There are a variety of ways to evaluate the quality of a woman. Sexual aptitude is simply one that resonates with all men because we are deeply sexual beings. More so than women, we derive considerable satisfaction and happiness from an epic sex life.

With that in mind, I suggest considering the following when you find yourself interacting with a girl who says she doesn’t enjoy going down on a guy. Here are five reasons you may not want to date her:

1. She Has Low Sex Drive


Woman, by nature of biology, generally have a lower sex drive than men. This is owed primarily to a difference in levels of testosterone. While present in women, it is in much lower quantities than men. Also, like men, hormone levels can vary from woman to woman, which can directly impact sex drive.

A woman with higher levels of testosterone than the average woman doesn’t necessarily have mannish qualities, and may, in fact, be hyper feminine. But, she likely does have a higher sex drive as a result. A woman with greater sex drive is going to be excited at the mere prospect of sexual activity, and she knows a great way to initiate is to take you in her mouth.

Why should you care? Well, assuming you’re an average male, you’re thinking about sex daily, and physiologically, your body is feeling an urgent need for release about every three days. Obviously, your personal sense of sexual need will vary by age and hormone levels, but we’re just talking averages here.

So, have you found yourself with a great girl, but notice she rarely initiates, or even talks about sex? When you do get laid, is it merely satisfactory, and she never really seems in to it?

Best to avoid this kind of situation whenever possible. Knowing as your relationship continues, there will be an inevitable tapering off of sexual activity, think what life might be like just a few short years down the road. Suddenly you’re in a sexless relationship with no easy way out. Porn and masturbation are a poor substitute for the real thing, but this is now your life. Sounds terrible.

2. She Is Unable To Submit


A strong man needs to be able to lead, but a woman who is unwilling to submit herself, can’t be led. Women often complain that giving a man oral is demeaning and degrading. Any woman who truly feels this way likely does so because she insists on being an equal in the relationship.

In her mind, any act that puts her in a position beneath the man erodes her ability to maintain control of her perceived status of equality. There is an underlying streak of feminism running through the mind of this woman, and you should walk away immediately. You will never be the head of a relationship where the rest of the parts insist on always having their say.


3. She Is A Prude


Often this goes hand-in-hand with low sex drive, but it’s not always the case. Some women simply don’t like branching out beyond missionary, and if you’re OK with that, then skip to the next section.

But, if you hope to spend your precious time with a woman who can set the bed on fire, consider this point carefully. A woman who is unwilling to explore her sexuality with you, and try new things, will inevitably become boring and non-stimulating.

Over time, all relationships move towards a kind of equilibrium between partners. Routines are established and the days and weeks begin to blend together. But, as soon as your sexual activity becomes rote, you have reached the beginning of the end. And with a prudish girl, you’re only going to get to that point faster.

Boredom breeds frustration, which breeds resentment, which leads to finding fulfillment elsewhere. Before you know it, you’ve cheated on your girlfriend or wife with some hot, young co-ed who can suck-start a leaf blower while her ankles are behind her head. Good luck explaining to your significant other why that happened.

4. She Is Selfish


I don’t know about you, but every single girl I’ve ever met who loves giving head says it’s because she loves how it makes me feel. She gets off on knowing that I am enjoying myself and she’s individually responsible for that sensation. Sure, some women say they like the taste, or say it feels good, but at the heart of it, they enjoy performing a selfless act that is designed to only address my sexual desires.

A woman who genuinely doesn’t like performing oral is likely a selfish lover, and even worse, a selfish person. This kind of attitude can manifest itself far beyond the bedroom and lead to many problems in your relationship. A woman who consistently takes more than she gives will, inevitably, leave you unsatisfied.

If you are dissatisfied at home, you will begin to find that attitude creep in to other aspects of your daily life, negatively impacting your path of self-improvement and success. To achieve joy in life, you need to surround yourself with positive influences, and selfish women are to be avoided.

5. She Is Unable To Love

Girlfriend Angry at Boyfriend

I genuinely believe selfish people are unable to truly love someone. How can you expect someone insistent on meeting their own needs first to consistently put that aside, and live to meet someone else’s needs? The basic essence of love is to understand and meet the needs of someone else.

Without this foundation, your relationship is doomed. Not only should you reconsider becoming romantically involved with this kind of woman, but if you ever want to have kids, you should drop her like a bad habit. It is impossible to be both selfish and a good parent.

Now, I’m not saying you need to quickly evaluate every woman you date based on their desire, willingness, or expediency in giving head. But, keep these things in mind as you begin to establish a relationship that you think might be worth a longer-term engagement. Know yourself, and what is important to you, before letting a relationship get too far down the path.

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