Earlier this year, Bruce-Caitlin Jenner was involved in a fatal car accident, which killed 69-year-old Kim Howe. Facing lawsuits from Howe’s family and at least one of the four others injured, Jenner remains unbelievably reticent about the event. In the meantime, ESPN bestowed an ESPY (Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly) Award on her, the quaintly named “Arthur Ashe Award” for courage.

The juxtaposition of the silence over the fatal car crash, where all available evidence points to Jenner being responsible, and the subsequent accolade presented on national television is laughable.

It seems incontrovertible that Jenner’s car hit Howe’s, which then swerved into another vehicle. Video of the incident is here. In a state where during large parts of the 2000s people have been sent to jail for decades over repeated minor offences like shoplifting (the “Three Strikes” law), it is perplexing that the transgender “icon” may only face a misdemeanor charge of vehicular manslaughter. Beyond legal definitions of what happened, who can argue that Jenner is causally responsible for the death of a senior citizen?

Because of her transition, Caitlin Jenner has made millions of dollars. My previous assertion that transitioning would dovetail nicely with massive attention for the usually sidelined TV personality has been vindicated. She also broke the Twitter record for the fastest accumulation of one million followers, only requiring four hours. A longstanding millionaire and former Olympian, it is hard to see how someone like Jenner wasn’t in the most favorable position of all to “come out.”

Supporters will point to her many detractors, but if having detractors is somehow a reason for a bravery award, the far more reviled Floyd Mayweather should have won instead. Or how about a former sportsman who becomes a Congressman and earns a mere $200,000 for their efforts, even as hundreds of thousands of their constituents curse them every day?

Jenner’s economic privilege is on full display

Teenage college basketball player Lauren Hill didn’t get millions of dollars for her brain cancer diagnosis. Rather, she spent her time raising money for the disease in a bid to help people like herself. Whose courage do you prefer, hers or Jenner’s?

It’s amusing how SJWs and others pontificate about “white,” “male,” and “cis” privilege but forget that they themselves and those they praise are routinely the beneficiaries of enormous economic privilege. Though I found her underlying assumptions silly (“you’re a woman if you think you’re one”), Meredith Talusan raises an interesting point about Jenner’s substantial wealth. Many of the ignominies that transgender advocates claim affect the lives of transitioning people, such as employment discrimination, poverty, and violence, clearly do not apply to the former decathlon competitor.


Bruce Jenner’s transition to Caitlyn Jenner has coincided with the single biggest raise he-she has ever had. If Jenner had seen her income reduced to 5% of what it was before, the SJW argument behind the giving of the award would be “stronger,”, albeit still weak in light of cases like injured soldiers and cancer sufferers involved with sport.

Take Iraq War veteran and double-amputee Noah Galloway, for example, who participates in CrossFit and endurance events after nearly dying whilst serving his country. Many people erroneously claimed that he was the “runner-up” to Jenner for the award. Nonetheless, he did, in a sense, “lose out” because, despite immeasurably greater bravery, he didn’t get the ESPY.

Social reengineering is now infecting sports

What a joke it is that Caitlyn Jenner can “beat” someone like Noah Galloway.

ESPN was undoubtedly obsessed with “making history” in its deplorable decision to elevate Caitlyn Jenner to social sainthood. The problem is, other outlets will now compete to outdo their rivals in the dance of political correctness. We have already seen this regarding non-transgender feminism and the Super Bowl, a male event in which females have no chance of ever competing.

The “Like a Girl” propaganda edict blatantly hid away from the fact that women deliberately avoid challenging men in professional sports. Similar lies and stories of pseudo-victimhood emerged following the NBA’s partnership with self-serving-but-I’ll-still-use-feminism Sheryl Sandberg.

So what’s the result? Manipulating the public’s praise is now largely determined by the categories (female, gay, transgender) to which recipients belong, irrespective of whether the praise is warranted, exaggerated or just plain made up. Caitlyn Jenner wins an award because she’s transgender, not because of any meaningful and critical analysis of how specifically she has exhibited bravery, and how this compares to others who are intrinsically more deserving of such recognition.

What happened to acknowledging true bravery?

Didn’t serve in Iraq, didn’t get cancer, didn’t live in poverty.

Can you imagine a senior NBA or NFL athlete being applauded for “coming out,” not by saying they’re gay or transgender, but by decrying the marginalized state of modern men? This hypothetical sportsman could point to male rates of suicide, the lower criminal sentences women receive for the same crime, the woefully weak threshold for court or college rape convictions, and the blind attitude taken to male victims of violence, who outnumber female victims.

Not only would this athlete lose many or all sponsorships, they would likely be isolated and then kicked off their team. They would sacrifice almost everything in making these realities more appreciated. So what awards would come their way? None, really, aside from the silent or muted agreement of millions of men, the backing of conservative alternative media, and the support of ROK and the manosphere. There would be no golden shower of money, fame and attention à la Caitlyn Jenner.

If you want to read a proper fairytale about a man who transitions to bravery, I suggest you read about the crucifixion of Jesus. Caityln Jenner’s tale is just the real-life equivalent of a trashy pulp novel.

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