The Battle of Montreal is now over.

In simplest terms, the fight involved the following two opposing forces: Roosh V and his organization, and the collection of social justice warriors (SJWs) loosely organized around feminist activist Aurelie Nix. The battle itself raged for about four days from August 6 to August 9, with some preliminary salvoes before, and some aftershocks after. Now that the dust has settled, it is possible to draw some conclusions.

The first and most important conclusion was that Roosh V delivered the SJW side a decisive defeat. The SJWs failed in both of their stated objectives:

(1) They failed to prevent Roosh V from arriving in Montreal, and

(2) They failed in their stated desire to stop Roosh from delivering his “State of Man” lecture.


The seismic effects of this victory will continue to be felt for some time. The huge media publicity surrounding the battle ensures that Roosh will emerge from this contest stronger than ever, with his neomasculist message more disseminated than ever.

How did this result come about?  The goal of this article is to examine the various phases of the campaign, to see how each contributed to the end result.

Phase 1: The Intelligence War

The Montreal lecture was the second to the last stop in Roosh’s State of Man World Tour. He had previously delivered his lecture without incident in Berlin, London, Washington D.C., and New York City. The subject matter of the lecture was masculine self-improvement in general, with an emphasis on the principles of Neomasculinity.

In short, it was an informational lecture that was neither illegal, nor “offensive”, nor “hateful” in any way. The fact that no other city had the slightest problem with the lecture verifies this fact.

Montreal, however, was different. A radical clique of feminist SJWs, emboldened and enabled by the Canadian media, decided for themselves that that their fellow citizens should not be permitted to hear Roosh speak. The mentality is by now so expected as to pass nearly without comment.

The first phase of the battle involved a thorough preparation by the Roosh V organization. Articles were published describing the principles needed for success in the high-tempo world of informational warfare. The Roosh V organization internalized these lessons and readied themselves for the road ahead. The opposing side clearly did not.

Roosh V operatives scoured the city to explore the most favorable venues to host the lecture. A detailed risk assessment was made regarding the potential for hostile action. Informants and confidential sources inside the SJW ranks were activated and provided useful information as part of the advance studies.

The decision-making process proceeded in the following five stages: (1) assessing the situation; (2) assessing the mission; (3) planning the actual execution; (4) organizing the administration and logistics; (5) organizing the command and signals. What emerges from this is the meticulous, exhaustive advance planning that contributed directly to the ultimate victory.

Simply put, Roosh and his organization outworked, outfought, and outcycled the opposition by orders of magnitude.

Phase 2: The Information War


In modern conflicts, it is critical to master the informational terrain, and Roosh understood this in a way that the other side did not. He was always able to stay a step ahead of the enemy, getting inside their decision-making cycle in ways that contributed to their ultimate collapse.

The battle proper began when Sara Parker-Toulson launched a petition drive on to block Roosh from entry into Canada. A similar petition campaign was begun on Facebook by another SJW.  A SJW radical named Vlad Vorontsov threatened to “shut down” the lecture the Facebook page coordinating these efforts.

In an incredibly rapid mobilization of his electronic resources, the Roosh V organization sprang into action. They understood that, since the media would always take the side of the SJW radicals, they needed to seize the initiative and expose the SJW threats and smears. Those threats needed to be documented, so that the world would know who was the aggressor.


It was this electronic blitz that the SJWs were simply unprepared for and unable to cope with. After the Return of Kings article on Vlad Vorontsov’s plans was published, other articles followed that documented the lies and smears of other SJWs. The lies of Aurelie Nix and her associates were revealed for all the world.

They responded by curling up into the fetal position, shutting down their accounts and sites, and playing the well-practiced role of the victim. This, from the people who had started the aggression in the first place.

But this was not all. The media coverage of the battle by the CBC was shockingly distorted in favor of the SJW side. Roosh never even bothered to court the media, knowing that it was a rigged game that he could never win. Instead, he activated his own media nodes: Return of Kings, Twitter, and the Roosh V Forum. These media nodes conducted an around-the-clock, nonstop series of responses to the SJW lies and threats. Additional resources were also mobilized, and were standing by as auxiliaries, but turned out to be unnecessary.

Article followed article, the world was kept informed of the enemy’s true actions and character. Everything published was based on the actual statements of SJWs, or on included photos that SJWs themselves had already released. In short, Roosh was able to outcycle the pace of the enemy’s operations by maintaining a much faster pace.

Collapse of the SJW side was induced when the pace became unbearable for them; and when it became clear that the SJW side was unable to generate any momentum, their defeat became almost inevitable.

The SJW side was undisciplined, lacking in focus, and patently dishonest, and these qualities certainly contributed to their loss. All they could do was cherry-pick satirical statements made by Roosh in a pathetic attempt to show that he promoted “hate speech.” They tried to play the victim, when their own actions and statements proved that they were the victimizers.

Phase 3: The Ground Campaign


The ground campaign included the events on August 8, the day of the actual lecture. It was here that the operational art of the Roosh V organization proved its professionalism. Scouts were sent out to select various locations; meanwhile, misleading information was fed to the enemy to cause them to waste time and resources in pointless goose-chases around the city.

Communications systems were tightened and standardized. An entirely novel method of personnel movement was designed just for the lecture (which for security reasons cannot be fully disclosed at this time).

In tandem with this, waves of disinformation were funneled to the enemy to confuse, confound, and frustrate them. The tight coordination between the mobile Roosh V teams meant that any obstacles encountered were quickly overcome.

The lecture went off even better than planned. In fact, turned out to be a combination lecture and dinner banquet.

Despite attempts to sugar-coat the bitterness of the defeat, it is beyond question that the Battle of Montreal was a crushing victory for the Roosh V organization. Its trajectory and details will likely be studied for years to come.

Not only did the SJWs fail in all of their stated objectives, but even worse, they began to turn on each other when the magnitude of the defeat became apparent. Groups of trouble-makers that had been sent out to harass and disrupt the lecture wandered aimlessly around the city, tweeting petulant messages at each other.


Like wounded beasts blinded with impotent rage, all they could do was resort to violence by throwing drinks at Roosh in a bar after the lecture. Those who hold themselves out as angels were exposed as being the bullies and aggressors that they are. It was a pathetic spectacle, but not entirely unexpected. Steps were taken to defuse the situation, and not fall for the SJW provocation. And that was the end of that.

Lessons Learned

The lessons learned are clear:

1. Document every instance of the enemy’s threats and lies, so that awareness of these things can be disseminated. The mainstream media is corrupt and actively colludes with the enemy.

2. Ride out the airstrikes, fire back unrelentingly, and keep the operational tempo high.

3. Press every advantage and always be one step ahead of the enemy.

All in all, it is clear that this was the most significant free speech battle in North America in decades, probably since the 1960s. At every stage of the engagement, the Roosh V organization showed a remarkable adroitness and ability to be everywhere at once. The SJW side underestimated this capability.

The battle now moves to Toronto.

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