The left is dead set on leading Sweden to its grave, and it would be pretty racist to not let immigrants in on the experience. In fact, they hold the key to realizing this project, since native Swedes can’t even be trusted with the simple task of destroying their own country.

Sweden is adopting the exact opposite strategy than that of tax havens. The premise of tax havens is that if you make sure there are few regulations and low taxes, businesses and entrepreneurs will settle in the country. Maintaining and even increasing already heavy taxation and regulation will of course lead entrepreneurs and businesses to not be attracted to the country, and the ones who are here are surely going to be looking for ways to get out.


An erotic display for any Swedish politician

The Swedish model is a welfare check haven. Instead of attracting the most successful entrepreneurs who will create job opportunities, the goal is to attract the most unproductive individuals who will suckle on the taxpayers teat, much like parasites attach to their host. While countries like Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Singapore do their best to attract these entrepreneurs, Sweden does its best to make sure that the only people entering the country are going to do nothing to contribute to economic growth.

When all the employers have stopped recruiting and left because of the compromised marketplace, the Swedish politicians will follow up by blaming capitalism for all the problems in society and convince the foreigners that their only hope is to vote for more leftist policies. Thanks to the wonders of democracy, this destructive perpetual cycle of socialism is established. The leftist economic policies are completely unsustainable and lead to the economic misery that is necessary for them to keep winning elections.

The welfare checks are essentially bribes by politicians, and the immigrants are basically foreign contractors hired with the task of bringing Sweden to its knees.


Mock-up of a politician rewarding his loyal voter, although in reality it would occur much more openly

As you’d expect, Sweden is not only a welfare state but also a nanny state. There is overreaching regulations in virtually all areas except one. Immigration.

“Thou shalt not criticize mass immigration” is the proverb of most Swedish politicians. In defense of massive immigration, progressives seriously claim bushels of entrepreneurs, brain surgeons, and rocket scientists set up shop here. In reality, the people in Sweden who fit in those categories are most likely planning to get out.


Iraqi M.D. Field Surgeon about to perform advanced body amputation before leaving on a plane for Sweden

White privilege is not wanting ISIS terrorists to live in your country

People who return to Sweden after having fought for ISIS actually receive benefits like being prioritized for housing or receiving guaranteed government employment. The social justice warriors in the municipality of Stockholm also want this treatment to have a gender perspective:


“Whatever the underlying reason, the work needs to counter strategic development of violent extremism. And it is important that this work takes gender perspectives into account. (…) The city’s efforts will house a gender perspective to ensure that aid is adjusted to everyone’s needs.”

If you’re not already convinced that Sweden will collapse in the near future after reading that statement, I don’t know what will convince you. Putting women on a pedestal is a common SJW behavior, but radical mass murderers who gladly slaughter homosexuals on a daily basis?

It is understandable that the left wishes to provide shelter for those in need, particularly the actual victims who are currently suffering under Islamic tyranny in the Middle East and Africa. But for some reason, the left will victimize even the extremist mass murderers and give them incentives to come live in Sweden. If they want mass immigration so badly, why not at least grant these real victims asylum over the bombers and executioners of ISIS?

This may perhaps be the most obvious clue of the left wanting to destroy Sweden. There are millions of people in desperate need of help, so why prioritize providing shelter for the minority of the most wicked people the world has ever seen? At least the rest of the world can be thankful to Sweden in this regard, since terrorists seem to remain unwanted everywhere else.


The left thrives on people adopting a loser mindset

Making people feel like victims is crucial if you want to rack up votes as a progressive politician. Of course this isn’t exclusive to immigrants, as young Swedes are some of the most entitled brats the world has ever seen. This has been achieved by granting them $120 for every month they go to school.

The schools also serve as successful public indoctrination centers for the progressive agenda. I could write a whole book on the brainwashing I was subjected to in school, but it was mainly focused on pushing global warming propaganda and demonizing anyone who criticizes mass immigration, welfare programs, or heavy taxation and regulations.

I can personally attest to the effectiveness of this treatment. While I survived unscathed, most of my peers were not so lucky. Few people can withstand this amount of calculated brainwashing combined with financial incentives, especially at such a young age.


Immigrants are important for politicians because they’re a handy source of votes. There’s no need to condition your subjects for 18 years like if they’re born domestically, as the adult immigrants can vote straight away. It’s also easier to convince minorities they are victims of discrimination and racism, which is why progressives are obsessed with finding absurd examples of racism and sexism in any situation.

As soon as someone brings up the idea of restricting either welfare programs or immigration, that person will forever be branded as a racist by Sweden’s useful idiots, which conveniently serves the agenda that pushes the victim mindset onto minorities. If politicians speak up against the status quo, the left wins. If they don’t speak up, the left naturally wins too.

The lefts greed for votes and deliberate implementation of unsustainable economic policies will ultimately be Sweden’s downfall. As the smart leaders of tax havens compete for the productive entrepreneurs, Sweden is on the front lines when it comes to attracting lazy freeloaders and crazed terrorists from across the globe.

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