If one were to compare the men of the traditional world to those of the modern world, certain differences in constitution would become readily apparent. While institutions and environment will alter the spiritual constitution of men if allowed to become influential enough, in the grand sense, a people’s men will actually find more influence going in the opposite direction.

If a society succeeds, it is likely due to the character of its men. If a society fails, so too is this likely due to the character of its men. For this reason, those differences between men of two time periods before and during an epoch such as that which we find ourselves in cannot be ignored, for rather than products, they find themselves more as integral causal factors.

Gentlemen with top hats in 1914

Where the men of our distant past were ceaselessly heroic and courageous, sure of themselves, masters of their own destiny, today men are undeniably weak in all areas to which their sex should render them adept. You ask why men today are on the verge (if not already there) of being less educated than women, and all this entails in the world of socioeconomics?

You ask why every law, most of which were written by men, are today slanted against our sex with the intention of supposedly preventing our long-held and deeply evil patriarchal privilege? You ask why white heterosexual men are the most vilified people in existence, against whom it is fine for a major television network owner to utter quotes such as that we “just have to die”?

One can blame the institutions, the schools, the government, the media, perhaps even secret conspiratorial bands such as the Frankfurt School. However, this misses the larger point. It directs critique against events and people in history whose actions and formulations were in fact only parasites latching on to a greater decline to which we were tragically blind.

The True Virility Of Man


Modern man lacks a laundry list of virtues, but only two are absolutely essential for societal health and success. These are the virtue types that correspond to what Julius Evola termed “True Virility.” They are, Heroism (warrior bravery) and Asceticism (transcendent discipline). Without some measure of these two components, man will fail to achieve true manhood.

The fewer men who achieve this state, the less stable and correctly ordered a society will become. All manner of calamities will befall a nation which has no real men, whether it be the explosion of depravity, defeat at the hands of a superior enemy on the field of combat, or the implosion of the sociopolitical order due to the lack of control exerted over both women and men of exceptionally poor character.

Problems faced by the Occidental West exist in orders of root importance, and one of the most primary, if not the primary malfunction, is the abolition of man. We are indoctrinated to believe that all violence is wrong and that young boys should observe womanly “classroom etiquette” which will help them become ‘courteous and conscientious’ men.

We are taught to abandon self-sacrifice and the ritual life, to cast off the religious beliefs of our ancestors as the crude tools of white privilege and autocratic rule. By this dismissal, what is achieved? Shells of men blindly walking from one humiliation to the next, addicts for what small pleasures they can find, and thus masters of nothing. Can an addict ever be the master of his substance?

Now that men have ceased to be men, women have an unassailable advantage in the sexual economy that is unparalleled in human experience. Modernity’s corrosive has burned right through the soul of man and as such has disarmed him of any weapon he might use to halt its destructive advance.


The Unique Breed

With this taken into consideration, we observe man in a pitifully hopeless position, not because he is so unfortunate as to be persecuted, but because he is so pathetic as to be persecuted.

Looking at the current state of affairs, light shards of hope penetrate through the darkness, the whisper in the underground of those who dare to, in a very organized fashion no less, raise objection to modernity’s preeminence. Some are disappointments, believing there to be legal recourse for what is a megalithic disorder, or seeking reconciliation with those our ancestors would have considered intractable and insane enemies. Others go deeper and know with certainty that to throw off this yoke, man will have to be reborn.

You must foster these true virilities in yourself, in the knowledge that you are a unique breed. Most men, the vast majority in the West perhaps, are content with their meager lot in life as all semblance of respectability slips away in a world long since put to the flame. You do not. If you see the modern world for what it is, you already exhibit a trait that is rare: the unvexed, rightist mind.

You are perhaps the embryonic stage of what Evola called the “Aristocrat of the Soul.” From this, with a staunch and unyielding opposition to modernity, ascetic in development and undoubtedly heroic in its eventual conclusion, Occidental man can once again stand tall. On that day he will live no longer among the ruins but among the new construction yards of those grand institutions leveled by the liberals. He will enter the regal stream of the new current.

Preparation Of The Inner Man

C.Z. Codreanu

This is no call to action, but instead a call to become actionable. When manhood returns it will have no help from those forever gelded by the feminine nature of the “Enlightenment.” You must cast off all illusions put upon you by our new cultural wardens, endure all pains for the cause of righteousness pursued, and find yourself proudly guilty of all ‘phobias’ and ‘isms’ heaped upon you.

In your own life, pursue the fight, the confrontation, and the opportunity to show strength. Consign yourself to contemplation and ritual in the long hours, for discipline will be essential in the times ahead. No battle can be won by men in a world where men remain extinct.

It is only through the cultivation of the stouthearted and disciplined man that the enemies of lost manhood may be unseated, for though physically, mentally, and spiritually deficient, they hold all the levers of power which prevent any kind of judicial, political, or even meaningful argumentative victory.

Any appearances of such victories are merely Pyrrhic distractions. The first and most important battle is that of the soul of man. Once this is rejuvenated and repaired, the rest will come as a necessary response. Every external action should serve to strengthen your inner resolve in contribution to the eventual return of sane traditional civilization, which may only materialize after a truly harrowing period to come.

Always remember, half measures are not enough. Through understanding the truths of men and women, it is exceptionally easy to “hack” the system for the gifts of fleeting and fleshly joys, but we do ourselves a disservice to pursue this while ignoring the greatest joys which are so unjustly denied to us, those of family, headship, the national life, ultimate purpose, and honor.

These are the greatest ends one can lay down all that ties him to the current order for. To quote the Orthodox martyr Corneliu Zelea Codreanu, “Avoid carnal pleasures for they kill the soul. Do not destroy the hero that is in you!”

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