Published way back in 1992, The Predatory Female may be the first red pill book ever written. It warns men about the dangers of modern women well before male-centered internet communities began to do the same. While used copies of the book are expensive, PDF versions can be found via Google.

Constructed in the form of a question-and-answer dialogue, this book discusses a woman’s true nature and how Western divorce laws create catastrophic problems for men f they decide to marry. Here are my favorite 15 quotes from the book:

What women want

Q. Beyond herself and her status with other women, does anythign else pique her interest?

A. Yes, any combination of money, romance, and excitement. The scent of these accommodations will have her rising like a cobra in a wicker basket. The provider of such diversions occupies center stage in her life, but his identity is unimportant to her, and it’s a temporary position. Nobody can amuse her forever. All pied pipers eventually fade into the past.

The end game

When you begin to fraternize with a woman, you are taking the first steps in a ritual mating dance that, if allowed to progress, will result in your moving about the floor in a semi-comatose state until you are fleeced of your money, property, and peace of mind. A predatory female will study you. She learns to know what you are thinking. She begins the strongest primeval death grip known to man.

Beta males are essential to the system

…the matriarchal system could never operate efficiently without the hordes of male drones it has created. These men, preconditioned by their mothers and suffering from a self-imposed order of chivalry, consistently front for the system and its predatory female masters.

Invisible men

Q. Who is the invisible man?

A. Any man the predatory female has deemed to be of no further use. Althought she’ll go to extremes pleasing and cultivating a man when she’s in the acquisitive mode, she views him as untouchable once his purpose is served. He totally ceases to exist in every way. He becomes a nonperson and is fair game for the carrion birds of society.

Natural parasites

A primary trait of the predatory female is that she deprives you of your peace of mind in direct proportion to the amount of time you spend with her. It is a natural sapping process from which there is no escape. Starting with your mind, it soon extends to your money and possessions. It’s heads she wins, tails you lose.

Rigged game

A man, dealing with a predatory female, is like a man in the water with a shark. The environment (the matriarchal society) belongs to the predator. A man needs luck or special training to survive. Conditions permitting, a shark isn’t satisfied with just one chunk of the victim . . . it keeps coming back for more.

Slot machine rule

Q. What is the slot machine rule?

A. An extension of the principle that there is no such thing as a free lunch, the slot machine rule states that dealing with a woman on a personal level is like playing with a slot machine. It’s fun to watch, to play with, and it gives rewards. But the odds are against you. The longer you play the same machine, the more it will cost. It will periodically pay off in small amounts, teasers, but you will invariably
end up in the red.

Q. And a date is like feeding in the first quarter?

A. Yes, and you might hit a jackpot. But sooner or later the slot takes it all back with interest.

Q. What if you just quit?


A. Before you are even out of sight, the machine is being cranked by another sucker. Indeed, he was probably cranking surreptitiously before your departure.

Hard to win

If an individual fails to understand that a female’s charms are never given, only loaned, he is doomed to exploitation. The male must constantly remember that there is absolutely no such entity as an exclusive use of a woman’s sexual favors. There are always other men, and sometimes women. The man’s innate desire to possess a female, to have his own little sex doll and intimate companion, is his biggest vulnerability. A predatory female will use this weakness to lead him into a trap and destroy him.

Sexual slavery

In the advanced stages of sexual hypnosis, the male may subconsciously want to crawl into the vagina and live there. Most normal, healthy men are capable of becoming total slaves to a well orchestrated sexual enticement and the predatory female is acutely aware of this. If necessary, she will stretch that vulva right over his head and smother him to get what she wants.

The ultimatum

Q. My girl friend says our relationship hasn’t “progressed” and if I don’t let her move in, she wants to break up.

A. Undoubtedly, but keep in mind . . . they all dump you sooner or later anyway. Your only elective is choosing how far the camel’s head will be into the tent when you are dumped. Have you considered minimizing your losses? This female is marketing her wares and you are reluctant to put up any front money. Why not opt for a new vendor?


Many divorced men are sending monthly alimony checks to women bearing little resemblance, physically or mentally, to the ones they married.

Marriage simulator

Q. Is it possible to sample real marriage without the hideous commitment?

A. Fortunately, yes. Simply purchase a five hundred pound Bengal tiger and keep it in the back yard. Support it, feed it, and mount it. See for yourself if you are cut out for married life.

Only single men can be heroes

How would Superman, The Lone Ranger, James Bond, or even Jesus Christ have come off as a married man? The answer is: terrible. Married men are hard to sell as heroes. A picture of James Bond trying to placate a shrieking wife while she threatens to have his wages garnished doesn’t fit the hero image. A married man is a cornered man. He is a man who has lost something, and this makes it hard for him to be the classic, free thinking, and independent hero.

The law game

We’re a nation of litigants with the courts saying, in effect, “Ok Mr., go ahead and marry, but if she exercises the most famous of all women’s prerogatives—changing her mind—we’ll help her clean your clock. We’ll give her your home, children, retirement, and much of your pay check for years to come. You’ll even have to pay her attorney.”

Religious girls

Churches are crawling with predatory females masquerading as born again lilies of the field, but ravenously seeking willing, naive males. Those who bite on the biblical “lord and master” routine being peddled by churchgoing predatory females, being more deluded than most, will find (after the camel gets its head in the tent) their scrotum stretchings twice as miserable.

The book is written in such a plainspoken style that it may serve as a great introduction for hopeless beta males who need to be eased into a new belief system without a shock to their system, especially since it’s much faster to read than The Manipulated Man. I recommend it as required reading for any man who is considering marriage in the West.

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