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Among the many things we are taught by websites such as ROK is the need to boost our income sources. Whether it’s selling products, blogging, producing online courses, or offering freelance services, the internet has made it easy for us to create a business that can reach millions of customers from all over the world.

This is perhaps the key reason why the ability to build your own website is a skill that we must all strive to acquire. Gone are the days when the ability to set up and update a website were left to the geeks. With the development of a particular content management system known as WordPress, there has never been a better time to learn how to build your own website.

A quick word about me, though. I am a professional web developer who has been building websites for the last eight years. During this time, I have worked on several web projects for major institutions and companies including Johns Hopkins, University of Maryland, Cancer Support Foundation, AVIS, and Golds Gym. I have also worked on a few projects for both Return of Kings and Reaxxion.

Below I give you four reasons why you need to learn how to use WordPress.

1. It’s A Necessity For Any Online Business Venture


If you are looking to start a business, you are most certainly going to need a website; there are no two ways about it. Your website will be your largest marketing tool and knowing how to set it up will serve you greatly. Sure there are other ways of building a website besides using WordPress, but none of them are as user friendly for a beginner.

2. It’s Fast And Easy To Learn


Did you know that it takes roughly five minutes to install WordPress on any website? In fact, you can go from buying a domain name to having a fully functional website complete with design in just under three hours if you know what you are doing.

3. It Will Save You A Lot Of Money


Buying a domain name, installing WordPress, choosing the right theme, installing all necessary plugins to add functionality to your website, securing your website against hackers, and employing best SEO practices are all actions for which you will have to cough up some good money to hire a skilled web developer to do. Knowing how to do all these will not only save you some hard-earned cash, but will also save you an even more important resource – time.


4. It Can Make You Money


The more you learn, the more you earn.” These were words spoken by billionaire Warren Buffet and they are certainly true. Nearly 75 million websites today are powered by WordPress and having an idea of just how they are built and updated is a skill that will pop off any resume.

How You Can Learn

With all my years of experience, I have recently published two online courses that will teach you all you need to know about building your own website with WordPress.

The first course “From Novice to Ninja: The Complete WordPress Training Course” is designed take you from being a complete beginner to someone capable of building and managing his own website. The course is one of the most extensive on WordPress, with over 5 hours of content and over 1,000 students already registered for the course. You can read more about it here.

The second, “Build Awesome Web Pages Without Code,” is suitable for those who already have a background on WordPress and are looking to build on that knowledge. The course explores in detail how to build any kind of web page using the best page builder plugin called Visual Composer.

With this plugin, you can include sliders, image galleries, videos, maps and even animation on a web page without the need to write a single line of code. Click here for more details.

I am using this opportunity to offer both courses at a 30% discount each exclusive to ROK readers only. The first course “From Novice to Ninja: The Complete WordPress Training Course “normally sells for $149 but you can buy it today for just $99, simply click on this link.

The second “Build Awesome Web Pages without Code” normally sells for $69 but you can buy it today for just $48, just click on this link.

Please be advised that both discounts will expire exactly one week from now (09/03/2015) have been extended to 9/18/15, so if you are interested in either one of these courses, sign up before the coupons expire.

Just so you know my skills are for real, Roosh himself wanted to include his satisfaction with the work I have provided for ROK:

I hired Alex because I had over a dozen programming issues to work out for Return Of Kings. From small bug fixes to more complicated re-writes, Alex successfully tackled them all. He has shown such strong expertise that I’m ready to do more complicated programming projects with him. Our communication is also excellent. I recommend his work. – Roosh Valizadeh

I should also mention that both courses come with a 30-day back money guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with either program, simply ask for a refund and it will be given to you immediately, no questions asked.

Take the next steps on your path to self improvement by signing up for either one of these courses today.

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