In a development that caught many off guard this year but is thoroughly unsurprising, obese Americans now outnumber overweight Americans. And the situation in 2015 is probably worse, given that the figures compiled by Washington University School of Medicine came from the period 2007-2012. The land of the free and home of the brave is now officially the land of the fries and home of the bovine.

The perilous degradation of American health has not coincided with any real proposed solutions to this weight plague. Prescriptions regularly touted by medical professionals, such as exercise and good nutrition, simply do not appeal to the masses. The methods themselves work, with few exceptions, but people are obviously not taking them up. Instead of wondering why their message isn’t getting out, health bodies and leading physicians simply regurgitate statistics which are almost identical, except for the fact that they keep getting worse.

Roosh is correct and the “experts” have no answers

If Dr. Oz is so correct about how to deal with weight issues, why is his television audience largely comprised of overweight and obese women?

Dr. Oz “politely” attacked Roosh during his groundbreaking appearance on the celebrity physician’s show. Rather than painting his own comprehensive vision for how to ameliorate America’s death by excess pounds, Oz chose to make a contrived “feel-good” video where one of the participants, who also shrilly tried to excoriate Roosh, demanded that people not call her “fat.” If anything, such an approach preaches the denial of severe health risks, not body positivity.

We are at a crossroads and the conventional medical fraternity has failed abysmally to stem the tide. You can argue they are well-intentioned in most cases, yet this cannot offset their do-nothing contribution to the problem. Science is the best it has ever been and medical practitioners are nonetheless clueless as to how to get people to implement the most basic, common sense advice. They are the definition of expert impotence.

Obesity will bankrupt America

Enough is enough, stop a tsunami that will literally kill society.

America already has a rapidly aging population. Birthrates are atrociously low, especially in the indispensable middle classes. Fewer and fewer young and middle-aged people will be available to work to support the system that protects ever growing numbers of current senior citizens and soon to be Baby Boomer retirees. The costs associated with this demographic catastrophe will be gargantuan.


Ridiculously, obesity is now most prevalent in the age group most necessary in keeping society well-oiled: those above 25 but below retirement age. Even if overweight and obese people can keep working, the lost productivity and other problems will only abet the deterioration of both society and the economy that keeps it stable. Health costs which should be primarily centered on senior citizen health will increasingly involve the treatment of obese individuals and then progressively the still unhealthy but “merely” overweight people.

How are YOU setting a good example?

Huell was a great and funny Breaking Bad character but he probably died of diabetes five minutes after Hank Schrader and Steve Gomez left him in the safe house.

The point here is not to have a competition to determine who the most buff and healthy person is. An accountant or lawyer is understandably going to be less “healthy” and strong than a professional athlete. What I am preaching is for people to be within an acceptable range. Perhaps your weight will fluctuate as your commitments and overall life changes. But if you get to 5-8 pounds above a healthy weight, unless you’re a more dense bodybuilder, without correcting it, you’re not only contributing to the problem but advertising and promoting it for others.

People are not solely determined by their weight, of course, but have you not ever noticed that there is correlation with your weight and the weight of some of your closest friends? There, every day, is the power of group psychology for all to see. People consciously but more importantly subconsciously regulate themselves according to those they are closest to. So be the game changer if your social circle is currently unhealthy or, alternatively, ensure through your own example that your current good standard either stays the same or, better, improves. You are a beacon that others will follow.

Our medical and political leaders owe us answers… now

Now is the time to seek to resolve the obesity plague. Not tomorrow, next month or next year. Today. Three decades of expanding waistlines prove that a better, more ruthless approach is necessary. It is amazing that America has pursued the War on Drugs for around 40 years but categorically refuses to engage in a War on Obesity. The calamity of obesity and being overweight now far outstrips any of the health impacts and violence created by the drug trade.

Roosh has thoroughly enlightened the debate on obesity by refusing to give politically correct or crisis-perpetuating answers. Whether you agree with his position on fat-shaming or not, you cannot disagree that the present state of affairs fundamentally helps people deny responsibility for their weight and perceive what is otherwise a potentially fatal disease as not worth addressing.

That needs to change, right now.

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