It’s time to stick a fork in the American conservative establishment. Within five years, their collective influence and power will be less than Kim Kardashian in terms of affecting culture and politics. They have made so many blunders and mistakes in the past twenty years that their survival is now impossible.

Conservatives exist in the same way that a 500 pound woman with a failing heart is somehow able to perform the necessary muscle contractions in her arms to draw pizza and ice cream to her mouth hole. All that will be soon left out of existing conservative groups in the media and government are the hardline neoconservatives due to the high funding they receive from wealthy sponsors.

A book can be written on why American conservatism is failing, but here are the cliff notes:

1. They became a puppet of Israeli interests. They manipulated America into costly Middle Eastern wars that the people did not want, decreasing everyone’s standard of living while alienating genuine Christian conservatives.

2. They became scared of losing their existing elite privileges. Once positioned in high stations in Washington and New York, their mentality went from “how can we win” to “how can we not lose what we have”? Trying to merely maintain political status is a loser’s strategy that makes you afraid of taking risks while being overeager to make backroom deals with your enemy that cements your power and selfish interests instead of serving your conservative constituency.

3. To defeat the left, they adopted a strategy of becoming more like the left. Every time the deranged liberal establishment pushed for more insanity, the conservatives were only two steps behind. Here is the pattern that has played itself out for the past couple of decades…

  • the left finds some way to make our culture more degenerate than Rome at its worst (abortion on demand, free birth control for every fertile young woman, gender equality, gay marriage)
  • the Republicans whine about it for the cameras without taking any action to stop it
  • they accept big donations from the same organizations that are also supplying the left
  • they accept the left’s position in a pathetic attempt to appeal to single women and Hispanics, completing their transition to cuckservative status (I wouldn’t be surprised if you told me the Republicans are now fielding their own transsexual candidate for Congress)
Conservative response when rainbow lights hit the White House

Conservative response when rainbow lights hit the White House

If you’re a conservative presented at the voting booth with one option that seems to be a representation of the devil himself and the other that is trying to be more like the devil, what do you do? You stay home, simmer in anger, and go to the gun range, wondering what is going on to a country that was founded on Puritan religious values. The only reason that Republicans are still being voted for is because so many fear Democratic rule.

It’s safe now to consider Republicans as controlled opposition, especially when you see that both parties get their money from nearly identical sources. In fact, the only reason the Republicans still exist is because wealthy pro-Israel sponsors don’t trust the Democrats to serve their homeland, something that Obama’s recent Iran deal clearly proves. There is a split in the Jewish elite that we don’t hear about, where secular Jon Stewart Jews are battling it out with Likud Jews for influence of American politics. In case you didn’t know, any discussion of Jewish interests or planning is “anti-semitism,” as I personally found out.

What we have now is two parties that are nearly identical in social and cultural policies. I saw this recently with my own eyes when I paid a friendly visit to a “right of center” think tank in New York City. On the surface they seem to be opposed to the Democrats, but after talking to them for two hours, I could come to no other conclusion than them being standard issue liberals, and I told them this directly. They did not object to my assessment.

Their resident rock star feminist, who to her credit is slightly sympathetic to the plight of men, is less knowledgeable about gender relations than a senior Return Of Kings commenter, and some of my manosphere 101 talking points, of which have been openly discussed for many years in these parts, were new to her. I left that meeting with less hope than before because it’s clear that the conservative “elite” are more clueless than we are, have no fight in them to defeat liberals, and share more overlap with social justice warriors than Christian traditional conservatives. You know it’s bad when a reputable conservative think tank in New York City is taking notes and ideas from yours truly, the son of immigrant blue-collar parents.

I read through some of the think tank’s materials and the only consistent idea I can find is an endearing defense of anything that is good for Jewish interests. I don’t care much about this one way or the other, but they do not speak for American conservatives or even the American people, and they are but one of dozens of “conservative” organizations that are making calls from the same playbook. They don’t want to defeat the left because they are the left. Proof of this is the fact that they hobnob with liberals in their social circles, hoping to get published in the New York Times when their newest book is released after receiving a healthy signing bonus from one of the publishing houses that reside a few floors up from their fancy offices. It’s not cheap to maintain a luxurious New York City lifestyle, I hear.


Prominent American neoconservatives

Because of the nearly identical overlap that now exists between the Democrats and Republicans, there is no reason for the Republican party to exist based on a difference of the Israeli question alone. What will happen is a strong pro-Israel portion of the Democratic party will be generously funded to ensure Israel’s safety, permitting the complete collapse of the Republican establishment. The neoconservatives will still exist, centered around David Horowitz, Bill Kristol and friends, but Christian conservatives, jaded and angry, will not at all be receptive to their message. They will only get support from millionaires and billionaires, whose influence in manipulating the minds of the masses is decreasing every day as ideas and beliefs that share strong overlap with our own have become an unstoppable juggernaut.

What we’ll end up seeing is a strong Democratic party with far left social and cultural policies but neoconservative foreign policy, which besides a couple “mistakes” by Obama concerning Iran and Palestine, is what we already have right now. The Republicans are so hopeless that it’s just a matter of time until they fully back an open borders Presidential candidate who is married to a Mexican woman that doesn’t even speak English.

The clearest symptom of Republican failure is the candidacy of Donald Trump. Whether you agree with him or not, he is speaking the language of American conservatives and white men. Of course both parties will make every attempt to stop him, and they will likely succeed for 2016, but the fact that that he has so much support in spite of the relentless media attacks against him, even from conservative outlets like The Daily Caller and Fox News, clearly displays how America is hungry—if not starving—for a true conservative candidate that has been denied them by the corrupt and traitorous Republicans for so many years. If there is a God, I have no doubt that he selected Trump to be the first of many martyrs to save this country.

When existing Republicans and conservatives get absorbed by various Democratic and pro-Israeli neoconservative groups, there will be a huge vacuum that allows for the rise of new forces on the right. Those groups will certainly be anti-immigration and anti-multiculturalism, meaning that the seeds of traditional conservatism and white nationalism have firmly been planted, and the left has even foolishly given them a banned flag to rally behind. The imminent rise in white nationalists mean there will be intense “social friction” between them and illegal immigrants in the near future. I won’t support violence to accomplish our goals, but I will back traditional conservatism under the banner of neomasculinity as a necessary counter-balance to the far left, a balance that the existing Republican party has proved utterly impotent in providing.


The existing sociopathic elite will not be willing to relinquish their power or let new conservative groups win at the polls. A quick look at how the ruling class of Greece has shamelessly gone against the will of the Greek people in their EU-exit referendum is a hint of how the powder keg will explode in America. It will be a battle between the coastal elites and the conservative heartland, and the only question I wonder is if the rebellion will be done under the banner of Christianity or not (it should, since atheists do not possess the necessary morality and societal templates to sustain a healthy nation). I predict we have an over 50% chance of a genuine secession attempt by a middle America state in the next 15 years that requires the call-up of national guard forces.

The timeline to these events are moving quite fast, and groups on the right, including ourselves, will have to ramp up their organization efforts if they desire political power, because the collapse of the existing conservative establishment will accelerate after they lose the 2016 elections. I’m not sure what role neomasculinity will play after their collapse, but there will be power up for grabs. It’s time we do some serious soul searching, and ask ourselves how far we’re ready to go to put out the fires that will surely burn in America. May fortune favor the bold.

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