The Swedish left-wing government will make contraceptives free of charge for young women. They see it as a “women’s health” issue, a way of preventing unwanted pregnancies. The good news is that it might actually lower the abortion rate in Sweden. The bad news is that it will further subsidize female promiscuity.

New budget under way


The chairperson of the Left Party, Jonas Sjöstedt, is happy about having some influence over the budget.

Soon the Swedish government will present its proposition for next year’s budget. This administration, consisting of the Social Democratic Party and the Green Party, does not have a majority in the parliament. To get the budget voted through, it therefore needs the support of the Left Party.

This means that the former (or, in some cases, current) communists of the Left Party have been in negotiations with the government, and they have gotten through several of their demands.

Funding “women’s health”

Under the headline “Important investments in women’s health”, it was announced last week that contraceptives will be free for women under 21. This change is planned to take effect on January 1, 2017.

Now the Left Party is celebrating it as a victory for themselves and for equality. Together with other reforms, this will contribute to closing the health gap between different groups by increasing women’s well being, they say. Both good things and bad things can come of making contraceptives free of charge. Here is a list of the most important pros and cons.


Fewer abortions

Even pro-choice people can agree that fewer unwanted pregnancies leading to fewer abortions is a good thing. They look at it as a women’s health issue, meaning that to them getting pregnant is basically like getting the flu.

In Sweden, women can get an abortion with no questions asked up to the nineteenth week. After that, to get it they need a special permit. Over 36,600 abortions were done in 2014, about the same amount as in earlier years.

Around 35,000 children are being killed on a yearly basis in Sweden alone. That’s a big deal, and something needs to be done about it.

In Norrbotten County, they have already tried giving young women under the age of 26 free contraceptives. It resulted in the number of abortions being cut in half, from 500 to 251. A great and surprising success.

Although there might have been other reasons for the sharp decrease in abortions, the experiment in Norrbotten shows that free birth control likely has positive effects on reducing unwanted pregnancies. Everyone can agree that that is a step forward.

Less spending

The Left Party calculates that free contraceptives will cost 27 million SEK per year (about 3.2 million USD). That means more money and more power will be handed over the leftist government.

But one can easily imagine that fewer abortions will cut costs in the long run. A pill is a lot cheaper than surgery. There’s a lot of money to be saved by decreasing the number of unwanted pregnancies that have to be terminated.

A suggestion that might cut government spending is always worth consideration.

Increase in female promiscuity

The pill has been hailed by feminists as a key component in their struggle for women’s liberation. It gives women the ability to postpone motherhood as long as they wish—and have sex as often and with as many men as they want.

If you’re someone who comes to this site for tips on how to pick up women, you should be thankful that contraceptives exist. Birth control has always been around in some form, but modern methods such as the pill have made it a lot safer to have sex without taking any consequences for it.

If one night stands is your thing, free contraceptives should only help your chances of scoring.




Increase in female promiscuity

Sleeping around a lot with different men is not an attractive thing for a woman to do. Most guys want a woman that can keep her legs together until the right man shows up.

There is also research which suggests that a woman’s promiscuity might effect her child, since female animals can incorporate sperm DNA from her previous sex partners. Roosh talks about this in a recent article, how “there are also genetic reasons not to start a family with a promiscuous woman: children you have with her may have their gene pool polluted by her random affairs and one-night stands.”

Now, what kind of a man would want a child that literally has its mother’s sluttiness encoded in its DNA?

Drop in birth rates

It’s not like there’s an overabundance of Swedish children around. People are living longer and fewer children are born.

Back in the year 1900, close to a quarter of Swedes were 10 years or younger, while less than 10 percent were 65 or older. Today, the percentage of people 65 and above has doubled, and the share of children has almost been cut in half.

We are looking at a future were relatively few young Swedes will have to provide for a large number of senior citizens, and that’s a problem. Many have suggested that immigration will solve the issue.

Here’s an idea: the Swedes themselves could give birth to more children and thereby secure the future care of their elders. It’s how it’s always worked, so why not continue doing it?

Handing out contraceptives for free will certainly not solve the problem of low birth rates in Sweden, and in the West as a whole. On the contrary, it will make the situation worse.

Forced funding of promiscuity

As a pro-life person you find yourself in a tough spot. Either a woman gets an abortion, or you give her contraceptives for free so that she doesn’t get pregnant in the first place. The second option does sound better.

But it is certainly not a great option. It’s like paying off the mafia so that they don’t set your store on fire. Sure you’re happy that your store is left intact, but you shouldn’t need to bribe someone for that.

Women today are figuratively speaking holding their fetuses hostage, telling you that they will kill them if you don’t hand over the cash. That’s not how a good society should operate.

Giving away free birth control using tax money means everyone has to fund women’s promiscuity. No one gets away, even if one finds it unconscionable. All are forced to negotiate with the terrorist women holding a gun to the head of their own child.


Unprotected life.


People don’t have a moral obligation to give other people stuff for free, including contraceptives. If women have fewer abortions that’s great, but not in this way.

It’s time to stop treating people like children, giving them all the things they can’t afford themselves. How about teaching them responsibility the hard way, by making them live with the consequences of their own actions?

If you’re a woman who don’t want children and can’t afford birth control, perhaps you should abstain from sex until one of those two things changes. Maybe that’s hate speech, maybe it’s misogynistic and oppressive towards women. Or maybe it’s just common sense.

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