A small group of fanatics has risen. They are so extreme, so dangerous, and so removed from reality that the entire Western world is at stake.

These fanatics claim to be above religion. But it is important to realize that they are not devoid of religion. The feminists who are social engineering Western civilization into oblivion may not profess a personable God, but they are more religious than anyone. It will therefore take religion to overcome them. You cannot sit idly on the sidelines. It takes a belief system to overcome them.

Early Man’s Struggle Against Social Justice

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The top priority for social justice is to destroy the authority of men. Actually, this is nothing new. Since the dawn of developed man, fanatic minorities have sought to destroy personal liberty and dictate an “equal” society.

The Egyptians said there was the way of Thoth or the “way downward.” Early Christians taught that there was the way of life which opposed the way of death. With each religion, belief falls into one of two categories, right or wrong. Each time, theology was tailored to counter the flawed human philosophy of social justice.

Yet all the successful religions turned out to be remarkably similar, indicating that the same flawed philosophy crops up time and time again.

Many people don’t know that ancient Babylon was proudly feminist. Elite women held prominent positions of power and built huge monuments of themselves. Babylonian women received education, did business, rented apartments, administrated in the temple, owned property, and even got alimony.

Divorce settlements “could require husbands to compensate ex-wives” if he initiated the divorce. Wealthy women frequently went after men who did not pay up, even ordering their lawyers to acquire slave boys to wash their feet:

“Women wrote many letters about the support men were legally obligated to send them, especially letters of complaint when the rations were not received, were insufficient, or were of poor quality or spoiled. One woman wrote a letter complaining about the quality of the sesame oil she had received and told her agent to be present when they were extracting the oil to make sure she got the best quality… One woman asked for a slave girl to grind her flour and a slave boy to wash her feet.” (Elisabeth Tetlow, Women, Crime and Punishment…”)

We imagine that the ancient world was primitive and superstitious, but social justice was actually more popular in ancient times than it is now. The Athenian lawmaker Solon personified his social justice reforms, as quoted in the book Social Justice in the Ancient World:

“[Social justice] shackles those who are without justice… checks insatiability, and blackens hubris.”

“They are wealthy, swayed by deeds without justice, and not caring at all about sacred or public property… they do not heed the holy institutions of justice.” (Solon fr. 4:32-36, 7-16)

“…when the base decide to behave with hubris, and when they ruin the community and render judgments in favor of things without justice for the sake of profits and for the sake of power, do not expect that city to be peaceful for long… when the base decide on these things, namely, profits entailing public damage.” (Theognis 39-52)

The “holy institutions of justice” in late Egypt and Babylon “motivated the high moral status of women” and established “legal equality between men and women.”

Social Justice Opposes True Religion

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In Babylon’s holy institution of social justice, evil was symbolized by Tiamat, the goddess of motherhood and beauty. Just as feminists despise the motherhood role of women today, they concocted this character Tiamat, as “a mother who put her children’s well-being before her own.”

Tiamat was brutally killed by a shining hero named Marduk. Marduk did away with the old conservative ways and issued in progressivism. He altered the natural universe into a new order, and enslaved Tiamat’s followers, which symbolized mankind. He then took a partner named Sarpanit, synonymous with Ishtar, the goddess of sex and prostitution.

In the Epic of Gilgamesh, the divine princess Ishtar gets her daddy to take revenge on Gilgamesh for refusing her sexual advances, and he ends up losing eternal life. Babylon was a feminist dream.


It is not by coincidence that Hebrew and Christian theology is a polar opposite of this myth. In their theology, motherhood and family is not evil, but is celebrated. The “woman in the wilderness” is taken care of by God and symbolizes the church. Marduk is not the hero, but is the villain Lucifer, whose plan to enslave mankind fails.

Study carefully the devil in the bible and you will find an oppressive dictator who seeks universal equality. The Hebrew religion subverted the progressivism in Babylon with its own theology of personal liberty and responsibility.

Ezekiel spoke harshly against those who supported Babylon. “And the Babylonians came to her into the bed of love, and they defiled her with their whoredom, and she was polluted with them.” (Ezek 23:17) He compared these supporters to sexually addicted young whores, and upbraided young women who traveled to Babylon to be part of the flashy new culture. These apostates denied the patriarchal authority of the prophets, and they sought a code of social justice that focused on the worldly.

Patriarchy Is Social Justice’s Main Target


Fast-forward to 20th century Socialism. Radical politicians mandated laws that they said empowered women, but which really destroyed the family. They attacked people who were successful, destroyed personal liberty in the name of public welfare, and tore down the “hubris” of people who did not serve the needs of the community, the way they wanted.

The veneer may have looked new, but this revolutionary movement was no different than in ancient Babylon. The secret subversive efforts in Socialism created slaves, as an oppressive government dictated every area of their lives, every behavior. Billions suffered.

Look at social justice warriors today and you see the same doctrine of universal salvation. The popular motto today is “equality,” but this American value has become so twisted that anyone who stands out gets pulled down to the lowest echelon. Your behavior must fall exactly in line with their strict regiment and communal ownership.

One man recently found it hard to support both Christianity and social justice causes. You can’t serve two masters. So he left his church to fight against “racism, sexism, ecological devastation, human trafficking, war, corporate and governmental corruption.” Interestingly, with his embrace of social justice came a profound disgust for the priesthood. He simply couldn’t believe that a “prophet is infallible.” The SJW movement is the church for people who reject patriarchy.

Feminists attack patriarchy because they recognize that patriarchy in religion opposes them. Patriarchy fulfills man’s need to excel above the rest and take full responsibility for his triumphs and mistakes.

“The aggression suffered by many women as a result of an unjust social and economic system is so widespread and so heavy that we often deem it better to let them find in patriarchal religion a temporary consolation for their afflictions…

Many women end up, by reason of their need for consolation and protection, strengthening the traditional roles of priests or pastors and of patriarchal religious institutions as a whole.” (Pui-lan Kwok, Hope Abundant: Third World and….)

The indoctrination and propaganda has become so loud, I don’t think people have the slightest clue about men’s rightful authoritative role. The truth is, men have a natural role as spiritual leaders, a role that women do not have. Paul made it very clear that the head of man is God and the head of woman is man. It is man’s right to communicate to directly with God and lead as patriarch.

This is a very liberating doctrine. We don’t need a coddling government or cultural celebrity to tell us how to live or what to believe, to take responsibility for our mistakes and triumphs. As men, our ability to communicate and our right as leaders is inherent. The government’s role is to provide for temporal welfare, but our western government long ago crossed the line and interfered with spiritual welfare. The inevitable result is a state-religion of social justice which tears men down, making them slaves or subject to women.

Religious patriarchy is the time-tested opposition to feminism and all forms of social justice. This is why spirituality is so important for men today. Satan is every bit as real as God, and Satan’s plan for the world is feminism and social justice. Satan wants a world where men get publicly shamed for lifting too many weights at the gym or hassled by the school administrator for using gendered pronouns.

These may be small points in a big scheme of things, but hell is not some deep pit with grinning demons and flaming pitchforks. Hell is a classroom with angry, androgynous teachers and a skewed grading system.

We should not consider these social justice warriors atheists, even though they claim to be atheists. Their zealousness betrays a fanatical belief system, a religious theology that follows the same pattern all the way down human history. They are best countered the way Ezekiel boldly shamed them and the way Paul laid out the natural order of priesthood.

Our greatest potential as men is realized by embracing this idea.

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