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My previous article on Phenibut touched on its ability to help you sleep better, enhance sex, and it’s stackability with various Kratom strains. Today I’m going to talk about how it can help you with social and approach anxiety.

To be clear, I am discussing my experience with uncut Happy Hippo Phenibut.

Phenibut is sold as a nutritional supplement in the U.S. and Europe (sold as a psychotropic drug in Russia). Its main uses are to alleviate general anxiety, social anxiety, PTSD and insomnia (high doses) but it’s also used proactively to improve overall neurological function which is the reason I wanted to give it a try.

This compound is mainly used for people who suffer from various anxiety disorders and is easily the main effect and this is exactly what helps you within the context of meeting women or just enjoying yourself in a social situation.

It absolutely kills approach anxiety

Talking to pretty girls is easy on this stuff

One of the most difficult elements of meeting random women is approaching – especially if the girl is hot. I’ll be the first to admit that when I took the red pill, approaching was especially hard for me even though I’ve never had trouble talking to strangers.

It’s not easy to just walk up to a woman and strike up conversation out of the blue if you’re not accustomed to doing it on a regular basis but with practice it becomes considerably easier.

Phenibut positively destroys approaching anxiety.

The time it takes to feel its effects will vary from person to person but when it does, you will start to notice how freely and easily you start conversations with perfect strangers. You will also notice that many of those perfect strangers are pretty girls.

Once you strike up conversation with a woman and she is receptive, half the battle is won. Phenibut’s ability to reduce anxiety, especially social anxiety, eliminates thoughts of rejection which makes you about as fearless as it gets when approaching women.

For some of you guys, it will make a tremendous difference.

It’s not like most over-the-counter dietary supplements that do little to no good. It significantly reduces social anxiety, if not completely eliminating it.

Phenibut keeps you relaxed

Being relaxed and in control makes ’em tingle and blush

Another important aspect of game is simply staying cool, calm, and collected. Appearing tense or not under complete control throughout your conversation, escalation, and most importantly her shit tests will quickly derail your attempt to bed her.

Phenibut relaxes you to the point where you radiate that “don’t give a fuck” attitude that chicks dig. Remember, your conversation with her is flowing effortlessly but when you give off a relaxed vibe it shows her that you are outcome independent which is extremely attractive.

I also want to make clear that Phenibut doesn’t provide type of ‘sit on the couch’ relaxation that makes you lazy or unmotivated like most “anti-anxiety” compounds do. In fact, Phenibut does quite the opposite, it actually will encourage ‘pro-social’ behavior for most people. This is paramount within the context of game because relaxation is useless without the social drive.

A personal experience

The first time I tried Happy Hippo Phenibut, I took 1000 mg (2 scoops) with a strong cup of coffee on an empty stomach after my morning workout. I didn’t feel anything for a couple of hours so I took 1000 mg more. I wasn’t quite sure whether or not it was working but I noticed that I was striking up conversation with anyone and everyone at work.


This carried over after work as I struck up conversation with the cute cashier at 7-Eleven without hesitation despite the fact that it was during one of the busiest times of the day. There was a long line which meant plenty of people were watching what could have been an epic fail but I broke out my phone and attempted to number close her anyway.

Got shot down… fucks given

She giggled and politely rejected me but I didn’t care. I shrugged my shoulders, took my cigarettes, turned around to the next guy waiting in line and said, “Can’t win ’em all!” to which a few people in line chuckled.

My first experience with Phenibut was a real success. Approach anxiety, relaxation, and motivation were all on display as my day progressed. It took a couple of hours for it to take effect but when it did, the difference was noticeable.

In closing

A potential social drawback Phenibut is that you may end up talking to too many people. Normally this wouldn’t be a bad thing except for the fact that you might end up striking up conversation with a girl you wouldn’t fuck with your worst enemy’s dick.

It’s all fun and games till you open the wrong chick

Something to watch out for is taking too much at one time. After my crash and burn with the 7-Eleven hottie I went home and took another 1000 milligrams to keep the party going. I loved the feeling of being rejected in front of a crowd of people and not giving a shit.

But after that last dose I laid on my couch that afternoon for a quick nap around 4:00 pm and didn’t wake up until 1:30 am the next morning! I had work to do that I didn’t get done and even missed a date I set up with a girl.

I was passed the fuck out but it was the best sleep I’d had in a while

Again, this only happens if you take too much. Remember, Phenibut at higher doses is meant for insomnia. The pro-social effects found generally between 1000-2500mg.

All it takes to mitigate these minor drawbacks is to be more selective of who you converse with to avoid chatting up an HB 3 (even though you’re tempted to talk to anyone and everyone) and start small and work your way up with your dosing so you don’t snooze your way through a Friday night that could have potentially been productive both professionally and personally.

While so many dietary supplements, especially ones that supposedly reduce anxiety, are worthless, Phenibut is one that is inexpensive actually works well. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Check out the uncut Phenibut from Happy Hippo.

If you what to know exactly what to expect and how to use it, check out this article from Good Looking Loser.


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