Now that the message of neomasculinity is finally getting out, even in the face of violent opposition, we can move on to the next step in our crusade to reclaim Western civilization—converting feminists into traditional women.

Progressives deny that a feminist can be converted into a traditional woman. They say that all feminists are “born that way.”

We here at ROK know that conventional opinion is wrong. Yes, Feminist Conversion Therapy is controversial, but the fact is that it works. There are dozens of former feminists who have gone on to lead productive lives as feminine wives and mothers, all through the miracle of Feminist Conversion Therapy (FCT).

Our wish is that more blue-haired feminists experience the life enhancing benefits of FCT so we are making this field guide available to all men who may be interested in this great work.

Feminism results from a decline in number of alpha males


There are many factors that have brought about the rise in feminism: easy birth control in the form of the pill, progressive indoctrination in the schools, and propaganda from leftist political parties. But one factor is commonly overlooked: the decrease in testosterone levels over the past twenty years.

A 2007 study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism found that over the past 20 years there has been an age-independent decrease in the testosterone levels of American males. The decline in T levels was significant—a 17% decline. An earlier Finnish study found similar results for European males.

But high testosterone levels are one of the things that make a man into more of an alpha male. The declining testosterone levels have deprived women from exposure to true alpha males and high testosterone beta males.

The alpha male link to traditional womanhood


Women become more feminine in order to obtain an alpha male or a high-ranking beta. With high testosterone males, women are naturally happy to become wives and mothers. In the absence of alpha males, women seek self-actualization in other ways. They become prey to all sorts of depraved philosophies such as feminism, atheism, and collectivism.

The problem with feminism is that although it promises to make women happy, it is ultimately unfulfilling. This leads feminists into a spiral, always on the lookout for the next thing to feed their ever-growing rage.

Low-ranking betas have tried to fill the gap by becoming white knights. They wear t-shirts that say, “this is what a feminist looks like,” in the hopes that feminists will give them attention. While feminists proclaim that they want all men to be weak pajama boys, the truth is that these wimps disgust them. What they truly crave in their heart is the strong alpha.

Now that men are starting to gain an understanding of their true roles, we can begin reclaiming women who have been suckered into believing vain ideologies.

Who is a candidate for Feminist Conversion Therapy


Not a candidate for conversion

While feminist conversion can be effective, the disease of feminism is so toxic that after a certain point the host body becomes unsalvageable.

Many of the deleterious effects of feminism can be reversed. Unnaturally colored hair, asymmetrical haircuts, ironic glasses, ugly fashion, and even moderate weight gain can be treated by a make over, a Paleolithic diet, and regular time at the gym.

Other feminist-inflicted damage is more permanent. Regrettable tattoos and piercings will mark a reformed feminist for eternity, yet they don’t pose an insurmountable barrier to transitioning back to femininity.

However, any significant time spent living the feminist lifestyle can result in irreversible changes to the feminist’s body and brain, rendering her unable to transition back to normalcy.

The first of these changes is excessive weight gain. While some feminists are able to retain a human-like form after adopting the lifestyle, others are drawn to consume copious amounts of food until they have a gravitational pull that rivals that of a small planet. For these feminists, the hope of transition is vanishingly small.

The bodily changes brought on by feminism pale in comparison to the adverse effects upon the feminist’s brain. These changes may induce the feminist to experience strange obsessions and fantasies involving Roosh V.

Feminism also damages a woman’s reasoning faculty. Instead of using logic, everything is reduced to snark. The feminist loses the ability to speak in a normal language without resorting to buzzwords and phrases such as “fight patriarchy,” “you’re triggering me,” “cisgender,” “white male privilege,” and “Hillary 2016.”

Feminism also sexualizes everything. The most innocent comment can be taken as a rape threat. Remember, for a feminist, all sex—even consensual sex—is rape.

Professional opinion is unanimous on this point: Once the feminist has reached this stage, there is virtually no chance of recovery.

Rules for when to approach



The guidelines above are helpful, but if you are thinking of reclaiming a feminist, you should first study the following examples so that you will be able to avoid approaching unsalvageable feminists.


Comment: No comment. Do not approach.



Comment: Naturally colored hair. No sign of tattoos or odd piercings. No sign of anger. But, she is Hillary’s right hand person and married to man who Donald Trump called “a sick pervert” and a “whack job.” Do not approach.


Comment: Several things going on here. Of course there is the oddly colored hair, but the bigger giveaway is the mattress. Avoid any feminist who is carrying a “rape mattress.” Do not approach.


Comment: Long in the tooth but still attractive actress. Strong feminist viewpoints. Married to a billionaire. Do not approach. Watch From Dusk Till Dawn instead.


Comment: Blue hair, but attractive and no signs of anger or mental illness. If this not a Kardashian-Jenner, approach.


Comment: Dude. Do not approach.

How does conversion work?


The Alpha in his natural habitat

In case any feminists are reading this, I am not referring to sex with feminists. Converting a feminist also does not involve much argument. It is the mere presence of the alpha that awakens deep-seated desires within the heart of the feminist. If the feminist senses that she has any hope of winning over the alpha, she will adjust her behavior. Any feminist beliefs that she strongly holds will melt away when the possibility of bliss with a normal man is presented.

Any arguments that the feminist raises should be nonchalantly swatted down by the alpha. All objections should be dismissed brusquely. The alpha should not be concerned with hurting the feminist’s feelings—she wants the alpha to destroy the feminist façade that keeps her from being a complete woman.

Here is an example of what I mean:

Feminist: Kiran Gandhi, the Harvard MBA who ran the London marathon without a tampon, bleeding all over herself, is so brave in fighting cisgender white patriarchy. She eloquently raises the plight of women who suffer from monthly cramping! Hillary 2016! Stop triggering me!

Alpha: She is a disgusting, unoriginal fame whore who could not even come up with a worthwhile cause to protest.

Feminist: [makes soft cooing sounds]

The key is to be charming. You can even smile as you dismiss her arguments. But do not allow yourself to get angry. If you lose your temper, you have lost.

If you need further example, watch how Donald Trump charms this journalist. Yes, I realize that this journalist is a man, but he is a progressive feminist man—virtually the same as a female feminist.

Maintaining alpha status


Converting feminists is not a task for the faint of heart. It involves very real danger, including fake rape accusations and assaults by unhinged purple-haired harpies. Worst of all, a man engaged in this work will have to look upon horrific things that no sentient being should be forced to witness.

For this reason, all men involved in conversion therapy should maintain their alpha status.

Men who seek to convert feminists should also keep their mind functioning properly so as to better be able to disregard feminist “logic.” The best way of doing this is through a regimen of reading high quality works including the essays of Quintus Curtius, the Bible, especially the Old Testament, and Beowulf.



By snatching women from the fires of feminism we are doing a good work, not just for the women involved, but also for Western civilization. The antifeminist warrior is able to fall asleep easily knowing that he has made the world a better place.

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