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I take it on good faith that the esteemed audience here at Return Of Kings is interested in more than just getting laid; that you are also interested in becoming more of a man, more of a leader, and more of the kind of guy who is respected and admired by men and women alike.Fortunately, the path to being a good leader often overlaps with the path to being a good seducer. The principles are the same, so rather than simply learn how to pick up and sleep with women, it makes more sense to learn the underlying principles which maximize the chance of success in all areas.

After all, while sleeping with tons of cute women is great, life is about far more. It is about creating the life that you desire for yourself in terms of women, finance, spirituality, relationships and personal projects.

The purest, most masculine trait a man can have is leadership. It’s one of the hardest things to define, since it encompasses a complex set of beliefs, traits, values and action. However, I believe that the essence of leadership can be distilled into two primary concepts:

Responsibility and Vision.

I have known many good leaders, and at least an equal number of bad leaders. To help illustrate the difference, I consider someone a bad leader when they are given a small amount of power, and then use it disempower others in order to make themselves look better. This is typically the case when someone is given power as a result of nepotism or connections, rather than on merit. They are the boss that everyone hates, that nobody wants to follow but they do it anyway out of the fear of being fired. That is not the type of leader you want to become.

In a seduction context, the bad leader is the guy whose parents gave him a trust fund—which he uses to buy cocaine to entice women into his bed.

Rather, a good leader is someone who takes responsibility not only for himself, but also for the effectiveness and happiness of the overall team—whether it’s the two people involved in a sexual relationship, or hundreds of people in a company he leads. He is willing to take responsibility for the failures, and share the responsibility for all the victories. He always seeks to empower each individual member of the team in order to benefit the entire system.

This leads to my next point, because a leader can only take positive responsibility when he has the vision to know where things are supposed to be going. The vision is the big picture, the ideal, the completion of the task at hand. Like I teach in my course “NLP For Sales And Persuasion,” the most fundamental rule of NLP is to Know Your Outcome. In practical terms, knowing your outcome means that all behaviors and actions are focused and targeted towards one specific end—whether it’s making a sale, sleeping with a woman or making her your girlfriend.


Understanding these two concepts is a key to success not just in business and social groups, but especially so when it comes to women. This isn’t very Politically Correct, but women are natural followers. They are always seeking to follow the lead of someone stronger than themselves, who can set the proper rules and boundaries and drive the whole machine forward for the benefit of both team members.

One huge problem guys have when they first starting to learn this stuff, is where they are driving the interaction. Oftentimes, they are not driving it at all and expecting the woman to do the work and lead it forward by herself…and unless you’re rich, famous or extremely good-looking, that is not going to happen consistently. The onus is on the male to decide the outcome of the interaction, whether it’s a one night stand or a long-term relationship.

For a lot of guys into seducing cute new women, what they really want is to have fast, hot sex as quickly as possible. At least, I know I do and most of the guys I teach want the same thing. So that’s the Vision: fast, hot, easy sex.

The Responsibility part means having all the facts at your disposal, and setting up a solid game plan so that you can smoothly take a woman through so she enjoys the entire process and feels “swept off her feet” at the end. For her, it should feel like “it just happened.” That feeling is the result of strong male leadership.

The relevant facts that you’ll need to know are, essentially, the knowledge of Game distilled right here on this website. Add to that a solid scientific understanding of female arousal and relationship dynamics, and you will have an extremely solid plan to take her through. Why do I say “scientific?”

Well, believe it or not, pick up artists are not the only people to study sex and sexuality. Lots of scientists do as well. A lot of what they find through empirical research supports exactly the tactics and techniques taught on ROK…but other times, scientists discover truths about sexuality that change everything we think we know.

One area where that’s true is when it comes to what arouses women and how quickly they can get turned on. We are told that “men are like switches, and women are like volume knobs.” We are taught by society that women get turned on slowly and that the man must jump through certain hoops in order to make it happen.

But what if that weren’t true at all? What if the truth is much simpler? Well, recent University studies have shown conclusively exactly how women become aroused, and I promise…the truth will absolutely shock you. Watch the free video below to learn what the researchers discovered:

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