What does the future hold for the West? As one astute member of the manosphere noted, we are not going to like it. George Orwell was right. Here are eight reasons why the future is going to suck:

1. Micro Chips

In the future, everyone will have a chip. RFID will become mandatory if one wishes to receive government healthcare. Chips will also be required to receive public education.


2. Drones

The skies will fill with drones of all different sizes. They will spy on you, destroy your home, or hunt you down like an animal. Some innovative citizens may respond by designing drone-proof cities. Others may learn to take advice from our enemies on how to cope.


3. Heavily Armed Governments

Government will arm up and purchase millions of rounds of hollow-point ammunition. They will also stock up on guns that they will be made illegal for law-abiding citizens.


4. Mosquito Drones

These creepy little bastards get a separate category. Insect-sized drones will spy, take DNA samples, and implant you with bad things.

mosquito drone

5. Capital Controls

Governments will pass laws that make it difficult to move wealth out of the country. Alternatively, laws will pass that cause foreign financial institutions to drop western clients.


carl levin

6. Travel Restrictions

There will be restrictions on where people can go, who can leave, and for how long.


7. Cameras Everywhere

Back when I grew up, there were no public cameras. In the future, there will be cameras watching your every move. Fancy ones will alert authorities to your thoughts and stop you from committing “pre-crimes.”


8. Militarized Police

In the future, it will be hard to tell the difference between the military and civilian police. Although armed like real soldiers, they will lack requisite training. Many will resort to methods such as execution by fire.


Ah well, maybe I’m just a bitter old pessimist. Perhaps the future won’t be so bad. After all, there will be plenty of worthwhile pursuits to distract us. At least we can all look forward to the days of flying jet packs, smoking legalized cannabis, and banging our own personal sex robots!



sex bot proto

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