Starting on Wednesday, two servers that host many of my web sites have been subject to heavy DDOS attacks, peaking at one time to 56 Gbps but usually averaging between 2-3 Gbps. Since this attack began, ROK has been offline for 22 hours and both RVF and have been offline for over 12 hours. Countermeasures have been deployed as the engineers at my web host learn how the attack is proceeding, but I expect more downtime to occur in the next few days.


I don’t currently have specific information on where this attack is coming from. I have so many enemies that it could have been organized by Canadian SJW’s, the American homosexual lobby, the Israeli Defense Force, or the nation of Denmark. Whoever it is, I am committed to my sites and will do whatever it takes to keep them online, but I ask you to be patient during this time. On the bright side, once we’re able to survive this, our armor will be strengthened in the case of future attacks.

In the meantime, we will publish articles on a limited schedule. Thanks for understanding.

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