The clash of civilizations continues, and Sweden’s immigrant neighborhoods have now become one of its battlegrounds. Several women have testified this summer to being controlled and harassed by Islamist men. One woman says that her neighborhood “increasingly resembles Afghanistan.” Leftists have responded—by calling the concerned women “racist.”

Troubling testimonies

Islamist enclaves have formed in the suburbs of Sweden, where men with beards and white dresses tell women what to do and how to dress. So says Amineh Kakabaveh in an opinion piece for Swedish tabloid Expressen.

In places like Husby, Angered and Rosengård—suburbs of Sweden’s three biggest cities—the situation for women is one of increased oppression and harassment.

Islamists and fundamentalists tell the adolescents here that they have to veil themselves, that Swedish food is ‘Haram’ (unclean), and that they have to read the Quran.

amineh kakabaveh

Amineh Kakabaveh, speaking out against Islamist oppression.

“Death to infidels”

Amineh Kakabaveh backs up her claims with testimonies from women living in those areas. Like Seve Saleh, who has lived in Husby, Stockholm for 13 years, and says that it “increasingly resembles Afghanistan.” In school, Seve Salehs children are reprimanded by fundamentalists.

Another woman who can testify to the Islamist oppresion is Helin Gül. Amineh Kakabaveh writes:

Last week one of her friends who don’t wear a veil was told at work that those who do not follow Allah’s laws deserve to die.

In some areas, women are not welcome in cafés anymore. Young women are not allowed to go outside after noontime. And boys are being recruited to jihadist organizations like ISIS (about 300 Swedes have gone to Iraq and Syria to wage holy war). Meanwhile, authorities and politicians do nothing, says Amineh Kakabaveh.

They just talk and worry—year after year.

More bad news

Several other tales of harassment and subjugation in city outskirts have become widely spread this past summer. Zeliha Dagli fled the imams of her home country to be free. But her childhood tormentors—whom she calls “bearded shadows”—followed her to Sweden.

In my area, I don’t want judgmental gazes from staring men. I want to bring home whoever I want, but today I can’t when my rights are restricted and controlled in my neighborhood.

Now she’s looking to move somewhere else.

We are many women who are very worried about the development in Husby and the threat to equality here. Isn’t Husby a part of Sweden, do the rules not apply here?

Carina Hägg, a former Social Democratic member of the Riksdag (the Swedish parliament), is also someone who’s spoken out about the rise of Islamic extremism.

We must break the dominance of radical Islam that exists in Sweden today. It is a very small group with great influence who support a caliphate in the Middle East and who want their own societies with Sharia laws in the suburbs.

Apart from women, homosexuals are another group that face harassment. Per Pettersson has lived in Husby for ten years, and has seen a change for the worse. In the street, people shout “f*cking faggots” when he walks by with his boyfriend. Eggs are thrown at his balcony.

I don’t know what’s changed in the last years, but I no longer recognize myself in Husby.

zeliha dagli

Zeliha Dagli, resident of the Stockholm suburb Husby.

The leftist response

A week or so after Amineh Kakabaveh’s article was published, three senior representatives of the Left Party (formerly known as the Left Party-Communists, founded in 1917) responded. Don’t blame people, they say, but blame inequality.

It is in class divisions and disunion that reactionary fundamentalist and racist movements find nurishment to grow and prosper. To single out the suburb and a particular religion increases that disunion.


According to them, Islamism is not at fault whatsoever. The suburb is not unique in any sense, and women are oppressed everywhere.

As feminists we know that oppression of women and homophobia exists all over the world, in all social classes and contexts, but that it manifests itself differently.

Islamists are not to be held accountable for issues facing women in the suburbs, right-wing politics is.

For at the same time as the right have paved the way for reactionary movements by increasing segregation and poverty, they have—then as now—opposed progress that contributes to equality and women’s liberation. That is—if anything—a betrayal.

Racism and class hatred

Dan Jerrestam, writing for the socialist magazine Clarté, makes the case that pointing the finger at Islamists is hateful.

The sweeping generalizations that Amineh makes, which everyone understands are referring to male Muslims, devalue them as a group as the guardians of honor cultures and natural candidates to become jihadists. This is racism if anything!

In the same magazine, Dine Malmsten calls what Amineh Kakabaveh wrote a case of “class hatred.” The real problems at hand are unemployment, low wages and a “welfare state in decline.” The middle class is “licking upwards and kicking downwards.”

In a perhaps somewhat surprising turn, she puts the blame on “inner city feminists” who “target the men in the working class”.

They want to divide and conquer, they say they defend the ‘poor immigrant women’ who are to be pitied, because they have such evil men.

Her litany over the plight of the working man (i.e., Islamists) ends with a reference to Nazi Germany.

When Zeliha […] describes men as ‘staring bearded shadows’ it is hate speech plain and simple. It is the same rhetoric that was used in the thirties in Germany about Jewish, Polish and Russian men.

karl marx

Karl Marx, a bearded shadow looming over the West.

Preserving freedom

It’s hard to decide which is more sickening—the religious fundamentalists who deprive native citizen of their freedom, or the leftists who cover their backs. Both form an unholy alliance to take away the freedom of not just women but men as well.

The ironic thing is, the same ideology that aims to destroy Western civilization was created within it. Leftism is like a cancer that forms and grows inside the body. It is a part of it, yet at the same time alien. Slowly the internal organs weaken and deteriorate, until ultimately the parasitical tumor dies with the rest of the body. That is, if not treated properly.

In comparison, Islamic fundamentalism is like a contagious, deadly disease which the Western world risks contracting. If the immune system of the West is weak—perhaps on account of another ailment—the risk is elevated.

Never abandon Western values


Women wearing what they want and being happy.

Freedom is a key Western value, and with it comes pluralism and openness. Pluralism in the sense that people are allowed to think differently, and to speak their mind openly and without fear of repercussions. This means that different ideas can be tested and compared, until one proves to be superior.

As Western men, we want to defeat the evil beings who come here to destroy our great society. These Islamists hate our way of living, and some would even cut our throats if they only had the power to do so. But let’s not let our anger get the best of us. Let us be guided by reason, truth and freedom—and let us remain true Westerners.

People like Zeliha Dagli didn’t come here to live the same life as she did in the Middle East. She came here because she saw that life in the West was better. Because freedom is better than tyranny, many like her are now fleeing tyranny as well.

We can perhaps consider welcoming them as new members of our team—but only when they assimilate into the native culture, obey our laws, and stop leeching off of the wealth and social support systems built by the very culture they rage against.

Until that time, they will remain unwelcome to any thinking person.

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