In the wake of World War II, Europe found itself in ruins. The architects of modern Europe had already started to build the edifice of liberal democratic nation-states that comprise the EU today. Their goal was to form a new Europe based on Enlightenment ideals that would never again be torn apart by war.

However, not everyone was so sanguine about the new project. Italian philosopher Julius Evola believed that the war was just a symptom of the advancing decay of Europe, and that the decay was brought on by the destruction of the traditional hierarchical order by what he calls the “forces of subversion.”


Julius Evola

In his 1953 book, Men Among the Ruins, Evola lists eight tactics that are used by the forces of subversion to attack the traditional order. He calls this attack “the occult war” but he does not mean that this attack has anything do with witchcraft or magic. Rather, “occult” here only means that this war is hidden from the masses of men.

By learning these eight tactics, we’ll have a better understanding of what is behind the daily news stories. Instead of seeing random events, we can discern the direction of the attack by the enemies of masculinity and tradition, and we will be better equipped to counter that attack.

Who are the “forces of subversion”?


Delacroix – Liberty Leading the People

The forces of subversion are groups of people who oppose a hierarchically ordered traditional society. We usually deal with the late stage symptoms of the disease, such as feminism and political correctness. But Evola goes directly to the source of the sickness:

The roots, as far as the historical dimension is concerned, are to be found in the subversion introduced in Europe by the revolutions of 1789 and 1848. The disease must be recognized in all its forms and degrees; thus, the main task is to establish if there are still men willing to reject all the ideologies, political movements, and parties that, directly or indirectly, derive from those revolutionary ideas (i.e. everything ranging from liberalism to democracy to Marxism and communism).

Who are these groups that spread the subversion? For some, the answer is easy—it’s the Jews.

Evola recognized that Jewish intellectuals have indeed played a role in championing ideas that undermine Western culture. A few months back, Roosh wrote a summary of those ideas right here on ROK. But Evola believed that focusing solely on the influence of Jewish intellectuals would make us miss the bigger picture:

It is true that many Jews have been promoters of the modern disorder. This, however, should not prevent a deeper analysis, capable of exposing forces that may have employed modern Judaism as an instrument. After all, despite the fact that many Jews are among the apostles of the main ideologies… of the global subversion (i.e. liberalism, socialism, scientism, and rationalism), it is also evident that these ideas would never have arisen without historical antecedents, such as the Reformation, Humanism, the naturalism and individualism of the Renaissance, and the philosophy of Descartes. Such phenomena cannot be attributed to Judaism, but rather point to a wider web of influences.

But what group could have been active during all those centuries from the Reformation to the present day? Evola never gives a clear answer, but I suspect that he would say that the forces of subversion ultimately have a spiritual origin.

However, we don’t have to believe that the subversion has an underlying spiritual source to understand how the following tactics have been used to introduce changes to our culture.

Most of these tactics are designed to keep people asleep so that they do not recognize that they are being deceived. Consequently, the strategy of the anti-traditional forces is to keep people from asking questions. If they do start waking up, the strategy is to try to get them to be satisfied with only a portion of the truth or even with another falsehood.

1. Scientific Suggestion


Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

Modern men and women are conditioned to believe that history is made only by the most obvious players on the stage. Because most people hold this “scientific” view, it allows the behind the scenes actors to make their moves undetected.

For example, most people believe that the federal government operates in the fashion that they learned about in high school civics—with the three branches of government providing checks and balances on the others. What this assessment ignores is the high degree to which the US government is captured by corporate and other special interests.

2. Replacement


Ayn Rand

The tactic of replacement is the dissemination of a vain philosophical theory that will trap certain people who might otherwise be on the verge of waking up. Instead of being able to identify the source of the subversion, these individuals will waste years of their lives learning a dead end pseudo-philosophy.


Evola was writing for the educated classes in mid-twentieth century Europe where philosophy still may have been popular. Americans are of a less philosophical bent. Still, I wonder if an economic philosophy like libertarianism or a personal “philosophy” such as the one spelled out by Ayn Rand may not be serving as a replacement tactic to modern men.

While not an indictment of all libertarians, I notice that some of them are so stuck on the purity of libertarian theory that they are not able to see the obvious downsides to their policies.

3. Counterfeits


The tactic of counterfeits is the erecting of false traditional movements. As people become dissatisfied with our rotting culture, they may seek out traditional ideas like those found in neomasculinity. However, they may also end up subscribing to a counterfeit group.

Neo-paganism is a good example of such a counterfeit group. True paganism no longer exists in the Western world. Anything that purports to be pagan is merely a reconstruction based on scraps found in Christian sources. By joining a neo-pagan group, a person minimizes the effect that he would otherwise have in resisting the subversion.

4. Inversion


The tactic of inversion replaces true spirituality with psychology and good feelings. An example of this are the new age philosophies that go in and out of favor. Again, this tactic sidetracks people so that they never find the truth.

You can see the tactic of inversion at work in women who replace true spirituality with a morality-free pop spirituality like yoga. For these women, living the examined life is unspiritual, but drinking chai tea, wearing yoga pants, and chanting “om” is.

5. Ricochet


The tactic of ricochet is the divide and conquer strategy. The goal is to get traditional groups to oppose each other to render them ineffective. You can see this tactic at work when Catholics and conservative Protestants attack each other rather than uniting to fight the encroachment of subversive ideas.

6. Dilution


The tactic of dilution involves the substitution of a less offensive idea for a completely unacceptable one.

This tactic is used all the time. For example, when welfare was introduced, it was sold as a temporary help for people who had hit some hard times. Today, there are families where three generations have spent their entire lives on the dole.

7. Replacing Infiltrations


Freemasons have a reputation, deserved or undeserved, of infiltrating traditional institutions

The tactic of infiltration is used to undermine traditional institutions to subvert them from within.

Effective infiltration of an institution can only happen when that institution “forgets” or drifts away from its founding principles. We can see infiltration happening with the Catholic Church where, since the 1960s, many gay men entered the priesthood. An attorney who worked on the pedophile scandal confided to me that this infiltration played a large role in precipitating the crisis.

8. Misidentification of Principle with its Representatives


Marie Antoinette

The tactic of misidentification of the principle with its representatives is to criticize a traditional institution because of the behavior of some of its members.

Evola writes that this tactic was used to destroy the old European aristocracy. The abuses of certain aristocrats were used to paint the entire aristocracy as being corrupt, thus making them easier to topple.


We are currently in the midst of an enormous awakening. Thousands of men are realizing that they have been indoctrinated in such a way to keep them compliant with the status quo.

Some awaken only to a certain point and stop. Others will not be satisfied until they have completed the process. For these men, the ultimate goal is not just personal enlightenment but the restoration of a traditional society. Studying Evola’s analysis of the weapons of the occult war gives these men the tools necessary to recognize and put an end to the subversion.

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