On Friday, Return of Kings proprietor Roosh revealed that Matthew E. Duffy had incited those planning to attend the “Demonstration against Rape Culture” in Toronto and others to “swat” Roosh and his supporters. Not only is this an egregiously criminal act, faking the need for tactical response teams or otherwise heavily armed police squads, it also risks the public safety (and lives) of broader members of the community. This is aside from just Roosh and his lecture audience.

To boot, Matthew E. Duffy is perfectly content for those in emergency situations, such as seriously injured car wreck victims or people bleeding out on a street from gunshot wounds, to have critical reactions to their plight delayed by made-up calls about a writer’s peaceful lecture to a few men. His incitement reeks of callous indifference, narcissism, and depravity.

In other news, the Montreal address that obsessive compulsive “Twitter activist” Sara Parker-Toulson used to dox Roosh has now, unsurprisingly, been vandalized. She, “Jennifer” and others easily foresaw that such a doxxing would result in potentially serious damage to both property and person.

They took the risk and the fallout should not shock anyone. This is exactly the sort of climate that false rape threat accuser Aurelie Nix, Parker-Toulson and their band of fellow hate mongers, including Jessica Lelièvre, intended to create and have indeed created to disseminate their twisted, extremist message of banning peaceful free speech.

“Jennifer”, Sara Parker-Toulson and those responsible for the doxxing should pay the property owner for the costs of reversing the vandalism.

 “Disagree with us? We’ll incite criminal acts and put person and property at risk”


“Ideology at all costs” is what matters for the feminists and other SJWs railing against Roosh. Sure enough, many people disagree with Roosh, have expressed their disagreement vehemently but have castigated the mobs trying to attack and endanger Roosh for their fascism.

We welcome the positive, peaceful discourse that these decent critics of ours bring to the table. Yet the presence of the diehard advocates of mob mentalities and violence is truly worrying. It must be addressed for the safety of everyone.

Politicians like John Tory, Norm Kelly, and Cheri DiNovo are welcome to lambast Roosh’s views and those of his supporters. However, their constant courting of the “SJW vote,” which helps consolidate their own political profile, has gleefully ignored both the unacceptable acts perpetuated against Roosh and those additional acts the mobs want to perform if given the chance.


The same goes for the Toronto and Montreal media. For example, by “verifying” the false rape threat of Aurelie Nix as being true without any evidence (and, in fact, with total evidence to the contrary), outlets have helped fan the flames of SJWs explicitly or implicitly calling for violence and other overtly criminal tactics.

Matthew E. Duffy should be arrested for criminal incitement

One would hope Matthew E. Duffy is smoking something to help explain why he would criminally incite people to “swat” others and put the community at risk.

Law enforcement should be responding to actual crimes. Matthew E. Duffy is nothing short of a miscreant who wants to misuse police and other resources for sociopathic and malicious, rather than legitimate ends. The failed petition to have Roosh denied entry to Canada shows critics that however much they hate his speech, it is not hate speech.

I do not agree with Marni Soupcoff’s assessment of Roosh and his views, but I commend her for actually believing that a collection of rights held by individuals in communities trump mobs, witch hunts and the violent suppression of divergent publicly expressed opinions.

The dilemma here is that the slew of media and political attacks on Roosh have given the air that, short of murder (and even that implicit prohibition could be misconstrued by the most radical SJWs), pretty much anything can be “morally” undertaken to try and stop him.

Vandalism? Fine. Throwing drinks and assaulting people? Sure. Chasing someone using a mob and false imprisoning him and his companions. Why not. In calling for Roosh to disappear from Canada, public figures and mainstream media have never balanced their ad hominem attacks with any real caution, failing to outline the unacceptability of any violence or incitement.

If you can’t be civil, do you really believe in civil society?

“Hey! Let’s try and get someone we don’t like killed by swatting them!”

There was a time when the left emphasized the free flow of ideas, regardless of whether particular views were anathema to its members. As much as we at Return of Kings see many leftist beliefs as utterly pernicious to society, we concede that there are a number of liberals who have some semblance of respect for free speech and, importantly, the right for people to be free of harm and threat as a result of their speech.

Such individuals are presently drowned out by the screaming of vociferous mobs, which at the Montreal protest numbered only around 100 people.

We call on John Tory, Norm Kelly, Cheri DiNovo and others to publicly and unreservedly rebuke criminal provocateurs like Matthew E. Duffy. Should injury or physical danger be inflicted on anyone involved in or attending Roosh’s lecture in Toronto, let alone members of the community, a large part of the collective SJW responsibility for the incitement and mob violence will have been in their hands.

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