating art he allows himself the artistic license to explore that idea, free from outside judgment while he does so. It doesn’t make what he finds objective fact, that is why it’s art.

To progressives and feminists, the ideal worlds that a man can create are barbaric hellscapes where women are bags of meat with tits that men spray their seed all over. Protagonists whose only narrative goal is to rape most things and kill those who stand in the way of that goal.

Sure that makes for a fine Saturday evening, if you’re a barbarian. But it certainly doesn’t make for compelling art.

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