For those of you who have been keeping an eye on Gamergate for the past year, perhaps there are a few names you have come to recognize, one of which is Sarah Nyberg. For those of you unfamiliar, Sarah Nyberg has been one of the loudest opponents of Gamergate.

What might be surprising is that Sarah Nyberg is a transsexual who was given the birth name Nicolas Nyberg. Sarah-Nicolas is also an admitted pedophile. Nyberg had admitted to being a pedophile in a series of uncovered chat logs from the website FF Shrine.

Even with the chat logs, Sarah’s supporters have been either been in denial or have outright stated that they support de-stigmatization of pedophiles. While many of Sarah’s followers maintain that the chat logs were fabricated or taken out of context, thanks to some handy work by Milo Yiannopoulos, we can safely confirm that Sarah Nyberg is in fact a pedophile.

Back in 2005 Nyberg had a sexual fixation on his-her cousin. The chat logs go into great details about Sarah’s admiration for the little girl, even detailing the fact that the parents of the little girl knew something was up with Sarah. While the chat logs had long since been common knowledge among Gamergate, it wasn’t until Milo’s article hit that the parent’s of the little girl had corroborated the story.

Of course the fact that Sarah had filed a DMCA claim against a website that hosted a copy of the chat logs didn’t help his-her case. The logs themselves are easily attainable.

A conversation about pedophilia

Photo Credit: Brietbart; This is just a small sampling of the chat logs.

Photo Credit: Brietbart; This is just a small sampling of the chat logs.

With all that’s been said about Sarah Nyberg, this is a good time to discuss the possible impact that the social justice movement could have on pedophiles. In the last couple of years there have been efforts by the APA to de-stigmatize pedophilia, defining it as disorder in the DSM-V.


Pedophilia is now classified under the category of paraphilic disorders; with these types of disorders a person must: A) feel personal distress about their about their sexual interest, and B) their sexual desire involves the harm of others or inability or unwillingness of an individual. The first prong in that definition is key to understanding the DSM’s definition of pedaphillic disorder. That in iself would indicate there is a level of self awareness and desire for some pedophiles to exercise control over their impulses and desires.

I would, however, also note that there are pedophiles who don’t quite fall under that definition. Based on the chat logs, Sarah seems to feel no personal distress about the sexual attraction to his-her cousin. In fact, Nyberg believes that pedophilia is a sexual orientation rather than a disorder.

Keeping in mind that the chat logs are 10 years old, it is unknown if Sarah Nyberg feels any kind of personal distress about his-her attraction to children. If not, I would argue that Sarah is more dangerous than the kind of pedophile that is described in the DSM.

Will SJWs Support Pedophiles?

The idea that SJWs could support pedophiles isn’t all that far fetched. If they subscribe to idea that pedophilia is an orientation than we can expect a big push in pedophile rights within the next 10 to 20 years. While the idea of a pedophile advocacy groups is hardly new (see MBLA), the widespread acceptance of pedophiles is something that society should prepare for.

Such a movement would have to mirror the LGBT movement in order to gain traction. While it may seem that such a movement would never take off, there were many people who said that about gay marriage 10 to 15 years ago.

This is not going to be an easy subject to grapple with. There are a great deal of moral questions, both legal and ethical, to take into account. While at least here in the United States, people can expect certain civil liberties to be protected under the law, do these protections undermine public safety?

It is also nearly impossible to discuss this topic without discussing age of consent laws. Age of consent is its own topic with numerous grey areas, but it will come up as long as the people entertain the idea of pedophilia acceptance.

As someone who could be fathering kids within the next 10 years, I would not want them to live in a world where pedophilia is accepted by the masses. To know there is a boundary of acceptance that people won’t cross gives me some sense of optimism. Of course this scenario is what I would describe as the bottom of the slippery slope.

A few parting words

As for the people who have supported Nicolas “Sarah Butts” Nyberg: Chris Kluwe, Jay Allen, Margret Pless, Randi Harper, Kathrine Cross, Tauriq Moosa, Dan Olsen, David S. Gallant, Veerender Jubbal and Arthur Chu, if Sarah Nyberg has harmed any children, including her cousin, or any other children in the past, present, and future, I hope that weighs on your conscience.

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