We are all sadly familiar with how thoroughly entrenched leftism has become in Western universities. Undergraduate students spend thousands of dollars year after year, becoming increasingly indoctrinated by leftist rhetoric. But are professional degrees any better? One would hope that a graduate school at least, whose sole purpose is supposed to be preparation and training for entrance into the profession, would be less biased.

While I can’t speak for medicine or accounting, I can say that Canadian law schools are just as bad, if not worse, as any undergraduate degree with the sole exception, perhaps, being women’s studies.

Before law school had even begun we had a mixer the previous spring to get to know some of the faculty. I spotted the resident feminist harpy the moment I stepped into the room. Tall, gaunt, with a neck like a buzzard and eyes that screamed with the rage of thousands of years of patriarchal oppression, she simply couldn’t be anything else.

And when she was introduced, yes, she was the head of the Feminist Legal Theory department and taught, you guessed it, family law. Those poor, poor students.


Moving on to orientation week, we were forced to sit through an entire week’s worth of lectures on what to expect during law school. Much of the time was taken up (and by that I mean completely wasted) by explaining how we should disagree with one another without causing offense. Mostly through weakening our language and distancing ourselves from our own opinions. Naturally, I didn’t pay much attention.

Critical Theories Of Law – Sponsored By McDonald’s

The most interesting lecture of orientation week, however was on “Critical Theories of Law,” and it was, get this, sponsored by McDonald’s. The irony that a lecture aimed at destabilizing the status quo, and undermining the terribly oppressive capitalist patriarchy, would be sponsored by a multinational corporation was, sadly, lost on most of the student body.

And so the lecture on Critical Theories of Law—Sponsored by McDonald’s—began. A dumpy female professor with frizzy hair and eyeglasses made for frowning over approached the lectern and immediately commenced her assault on the very foundation of our society.

She was very careful not to make direct assertions, instead, choosing to phrase all of her points as “what ifs,” and “something to think abouts.” Did you know that law, not even specific laws mind you, just “law” generally, has a fundamentally sexist and racist foundation?! Neither did I.

Here I thought the law was a social contract, designed to protect individual and property rights so that large groups of people can live together in a civilized society without murdering each other. But no, apparently, at its core, “the law” is all about keeping women and minorities trampled underfoot. I can’t say it’s doing a very good job then if you ask me, but nobody did.


Similarly ridiculous musings were promptly followed by one of the dumbest discussions of discrimination I have ever had the misfortune to witness. She actually suggested that non-differentiated aerobics standards are discriminatory against female firefighters.

That is to say, that holding female firefighters to the same physical standards as men discriminates against them. And the worst thing was, students around me were actually taking notes! No, it’s not discriminatory, you moron, it’s equal! Holding men and women to different standards is what would be discriminatory… but sensing that my thought crime might be slightly frowned upon, I refrained from interrupting.


The Onslaught Continues


Leftist bias continued to be evident in many of our lectures throughout the year. In contracts, husbands are considered to have a duty to financially provide for their wives even once divorced, nevermind that it’s now the 21st century and women are perfectly capable of paying their own way.

In criminal law, minorities such as aboriginals get special treatment at sentencing, often receiving lesser punishments than a Caucasian would. In constitutional law, we were forced to endure several long lectures on “hate speech” and discrimination, while freedom of religion was mysteriously missing from the course.

A friend of mine, the poor guy, was in a criminal law class being taught by a self-identified feminist legal theory professor. She was teaching sexual assault law and claiming consent cannot be obtained unless the girl is 100% sober. One of the girls in the class (with an ass that would tempt St. Paul himself) disagreed, saying that it’s more of a grey area and that if she wants to go partying, get drunk, and have sex, that’s entirely consensual.

My friend couldn’t stop grinning as he described to me how the furious professor lit into her for nearly 15 minutes. I think he just appreciated seeing a rampaging feminist biting a girl’s head off for a change.

Refute Everything, Concede Nothing

Yes, our universities are controlled by leftists. Yes, the majority of the students are indoctrinated to one degree or another. But there is hope. There are dissidents. My own criminal law professor, especially, was surprisingly objective.

Not only did he lead class discussion on the difficulty of determining consent in sexual assault cases, but he even raised the issue of male victims of female violence. I was pleasantly shocked. Others, it turned out, were less pleased. I heard from other students that our criminal law professor actually received complaints, for “the manner” in which he taught our class about the law on sexual assault.

Apparently, his refreshingly honest, fair-handed and nuanced approach to teaching sexual assault law offended someone’s feminist sensibilities.

In another discussion where the majority of the class was arguing that violence should be banned from sports (hockey, boxing, etc.) because it makes men more likely to commit violence, I was actually able to stand up and argue the exact opposite. That violent crime has been declining across the board, while violent entertainment has been increasing exponentially, and I suggested that perhaps the solution would actually be to allow more violent entertainment for adults, not less.

The professor not only allowed me to disagree without shutting me down, he supported my alternate view as something for the rest of the class to think about.

So if you are in university, don’t give up. Even when it seems like every professor around you is a Marxist stooge, and the students nothing more than feminist robots, there is hope. There are good professors, there are students who think critically. It may be a small minority at the moment, but it is growing.


To paraphrase Winston Churchill, we shall go on to the end. We shall fight in the universities, we shall fight on the campuses and the podiums, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the lecture halls, we shall defend our right to speak our mind, whatever the cost may be.

We shall fight on the student boards, we shall fight on the hiring committees, we shall fight in the classrooms and in the offices, we shall fight for the minds of our fellow students, we shall never surrender.

Pick your battles carefully. Choose your professors wisely. But never surrender.

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