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I have no idea how Super Mandro is legal. It works so well that it probably won’t be legal for long. But let me start at the beginning…

You may have read my article on Hypershock Rage and Joyful Joints.

In that article I spoke of something else that I would review once I got a little further into it – and that something else is Super Mandro.

I’m going to be 100% honest with you on this product – I’ll give you the good, the bad, the ugly, and the absolute SICK on Super Mandro!

First, I was sent Super Mandro by Strong Supplements. I received Super Mandro for free and this is my honest review.

If I think something sucks then I won’t talk about it, if I think it rocks then I’ll share it with you.

I told them I wanted something for body recomposition and Super Mandro is what they sent me.


So I started Super Mandro along with my 150mg per week testosterone dosage. When I started using this I was 216 lbs first thing in the morning. It’s been only twenty days; I weighed 231 lbs this morning.


I wouldn’t believe it if you told me either. But here is the thing; I didn’t even change the diet.

And here is the other thing; it’s all dry gains!!

People normally gain this kind of weight on Anadrol-50 or Dianabol and it’s sloppy weight. Not on this shit! The first week I noticed a slight increase in strength and a few lbs on the scale. I didn’t feel much different other than a little stronger in the gym.

The second week

Now for the second week on Super Mandro; major increases in strength across the board and more mass gain. However, I was aggressive as hell and as irritable as ever.

Seriously, I felt like I could snap at a moments notice and break someones neck. If you are someone who is aggressive by nature then you may want to avoid this one. This is not for the weak and not for the first time supplement user.

Super Mandro is extremely potent and I honestly have no idea how it’s not illegal.

What kept me on this stuff was two things;

  1. The insane rate of size and strength I was achieving
  2. Knowing it was only a four week cycle.

I had days where I was literally dumping pills out and counting them to see how many days I had left so I could stop using it and keep from killing someone!!

Pissed off is an understatement on Super Mandro, but the gains are so fucking insane I had to stay on it and at least see it out.

I have 10 days left on super Mandro and I have no idea how much more I can gain in another week and a half. I’ve already slapped on 15 lbs of dry weight in just 20 days.

Now, if you decide to order this stuff I’m going to caution you on a couple things.

First off, it has to be run with another base as recommended. You definitely want to run it with Dermacrine or Andro the Giant. I’m serious on that! I was running it alongside 150mg of testosterone per week and I experienced a loss of sex drive and slight lethargy.




At the very minimum you want to use the add-ons that Strong Supplement recommends, especially for your 30 days of PCT! I’m being brutally honest here guys, this shit can be rough.

It has taken a little dedication to stay on this stuff and the insane gains are what is keeping me using it.

In 10 more days it’s over with and honestly there is no fucking way I could tolerate it any longer, I want to tear someones head off on this shit!

I believe this product is very similar to the old 1-AD everyone was gaining like crazy on (before it was banned).

But you know how it goes, go ahead and ban something and a new product comes out that is even more effective than the first. That is exactly what Hard Rock Supplements has done with Super Mandro.

One of the key ingredients in Super Mandro is Bergamottin, a compound that allows more of this product to be absorbed into your system without being broken down, and the product hits you faster.

From my understanding this is a chemical found naturally in grapefruit, which is why medicine bottles advise you not to take meds with grapefruit juice, because it acts more potent. But hey, when it comes to muscle more potent isn’t a bad thing right?

So there is my honest take on Super Mandro, and I still have ten days left on it.

A while back I did a review on Osta-shred and Anafuse.

I’m sure some of you would like to know the difference between the two and my personal opinion on them in comparison to Super Mandro.

Super Mandro vs Anafuse / Osta-Shred

If I was looking to strictly cut up and use something on a little more long term basis that was smooth and steady, I’d have to go with Anafuse and Osta-shred.

You’ll get a good and hard look from those without the side effect of wanting to snap 24/7.

However, if you’re wanting to gain mad size and strength in the quickest amount of time possible; Super Mandro wins this one.

You’ll be a motherfucking beast on this shit, but it’s not for the weary, trust me on that one!

PROOF: Here’s a photo of me up 15 lbs in only 20 days and wanting to kill!!


Train insane!!!

Over and out,


>> You can buy Super Mandro here.

PPS – Here’a a video of me deadlifting 585 lbs for reps while on Super Mandro!!

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