For those of you who have followed the goings on in Canada, you already know how Roosh has come under attack by radical feminists and Canadian press for his current speaking engagement. What you may not remember is that the Canadian Broadcast Company (CBC) recently engaged in a similar smear campaign against Gamergate.

The similarities between the two incidents, where one side of the message was obviously silenced, shows that the CBC is unilaterally pushing a pro-feminist, state-approved message. And they will tolerate no dissenters.


The CBC ran this one sided piece last November. Based the video, it becomes pretty clear that CBC is pushing a narrative where women appear to be victimized. This is highly similar to their coverage of Roosh’s Montreal lecture, which consists mostly of interviewing apparently mentally ill feminists about how they fear for their safety while trying to incite mob violence against a man for giving a speech.


CBC’s History Of Bias

Ironically, the CBC had interviewed pro-Gamergate game developer Jennifer Dawe, who happens to be a woman, for their hit piece. Of course, that interview never saw the light of day as you might imagine. John Bowman, the CBC journalist who had interviewed Dawe, later stated that his producers did not want to go ahead with the story. We can only imagine where that directive came from.

That incident in particular was a violation of CBC’s journalistic standards and ethics practices, which clearly state:

We are committed to reflecting accurately the range of experiences and points of view of all citizens. All Canadians, of whatever origins, perspectives and beliefs, should feel that our news and current affairs coverage is relevant to them and lives up to our Values….. “We have a special responsibility to reflect regional and cultural diversity, as well as fostering respect and understanding across regions.

Returning to current events, not once has the CBC asked for Roosh’s unedited side of the story—he said that he would be available to do a live interview so that his words could not be selectively edited, but thus far no media outlet has taken him up on the offer.

Not once have they considered that there are two sides to every story. From what I can tell, CBC is more interested pushing a narrative similar to the imaginary war on women that American liberals continue to perpetuate.

Considering that CBC is government funded Canadian Citizens should demand recourse. CBC needs to get its act together, and Canadians need to realize that their main news source is anything but unbiased.

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