A librarian at the University of Tennessee made headlines this week when she sent a memo to university members instructing them to use “gender-neutral” language and avoid words like “he” or “she.” As director of the school’s Pride Center, Donna Braquet encouraged members at the Knoxville branch to instead use made up words like “ze, hir, hirs, and xe, xem, xyr.”

Readers of Return of Kings are aware of a long-lasting crusade by feminists against language. By manipulating language, feminists and gay-rights extremists can erase masculinity and femininity from America’s culture. Now it appears you can’t even say “he” or “him” without the local diversity officer getting on your case!

How Gay Rights Leads To Censorship


Donna Braquet’s activism began innocuously enough. She became co-chair of the UT Commission for LGBT People and called for equal legal rights for homosexual couples. But delve deeper in her words and you find some unsettling ideas in this biology librarian.

In 2009, Donna speculated in a school LGBT forum whether or not the economy creates “more of a hardship for gay couples.” Before that, Donna brazenly said libraries must lose all objectivity as information centers, and promote her social causes. She called for libraries to:

  • “Promote advertising and marketing of available ‘queer’ information support services.”
  • “Develop the physical library and information center as a safe space for ‘queer’ youth via promoting workships, lectures, book talks, and other programs on ‘queer topics and issues.'”

What kind of resources does Donna want to promote onto the youth? In 2013, Donna held a showing of a film about children of same sex parents. From the trailer of the film, it looks like propaganda that idealizes lesbian parents and demonizes fathers. At one point, a lesbian describes the proper way of throwing a baby in the air while footage is shown of a man balancing a baby on his hand from a rooftop.



Librarian Donna’s effort to remove objectivity from information centers can only lead to censorship. A library is only so big. If you provide a large variety of homosexual-themed propaganda material, you have less books about classic literature and arithmetic. If you embrace one side of a social controversy you implicitly deny voice to the other side. Her campaign is anything but “inclusive.”

How Gay Rights Leads To Harassment

Donna has also called for libraries to influence other institutions: “Build collaborations and partnerships with community agencies (schools, churches, businesses) to address abuse, homophobia, and hate crimes;”

What does Donna mean by collaboration and partnership? She wants the students to “do greater proactive marketing and networking to address equality in other community avenues such as schools and colleges, and churches and religious institutions.” You guessed it, push gay “rights.”

It is interesting that Donna specifically calls out schools and churches for her “proactive marketing” and “partnership.” The few remaining schools and churches that oppose “equality” are under constant risk of losing accreditation or tax-exempt status. Anybody who does not agree with their leftist dogma of fluid gender and sexual depravity is a target.

Consider the uninclusive language that outraged the recent gay Virginia shooter. He seemed pretty intent on addressing equality in his community!

Activists “encourage” their contradictory notion of “equality” and “diversity” onto young impressionable minds. They demand that youth be both equal and diverse at the same time. You aren’t diverse unless you address those around you with idiotic psychobabble, and you aren’t equal unless you give disproportionate space to homosexual issues. This feminist and homosexual crusade against language is simply another way to deny human nature and force compliance onto others.


It is also interesting that this comes from a librarian. From a very young age, teachers do all they can to keep masculine children away from libraries. Most men hate reading and writing today because classes are geared toward girls and female issues. Masculine thinking is met with contempt. English teachers are hoping that half-way through The Bluest Eye you will give up and drop out of the class.

It is important that we not ignore efforts like Donna’s as foolish nonsense. Kids go through these universities and really start believing all this. They were never taught the sublime importance of language and grammar. They never considered the artistic beauty of the human body and what an atrocity it is to deny inborn traits.

If you are a student or if you just want to become more cultured, delve into classic grammar and learn the true importance of “he” and “her.” Embrace the natural human traits that come with being a man and how it is expressed in human art and nature.

In order to make it as a student today, you must be pugnaciously counter-establishment and pro-libertarian. Don’t let the librarian dictate how things are going to be.

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