Tessa Jowell, long-serving MP and Labour candidate for Mayor of London, has promised that she will ban “sexist” adverts on the London tube if she is elected. Jowell’s vacuous promise cashes in on the recent outrage over Protein World’s “Beach Body Ready” adverts, which upset the Lobby of the Perpetually Offended as it featured a slim, attractive female in a bikini which caused hamplanets so much anger they filed nearly 400 complaints with the Advertising Standards Agency.

At a time when Her Majesty’s Most Loyal Opposition is embroiled in a major crisis over its leadership, Jowell’s opportunistic comments reveal the misplaced priorities of a Labour party in terminal decline.

Jowell, whose mayoral campaign is in full swing, told the Evening Standard that images of “emaciated and unhealthy-looking” models will be outlawed on the public transport system if she becomes mayor. “Women ought to be able to travel in an environment which doesn’t constantly demean them or present an unrealistic image of women’s bodies,” she told the Standard‘s independent, empowered special snowflake readership.

The Establishment leftist failed to specify what exactly was “unrealistic” about Candice Swanenpoel, the vegan fitness model who stars in Protein World’s controversial ad.


Candice Swanenpoel, the model behind Beach Body Ready has had her natural frame denigrated by feminists as “unrealistic”

The proposed censorship is part of a package of bizarre policies which tap into the true spirit of Loony Left, purporting to “promote equality for London women,” and includes forcing companies to check whether they are paying women employees the same as men for similar work.

Protein World: a quintessentially millennial scandal

The “Beach Body Ready” advert drew 378 complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority as well as the obligatory petition to ban. Many ads were defaced by imaginative feminists who doctored the slogan to read “every body is beach ready.” A purported “mass protest” was convened in London’s Hyde park, but the close-frame shots of assorted hambeasts published in the national betrayed that the “mass” was made up more in the blubber around the protesters’ waists than the actual numbers that showed up.


Protein World’s refreshing response was to make it clear that zero fucks were given about the gripes of moping, insecure Social Justice Warriors. Head of Global Marketing Richard Staveley told Breitbart: “The campaign absolutely, categorically will not be pulled by Protein World. We have 300,000 happy customers and we will not pander to this a particularly vociferous minority.

Staveley also claimed the campaign helped his company’s brand profile and increased sales:

I couldn’t have dreamt or hoped of having our advert reproduced more times across the news networks and social media as it has been done. This protest has been absolutely phenomenal for us and entirely counter-productive for them.

UK Labour in terminal decline

Jowell is milking the Protein World scandal like a pot-head desperately sucking on the last embers of a decrepit roach. After a sound general election thrashing at the hands of Cameron’s Conservatives, Jowell’s party has been plunged into crisis surrounding its election of a new leader.

Militant factions such as the Social Workers Party and the Communist Party of Britain as well as large numbers of Tory trolls have infiltrated Labour’s leadership election by signing up as bona fide party supporters with the sole aim of electing hard-left candidate, Jeremy Corbyn. The 66 year-old MP for Islington North and is tipped to win by pollsters, having wooed voters with a platform of anti-austerity and the renationalisation of key institutions.

Hard-left candidate Jeremy Corbyn takes on the cookie cutter candidates preferred by the Labour party apparatus.

Hard-left candidate Jeremy Corbyn takes on the centre-left cookie cutter candidates preferred by the Labour party apparatus.

Labour’s paranoid apparatchicks have started a purge so pitiless that even long-standing supporters have been surprised to see their votes cancelled in the election. And who can blame them? The Corbyn surge suggests  that disgruntled voters have had enough of besuited gimps who toe the party line. While Corbyn is appealing to popular discontent, advocating a platform of withdrawal from wars of foreign aggression and refusal of domestic penury, the androgynous candidates regurgitate a bland gospel of moderation. “Labour is a party government, not a party of protest,” recite the liberal chatterati in chorus.


Aspirations seem to guarantee divisive politics: Yvette Cooper, the androgynous shrike wife of Ed Balls, finance minister under Blair, is busy enlisting feminist extremist Eve Ensler to call for mandatory sex education to tar young boys as wife-beaters in primary schools. Her rival Liz Kendall was busy invoking sexism as a defence to criticism, after Labour grandee Lord Falconer questioned whether she or Cooper could tackle Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership aspirations.

Over in the mayoral race, Tessa Jowell is invoking facile pleas to censorship to win votes from the young, dim and idealistic female candidates who cast their votes on the basis of feelz. Given the calibre of these contributions, can anybody blame the pundits who are consigning Labour to 20 years of opposition?

Tessa Jowell: another enemy of due process


Tessa Jowell, modelling the Lego-man haircut beloved of left-wing British women in public office.

The parroting by rote of feminist ideology should surprise nobody who does even the most cursory of research into Tessa Jowell’s career. In February of last year, Jowell appeared on the BBC’s Question Time programme discussing anonymity for men charged with sexual assaults.

While even other left-wing panel members, of which George Galloway was one, voiced concerns over the fallout from two cases of British soap actors who were dragged to trial on flimsy rape charges only to be acquitted, Jowell hand-waved aside the concerns over innocent men having their reputations trashed:

….the priority for us as a society is the protection of women who are subject to rape and putting absolutely no obstacle in the way of their coming forward and being supported to come forward and bring cases of rape where they have suffered this terrible sexual violence.

She didn’t even bother to try to defend the popular and entirely spurious feminist assumption, that publishing the names of men accused of rape has encourages women to come forward to such a degree that it is “worth” the damage to innocent men’s lives caused by widespread adverse publicity even in the event of acquittal.


Boris Johnson, incumbent Mayor of London, with Boris bikes.

Should she be elected London mayor, Tessa Jowell will no doubt be directing the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime to exert pressure on the Metropolitan Police to pursue even an more zealous line on rape and sexual offences than it already pursues under the rule of feminist DPP Alison Saunders.

Tessa Jowell’s deep hatred of men is also evident in a vile screed penned for the extremist think tank, “Progress,” Jowell had the following to say about London Mayor Boris Johnson and his ubiquitous “Boris Bikes”:

Can you think of a single thing Johnson has done in his time in office apart from the new Routemasters and ‘Boris bikes’? And his buses are so expensive that two of them would pay for Ken’s entire childcare package, and bikes, which are mainly used by white men on salaries over £75,000, are hardly stories of fairness.

Not only does Tessa Jowell want to trample over the free speech of advertisers and the due process rights of men accused of rape, she also hates white men whose only apparent crime is earning money in excess of the average wage. White men whose only crime is to have ridden a bike.

With Mayoral candidates like these, the Labour party is sending out a clear message that it has dedicated itself fully to American-style identity politics for the foreseeable future, sowing division and disunity, infantilising women and demonising men.

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