Eat my cunt!

– The incredibly eloquent words of Jessica Lelièvre, anarchist-feminist and oppressed member of a multimillion-dollar construction business proletarian family. She said this after dousing Roosh in liquor, unprovoked.

Return of Kings proprietor Roosh has filed charges against Jessica Lelièvre, a Concordia student senator, “anarcha-feminist” and one-time President of the Political Science Students’ Association, for an assault captured on YouTube.

Intoxicated both with alcohol and “power,” Lelièvre boasted about her act on Twitter, before realizing that future employers tend to regard unprovoked assaults badly, even when they’re against people hated by large numbers of feminists and others. She also doxxed Roosh from her own account (see below).

Fortunately, we still live in legal jurisdictions where assault is only warranted in instances such as self-defense. Determining assault is not a matter of democracy, especially in the context of a large mob chasing a grossly outnumbered group.

Currently, Jessica Lelièvre has deleted her Twitter account (the tweet claiming responsibility was deleted first, though), her LinkedIn profile and Facebook page (an Academia profile is still active as of writing). The original video of the assault was put up to generate publicity for Concordia University’s The ConU (Twitter and website), with which Jessica has very close ties.

Like Jessica Lelièvre, when your only real job has been working for your dad’s multimillion-dollar construction business as an “administrative assistant” or whatever, you probably have the money to be sued, anyway.

Last time I checked, nearly 40,000 people had signed the petition to stop Roosh from entering Canada. Yet the extraordinarily privileged Jess Lelièvre must be one of the few people who would ever spend an entire day and then evening trolling around Montreal’s streets and bars just so that she could throw a drink in the face of someone they hate.

Normal students with real pressures, not the daughters of multimillionaires who claim to be anarchist-feminists, would be working or studying.

More tragically still, Lelièvre was on a panel reviewing sexual assault “procedures” at Concordia University. She orchestrated a “honey trap,” using her friend, to assault someone and get a mob involved, but was somehow responsible in the past for officially advising on policies for dealing with sexual assault allegations. With that sort of intrigue going on in public, God help any man who leaves her (or her friend) as a jilted lover after sex.

A calculated publicity stunt



The whole assault was soundly premeditated before it was carried out, as evidenced by a proud admission, later deleted, on Reddit by user Gepeg Libre. As they recount, Lelièvre was on the prowl looking for Roosh already and she texted a male “crew” (how feminist of her) to arrive in order to physically intimidate him. We can only guess if they intended to commit further, more serious crimes against Roosh and his friends, but luckily Roosh’s group was able to extricate itself before the “protestors” gave into their animalistic urge for open violence.

Before all this, however, Lelièvre and her friends had to ingratiate themselves with Roosh and others at the bar. Jessica, the daughter of the very wealthy Lelièvre construction family, executed her plan flawlessly with a friend who gave the name “Jennifer,” providing a great exposition of the ingenuity of her very rich old white male ancestors. Her great-grandfather Émile, the historical family patriarch and the man most responsible for her economically charmed life today, would be so proud.

Yes, Aurelie, throwing a drink (or even a cheeseburger) is assault

SJWs are rejoicing at the “fact” that throwing a drink on someone is apparently not assault and battery. However, it is. In the same few days that Busta Rhymes was charged with throwing a protein drink in the States, the anti-Roosh brigades console themselves by thinking that Montreal, or perhaps Canada more widely, is a legal paradise for those who seek to throw liquids at people with impunity.

Heck, even throwing a cheeseburger in a cup in Canada has resulted in assault charges, despite a lack of injuries requiring hospitalization. One of the attending officers for that case said that the cheeseburger was still considered a weapon.


Canada’s Criminal Code establishes that assault is where:

265. (1) A person commits an assault when

  • (a) without the consent of another person, he applies force intentionally to that other person, directly or indirectly;

This says nothing about actual injury and I am happy to produce another ten cases verified via both Canadian court case databases and newspaper reports where people, including women, have been charged and successfully convicted for behavior comparable to Jessica Lelièvre’s.

I have not even broached the subject of the mass of white knights surrounding Roosh and his companions, which was clearly menacing and in all likelihood was intending to inflict serious assault and battery if Roosh’s group had simply remained at the bar enjoying their night out.

If Aurelie Nix (who appears to be a compulsive liar and who has still not produced any proof regarding Roosh’s so-called “rape threat”) and the other doubters want to deny that throwing a drink is illegal, let’s try an experiment.

Aurelie and her comrades-in-arms can go find a random group of women at a club and throw the contents of a drink (preferably something with more volume like beer) over their faces. Repeat the procedure at least ten times to get a good study sample. What would be the result? Obviously, the reason it should be tried on fellow women is because there’s no question of any “man retaliating against a woman” double standards.

The feminist folk hero who uses men to chase her enemies

Like many wealthy, self-entitled anarchist-feminist rich girls, Jessica Lelièvre likes to fly in chartered helicopters and talk about smashing the patriarchy that built them

Note how Lelièvre fades into the background after throwing her drink. She lets the “male” white knights take over. Would she do this to a bigger girl, or one who could simply easily beat her up? Of course not. She chose Roosh because she knows female privilege would prevent her from being retaliated against.

The entire incident demonstrates how women skilfully use men to do their bidding, in a situation where the cornered party has little prospect of taking on a larger group of belligerent males. That said, some within the group did try to restrain their less controllable friends.

Lelièvre’s history of instability and violence

Jess Lelièvre has a history of such combative conduct. She has previously been slapped with charges by Concordia for what the university termed illegal striking. Being the child of a very wealthy family, it is comparatively easy to see that she would be willing to disrupt classes and engage in strikes.

As for students who wanted these classes to go on (those that you would expect have a lot less support from their family name and wealth during college than Lelièvre), their needs and fears about the impact of disrupted or cancelled classes on their bottom-line were ignored.

Jessica, by virtue of her family pedigree, need not worry about obtaining a job soon after graduation. Her parents have already seen to it to buy her and her sibling a lovely property in Florida. As life for students across North America goes from bad to worse to diabolical, Jessica has already been set up for life.

For all her implicit and explicit talk about male privilege and anarchy, supposedly patriarchal modes of capitalist production have endowed Jessica Lelièvre pretty well. The irony is that the world of old white men she claims to rally against has given her ten times more in this world than 99% of the male population.

Lelièvre and friends are applying the same tactics falsely attributed to Roosh and his supporters

Remember Sara Parker-Toulson, the rape-wishing and violence-supporting “activist” who decried the “threats” supposedly being leveled at people like false rape threat accuser Aurelie Nix? She gleefully spread another doxxing from the “honey trap” girl who targeted Roosh before Lelièvre assaulted him. Unsurprisingly, she declined to name herself in the tweet distributed by Parker-Toulson.

It is also hardly shocking that the mainstream media is saying nothing about either the assault (other than as some sort of “comedy” video) or the calls for violence by Twitter users such as yrfather, Auragasmic, fairyocarina, Dildodaddi and Cocolicquot (among others):

Nonetheless, the position of the SJWs is tenuous. A vocal number of commentators have questioned both the morality and legality of the assault and the mob antics. One of the more common responses has criticized the notion that vehement disagreement equals some sort of unmitigated right to confront and attack others.

The SJWs have also been called out for using the exact same tactics falsely reported in the media about the Roosh V Forum. In fact, they took it further because, unlike so-called threats, they translated it into real life on the street.

Intolerance, entitlement, and bigotry might have many names over time. But today we can just settle with “Jessica Lelièvre.”

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