In my last post, I wrote of a juxtaposition between game and money and how realistic nuance prevents the crowning of either one as an undisputed winner when it comes to pursuing women. In that post, I noted potential scenarios in which one could bring a higher return than the other, showing that both can come out on top in different situations.

Today, I’d like to show the utility of blending money and game in situations where one seems to carry more utility than the other.

Game Over Money

Let us say that you are in a situation in which game may count for more than money on average. Let’s assume you’re a young guy and your targets are precisely the kind of pretty, middle/upper class 18-24 year old co-eds that tend to be more distant from the concerns that money is useful for dealing with.

They don’t want or really need a provider/potential father and instead generally seek guys who look good, know how to turn them on (read: have game), know how to have fun and can make them look good in front of their peer group.

A guy can pass all of those tests with flying colors and be flat broke-money isn’t required here. But does this mean that money has no value in this scenario? Some guys with strong game and low cash flow might make that case.

While a smart player can lean entirely on game when pursuing this female demographic and do quite well, an even savvier player can enhance this success with properly allocated resources. This does not mean flashing your Big Bank/Firm business card and/or your new Porsche Boxster (she probably won’t care or will have seen it a million times before), but it can mean:

A) Increasing your style by purchasing higher quality clothing that looks good and fits you well.

B) Minimizing logistical failures by purchasing a quality, centrally located bachelor pad close to all the action/entertainment (and keeping it well furnished).


C) Putting the pursuit of women aside for a bit and pursuing your own hobbies and passions (travelling the world and seeing new places, taking up martial arts, film-making, extreme sports, etc.) and becoming a more well rounded individual with more genuine and interesting stories to tell.

While money alone will not be enough to lean on, the things it can buy when combined with game can create an individual who is very appealing even to those who don’t tend to focus on cash. All three of the benefits above can result in a more attractive, interesting individual that girls will be more apt to want to know. Game is great, but game with money can be much, much better if one can get it. It would benefit any young guy, even one with strong game, to try and evaluate the ways and means in which money could make him a more well rounded player.

Money Over Game

Now let us assume you’re in a situation where money may hold a higher return on investment than game on its own. Maybe you’re an older guy pursuing women who have gone beyond their co-ed years (aged 27-32, let’s say) and are more concerned with the kind of realities money is useful for dealing with. They’re thinking about kids (and what kind of future can be provided for them), weddings, houses, and getting out of the rat race.

An affluent beta can pass all of these tests with flying colors even without any game, and draw a sizable number of fairly attractive women who may consider him husband material (even if they may not have given him a look 5-8 years ago). Does this mean that game is not necessary? Some affluent betas (we probably all know a few guys who fit this bill) might make this argument, denying the utility of game completely and arguing that they can get attractive women without it.

As most of us in this corner of the internet are aware, however, the answer to that question (“does this mean game isn’t necessary?”) is a resounding no. Though the aforementioned concerns may not require much game to be met, the internal female hardwiring for genuine attraction will still remain and will still require a man who understands how to turn her on. Marriage (or an LTR) is not an excuse to exit the sexual marketplace. If a guy makes the mistake of assuming that it is, he can find himself in a sexless marriage, brutal divorce, or much worse.

Game (and the clear, logical insight it provides) can also keep you from getting suckered into a marriage/LTR that you aren’t ready for or simply do not want, an important benefit for any guy who’d like control over his own future.

Thus, it would benefit any beta, no matter how affluent, to try and understand how game can enhance his life and make him a better romantic prospect. He can get attractive women without game, but his ability to maintain the high quality of that relationship and ensure the relationship’s longevity will be compromised without it.

While there is no undisputed winner in the Money vs. Game debate, there can be clear winners among those who find a way to blend the two together in a manner that best suits them.

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