A study in the peer-reviewed journal Nature has postulated that females are more cold-sensitive than males and that standard air conditioning temperatures “favor” middle-aged men in work environments. Leaving to the side unresolved “non-issues” like other peer-reviewed studies showing female offenders receive 60% shorter sentences for the same crime, or the fact that men comprise at least two-thirds of homicide victims in a culture supposedly all about attacking women, media outlets have clearly taken up one of the most important and egregious calamities of our time.

Women evidently have nothing else to complain about in the Western world. Of course, defenders of the story (especially those strangely paid to first write about it) will claim it is light-hearted. But the mere act of giving this story attention makes a farce of the actual challenges facing (and derailing) society.

With the 1-in-5-women sexual assault “statistic” and the wage gap “reality” thoroughly debunked, feminists and pro-feminist media platforms have less and less at their disposal to moan about. They have consequently broken through the bottom of the barrel and are now resorting to raking up the mud with their fingertips.

No one should be surprised about this story

Male Fortune 500 CEOs, store clerks and homeless men, amongst all others, are conspiring against women both rich and poor.

Given that the vast majority of viewers and those reading the story in print have responded to this bizarre piece with a collective “riiiiiiiiight,” it has served as nothing but click-bait. Feminist sources which responded sarcastically to the news, such as Jezebel, are missing the point, however. They should in no sense be surprised by this headline, which is of the kind they have directly helped to engender (pardon the pun).

Because Jezebel and other mediums see no story that falls outside the prism of “the oppressed female,” preposterous wastes of energy like the air conditioning story are bound to proliferate. As rather or considerably privileged women with gender studies “degrees” like Jessica Valenti bash away on their keyboards, they eventually run out of events that even they consider important to their cause.


This “interview” on Sky News tries to give the veneer of being tongue-in-cheek but fails spectacularly at it. When Telegraph “columnist” Radhika Sanghani starts talking about flexibility, common sense, and an “issue,” expect your eyes to involuntarily roll over and your head to shake from left to right uncontrollably.

When women at work move in their dresses, half the time you can see their panties

This is actually a very modest example of a woman dressed for work (and not for temperature regulation).

I call this phenomenon “white line fever” but invariably you see much, much more than just a sliver of silk or cotton lingerie. Focused on maintaining the latest fashion trends, whatever the weather, and unapologetically flaunting their sexuality, many women are lucky to have two-thirds of the surface of their body covered. So I have to say, like you, I am absolutely shocked to learn that women are cold in offices.

In the Sky News video, the female anchor’s dress has no sleeves, for example. Unlike many or most items of male clothing, the gap between female professional and casual fashion is much, much smaller. Oftentimes it is difficult to distinguish a woman going to work and one about to gallivant through a nightclub district. Only the presence of a sun or moon can usually tell you which sort of woman is which.

Oh, the outrage!

A good explanation of why countless women feel too cold in the office.

Whether by infantilizing women or trying to make men change to adapt to all of their “needs” (basically the same thing), stories like the cringeworthy air conditioning piece remind us how aggrandizing and indulgent modern society is to every female. Men are now expected to take personal blame for the incredibly small minority of men who sexually assault or rape women. Or sacrifice their own career prospects so otherwise undeserving women can balance the number of men in higher positions.

Now our unacceptable patriarchal air conditioning oppression of women needs to be addressed, too. The merry-go-round of male privilege has never stopped, it seems, and without serious redirection, women are bound to inexorably suffer in chilly office cubicles for eternity.

Or maybe, just maybe, women can enter the workplace with an extra layer of clothing or, better yet, not dress as scantily as hookers.

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