On August 6, 2015, two days before Roosh was to give his speech in Montreal,  the L’Artiste Affame café breached Roosh’s privacy by posting his location on their business Instagram. Roosh stopped to sit in the cafe to get something to drink and he was immediately recognized by the staff. The staff, who was friendly to him and took his money, secretly wanted to alert feminist land whales of Roosh’s presence.

The cafe posted this picture:

Land Whale

Business Professionalism

As a customer you expect the management of any business you patronize to be mature and professional. At the very least, you expect an establishment not to go out of its way to put you in physical danger. This particular café lacked all of these traits when they posted Roosh’s location, along with this quote inciting women to harass him:

Girls you’re main man is here. Roosh V! In the flesh. Should be here til 9 if you wanna come show your undying “love” for the dickbag. The doors open. Make it count MTL.

This cafe accepted Roosh’s business but immediately stabbed him in the back when he wasn’t looking. Worse yet, the events of the weekend show that the café could have put him in direct physical danger by going out of their way to state his location and encourage people to show up. If this were done to an unpopular feminist speaker, it would clearly be called “doxxing” and “harassment.”

In the comment section there were several predictable feminists who wanted to spit in Roosh’s drink, kick him in the nuts, or get him kicked out of the country. This is not surprising behavior coming from feminists—the last few days’ events have shown for us that they are irrational, violent, aggressive, and easily triggered. Roosh’s mere presence drinking a cappuccino triggered the proprietor of this business to breach a paying customer’s privacy.




Soon after the café posted about Roosh’s location, they started to get several negative reviews on their Yelp page. The owner of the cafe was distraught at seeing the reputation of his business go down the tubes, even if he likely deserved it. The business owner decided to flag the negative reviews on the cafe’s Yelp page as spam, even though they reflected the “customer experience” of his establishment. As of now, almost all of the negative reviews have been removed from the page.

This is concerning because Yelp is supposed to inform customers about the products and practices of a business. One thing that is very important for a customer to know is if a business is willing to breach his privacy. If a popular female celebrity were to walk into L’Artiste Affamé, would the establishment leak the location so that she could be swarmed by “creepy” men looking to meet their idol?

Clearly, L’Artiste Affamé has shown that it is willing to breach the privacy of a customer. They have also gone to significant (monetary?) lengths to remove negative Yelp reviews that expose this willingness to endanger their client base. Without those crucial negative reviews, new customers will unknowingly walk into this café and leave themselves vulnerable to being harmed simply because of their political views.

The business owner has not responded to any of my requests for an interview. I am forced to conclude that he remains in support of this action, and regret that future customers will not be made appropriately aware of his shady business practices.

From this stunt, I know I will never do any business with this café. Neither should you, if you care about your privacy.

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